Monday, September 30, 2013

MORE WEREWOLF LORE... in a sense the purest 'caste' of all 10/01/13

Before we go on. Before we share more Romulus Lupine secrets, it's only fitting we furnish a bit of information on the third caste, a very mysterious manifestation rarely ever seen. In a sense, they are not shape-shifters at all, maintaining original body type for life. In Europe they were termed 'hell hounds' and were much feared by people, occasionally the peasantry, but more often those of the landed class.

In all instances and at all times they exhibit a thoroughly lupine form, identical to European gray wolves and North American timber wolves, though exceedingly large and finely made. It is not known how the caste developed... at least by humans. But off-world beings responsible for many examples of  terrestrial species experimentation obviously know and are responsible for their origin.

Native American groups termed them 'bright eyes,' indicative of their high intelligence. Some, reportedly, became 'familiars' to noted magi, alchemists and wizards. Barbarossa, emperor of The Holy Roman Empire during the eleven hundreds, traded three chests of natural sea pearls (an incredibly rare commodity at the time) for two such creatures, a male and female known as Tristan and Isolde, after the mythological lovers of Norse Mythology. It is not known how he used them. Legends and theories abound. But those that know claim the line still exists, 'wolves' that walk undetected in the world, or at least the densely wooded parts. And they have a language witnesses claim bears striking resemblance to the 'vocalizations' of certain breeds of domestic dogs, such as English Springer Spaniels. Since they are 'wild' and unaltered by the hand of man, their somewhat well developed dew claws (primitive, canine 'thumbs') remain, affording them hand-like manipulative abilities. Look to old woodcut illustrations of 'The Big Bad Wolf' in early imprints of Little Red Riding Hood for accurate representation. 

Thus wolf-folk come in three types.
1) a blend of wolf and human phenotype that never morphs into an entirely human or lupine state, a bit like Lon Chaney's characterization in all those old, classic films. Shimmy Kate (scroll back a bit) fell in with these guys.
2) the 'hell hounds' described above.
3) shape-shifters who go from man to wolf with a fluid grace. Romulus Lupine is one of those. 

Old codices indicate attempts were made to mix wolf-folk 'seed' with various domestic dogs, most notably Alsatian Hounds (German Shepherds) and other imposing breeds, but reports of success are entirely anecdotal. 

Romulus Lupine has a library of ancient books detailing werewolf history and lore hidden deep beneath the root cellar of a venerable old place he owns on a big piece of land up the river.

Everybody who's anybody got 'land up the river.'

And the werewolf prince of Louisiana certainly falls into that rarefied and splendid group.
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