Tuesday, September 17, 2013


She get real docile. Shimmy Kate, I mean. Lay next to big, boss wolf-man. Eat all them grubs they give her. Wolf-folk like grub. Give 'em to all what 'spectin' babies. Taste like warm, salty taffy candy set in pickle juice... all sticky and gummy. Guess you gotta be part like a dog. Shimmy Kate gag. She cry a little. But that jus' make them give her more. She mostly numb, so she don't care. 

One day she say - I wanna go someplace. Y'all gotta let me outta here... 'Cause you gotta remember. They in the back of a cave. But not like he gone take her for no pancakes, or nothin'. An' she ain't no good when they go people-killin'. Sit in mud. Go - Eww! Eww! Eww!..... One a the wolfie-woman wanna take her snail huntin'. Snails is better than grubbs. They sweeter. Taste like funny oyster. Big, boss wolf-man say - OK.... He not say 'OK,' 'cause he don't make that sound, but that what he mean. So nex' night they go off.

Wolfie-woman got like a little basket. It really dried up bird nest, but they use it like basket. Snail slide out at night. Go down tree trunk. Go up tree trunk. Move slow, but snails good hunters. People think mouth up where head is, but it not. It down the neck near the stomach. Got like a tongue... a rough tongue. Dig into all kind a meat... bugs... silver, little fish what dart through mangrove root.... tiny, little, marsh people what like two peanut tall. They don't fly like Tinkerbell, but they still there. Wear spider web clothes. That like silk when you scrape the sticky crap off. Wolfie-woman snatch one right off a root. hold it up so Shimmy Kate can see. Got like a little, gray, baggy wife-beater. Jus' long enough to hide what for. But they so little it don't make no difference. Shimmy Kate go - Oh!..... This big surprise to her. She wanna touch it, but wolfie-woman jump back. That how she say 'no.' Put little person in her dried up nest. Think it a little man. Try to climb out, but she put a snail on it. Call Shimmy Kate over to look. Snail glide all over that little body, silver in the moonlight and greasy-like. It shake. It tremble. Tongue scrape half the skin off. Blood run out. Then it go over again an' start diggin' out flesh. Shimmy Kate don't wanna look. Make her think 'bout how she slice up that truck driver. Wolfie-woman don't feel that way. She like to look. Do it all over with another one. Tiny marsh man, I mean. This one cry jus' loud enough so you can hear.... Wolfie-woman like it. She hypnotized . Jus' wanna look. Guess little people meat make 'em sweeter. Snails, I mean.

That when Shimmy Kate slip away. Now wolf-folk good tracker, but bayou got water and water wash scent. It cool at night an' she mostly naked, but she don't care. Wanna jump in a gator pool. Wanna get herself chomped up real good, all dead an' all. Kill off that Romulus an' Remus she got growin' there inside her. Snappin' turtle cut her feet. Spider bite back a her hip. An' that not like bug bite. It almos' like snake bite. She cry. She shake. Not like she no delicate flower. She a trashy gal. Once ate a smoked up cigarette butt on a bet. It time for her to die. She cut up a fella. She livin' wit' monsters. She carryin' two inside her.

Shhhh... That when she see the ghost... layin' right there in the mud An' from how he cut up she know who he is.... even before he open his malf...
(more next time)
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