Sunday, September 22, 2013


Whatever force it is that deems to call unusual forms of humanity into existence (aliens, spiritual manifestations, our own descendants from the future) is constrained by a simple fact... life is hard. 

Mere frivolities, such as giants (the really big ones), delicate limbed, ethereal elves and the like MUST be able to survive in nature. That's why we don't see 'fire' people who swim through granite, or glass maidens with amethyst eyes. Poetic license is one thing. The isolated, organic life form may be compelling and irresistible to look at, but that 'magic' thing only goes so far. The phrase 'comfortable in his own body' says it all. Would you enjoy being half spider, or having a psychotic, parasitic, profanity spewing twin sprouting out of your body? Be mighty hard buying clothes, if you know what I mean. 

That's why them that messes with us usually stick to a few basic forms.... 'vampires' (actually life-force-absorbers), 'werewolves' (shape-shifters, some of whom can adopt forms much more unusual than simple feral canines) and manipulators of matter, or witches, if you will. 

Please know that I do not speak of self-taught manipulators, who are able to learn certain things... 'wizards' of the Harry Potter type. True manipulators are born that way and need no special training to accomplish their feats. In the distant past they were demi-gods, remote and often rather sad.

The advanced being responsible for our bayou band of lupine-humans knows all of this. Our talented explorer is a juvenile among his own kind, though possessed of a certain well developed responsibility. He wants his hamsters to live.

But that doesn't mean his all-powerful, alien classmates won't make trouble. 

You know how 'kids' can be...
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