Monday, October 21, 2013


First people come down during the Great Depression. Ain't got nowhere else to live, 'cept like a Hoovert0wn down by the dumps. And it get cold inside a cardboard box. Yeah, them boxes was bigger and heavier back in the day, but nights was still pretty chilly and not everybody had a box. 

Got one fella led the way. Beggar-man he was. Worked the subways. I do not know which line. Could a been Market Street. Could a been Broad Street, or the part that go through China Town. Don't think Locust Street was open back then. You see, I am a new 'ghost.' Ain't been dead too long. If you go to my house, they still got box a my shoes down in the cellar. And two pair I still like. Some a them old ghosts forget what it like to have feet. Just fly 'round like that blue Aladdin genii. But that ain't me. 

Beggar-man get a dime. Once or twice a quarter. Mostly he get pennies. Three a them buy you fishcake and glass a soda. So that ain't always bad. Folks come down. Mostly men folk in them days. Maybe women what answer telephones or type up letters. Maybe one what teach rich folk kids to play piano, mush up with some fella like a vice-wife, or something. That about it. 

One night (it winter time) station real crowded. Folks got Christmas shopping. Got bottles a liquor and all kinds a stuff. It like a parade down there. That how tight it is. Santy Claus man ringin' bell. Little bit drunk folk singin' Baby Jesus song. Fat boy cryin' cause mama not buy him no coloring book. Old man fartin'. You know how it get.

Beggar-man go over to lady what got two dead foxes 'round her neck. Got like a coat too, but she got them foxes on top a it. Got black marbles for eyes. Not her, them foxes. Make 'em look like they makin' 'eyes' at folks. Back in the day every old lady gotta have dead foxes, 'cause live ones be scratchin' and bitin' people too much. Worse than cats they is. Beggar-man ask if she give him nickle for a 'Texas Tommy.' That a hot-dog wit' cheese down the inside and bacon on the outside. He put his hand out. Make real sad face.  But fat kid what ain't got no coloring book start wavin' his arms around like he a windmill. Skinny hunchback jump outta way. Push Beggar-man into dead fox lady. She go - Ow! You jab me right in part a my tittie, you big, dumb, nut!.... Cop run over and say - Tittie!? Tittie!? Y'all can't say no 'tittie' in here! People go berserk they hear word like that.... Lady start explainin', but subway train pull in an' beggar-man use that big windy dragon noise to cover up his retreat. Takes hisself deep in a corner, far away, as all that big chunk a humanity squish theyself into them cars 'fore it belch fire an' run off again.

Then he breathe in an' out real quiet like. Some folk say it scary bein' down there on that platform all alone. Say you see the ghost a all them what been run over by the train. But he don't care 'bout that. They not gone hurt him. He see 'em an' they say - Good evenin'... But mostly he jus' sit there, up 'gainst that tile wall, on a little bench. Got a big, old metal door hard by the corner. It all green, 'cause if the government paint it, it gotta be green. That like a United States law. But this the Depression and folks been stealin' stuff, like the big, metal padlock on the door. Beggar-man open it. He want a warm place to sleep. Still want a Texas Tommy, but that gone have to wait. It dark in there. It real dark... dead dark. But he go inside, strike a match and take hisself down a long flight a stairs (they all government green too), down to where them tunnels be. City gonna one time use 'em for more trains, but they don't need no more trains. So now they just big, old tunnels snakin' every which way in the dark. Got some ghosts shufflin' 'round down there too. But they don't say nothin' to him and he don't say nothin' to them. Curls up 'gainst a wall and sleeps. Next night he come down wit' friends. An' that how the mole-folks is born.

Vampire known as Tomas an' new 'familiar' kid down there now. They come in a different way, climbin' down from that scorpion store, but all roads lead to Rome.

Aura and Silvia waitin'. Got everything all ready. Got they clothes all folded up. Got candles all lit. They don't know 'bout no 'familiar' kid, but that's all right.

The more the merrier...

But that part not told tonight...


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