Monday, September 16, 2013


You know how Disney would draw these talking 'dog' characters like GOOFY? Well, the second werewolf flavor is like that. The skeleton is mostly human, save for longer, stronger hands and feet. And the nails are claws, don't forget. Skulls are primarily human, but the ears are higher and definitely wolf-like. There's a bit of a muzzle too, sharp, wicked teeth and amber, lupine eyes. Bodies are covered in thick, soft, pale gray fur, with a bit of a neck ruff, or mane and a fairly respectable canine tail. The total effect recalls the feline dancers in Broadway's CATS, 'cept these ain't no kitties.

They live on meat, mostly people-meat, but other mammals get torn up too. Interesting creatures, locked in a middle ground, never human, nor completely wolf. Forest spirits to Native Americans (north and south), snow wraiths to their Siberiak counterparts. People in the Bayou call them Lupiniere. 

Do they want to have a human phase? Of course. That's what the whole Shimmy Kate thing is about. Her blood's supposed to do it. Not just hers... human, lady-blood in general. She just happen to be the one they got.

And the whole thing makin' her crazy. Look, other bands done it with other ladies in the past. But now they doin' it here. Shimmy Kate wanna throw herself in. She wanna be gator food. Used to wrestle 'em. Hoochie dancer/gator-gal, that what she was. Now she fixin' a be 'maw' to Romulus and Remus. An' they fixin' a bus' out.

Come back in a couple hours. Right now they jus' sleepin'.
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