Monday, September 9, 2013


It don't snow. Hardly ever get no ice. But it do get cold... damp cold. Steam come up off the water. Sky all gray. Gators sleepin' deep down in the mud, like they got a case a temporary death. Still hear them crickets, though. sing a little slower than they do in summertime. But you still hear 'em.

Don't know how long it take for no human-werewolf babies. Wolfie-gals don't know either. Not like they talk much to Shimmy Kate. One of 'em wanna kill her. Big male know it. He say he rip her head off. He say he bite right through her spine, crunch it all up and crip her real good if she even try. Wolfie-gal make like she wanna snuggle. Make like she wanna go lick-lick-lick all over. He let her do a little bit. Then he push her away. She laugh, like it no big deal. But it is.

Meat stash gettin' low. All dried up too. They like it that way, beef jerky like. 'Cept it not all beef. Some is sheep. Some be possum. Little bit still 'long pig.' Shimmy Kate don't eat much, not for somebody what got two cubs gnawin' on her innards. Wolfie-gal hope she die. But big male get her eggs, turtle eggs mostly. He know where to dig 'em up. She eat them. Get a catfish sometime too. 

Shimmy Kate cry a lot too. Got bad dreams. One got a whole lot a kids on a picnic. They all eatin' egg salad sandwich. Laughin'... smilin'... You can see it 'tween their teeth. She a kid too. But she ain't got no egg salad sandwich. Look like egg salad. Got Kraft Miracle Whip, chopped celery an' all. But her eggs is maggots... fat, yellow, putrid maggots an' they still movin'.  She wanna say - Shit, I eatin' maggots.... But she don't, 'cause law say they kill you for eatin' maggots. Not in Louisiana. In the dream, I mean. Got 'nother dream where she jump off roof somewhere's. Land on a puppy. Land on a gray, little yelpin' puppy. But it don't yelp long. 'cause it die and she cry and cry and cry. 

Shimmy Kate sit real far in, back by the cave wall. Got two old bedspread. Don't know where she got 'em, but she got 'em. Wrap herself up like a lady mummy, or a tamale wit' a woman inside it.

Young one say - Shimmy Kate, you wanna play Yahtzee?

But she just shake her head 'no.'
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