Monday, October 7, 2013


Evenings in New Orleans glow with a dark, violet light. Maybe it's caused by reflection off the water, or old Cajun spells known to generations of Louisiana 'wise women?' Them Frenchies come over with a lot a magic. Gallic grandma got hoo-doo for everything.  West African grandmas got they own 'what for's.' and after a little wine and gumbo it all starts to melt together. 

The werewolf brother known as Remus got his own repertoire. He smart. He read a lot. Them what  run the aisles of old book shops in the quarter know, 'cause he always there. Got like an account, or something. Hardly ever talks. Don't look at nobody. Don't say nothing. Just glide in, finger them spines... see what he like and take it. Reads French, Spanish an' English. Knows how them old time vampires talk too. Comprehends two dialects a Vahmperigo. Now books in Vahmperigo are very rare, but he finds them.  

Ain't got no land up the river, like his brother do. Remus more modest that way. He prefer the quiet comforts of a snug pied-a-terre on Chatelaine, a narrow street (more an alley, really) deep in the Veau Carre. It two flights up, over an oyster bar. Got like an ancient wrought iron balcony and everything. Keep a gal up there for lovin' him up and cleanin. Ain't so good at the cleanin' part. But she always got 'A' in gym, so you know she real supple an' good at that 'lovin'' part. Her name Bernice. Think she part Tejana. She ain't never seed him when he all wolf. He funny that way. Don't like nobody look at him. Shimmy Kate, his late human mama, always say he 'the crazy one.'

An' it be the true, but I do not know if he an' his brother the first Romulus an' Remus or the second  one. Wolfie folk keep things close. Who know how long they live? Anything I tell you would jus' be specalation. 

Some folk what get et by this one don't even know werewolf do it. See wolf. Know that. But don't know 'bout no human part, 'cause he modest that way..... 'Why they gotta know?' - he say... 'What for it change the taste a that meat?'........ Romulus, the brother, hate when he get that way, 'cause he like a scare folks. Make 'em shit they pants. That the best part for him. Sometime he jus' do that an' never eat 'em. First one he always eat. But after he get full he like the 'shit pants' part. Make 'em go home wit' a big, hot load.... Streetcar driver say - What all you got there, boy!?... Folks look. They move back. Maybe flies come in. Who knows?... But he watchin'. He watchin' an' he laughin'..... Worse when they gotta get in a car an' drive that way. Some a them cry, special if car new an' got like leather an' all.

Werewolf ain't like vampire. Werewolf more like animal an' it show, even sophisticated werewolf like Mister Remus. Oh, when he human you never know. Look like purdy college professor. Romulus hate him. Wanna kill him. But Remus wanna do the same, so that make it all right.

Right now that 'college professor' slinkin' through Necropolis Saint Germaine. It all dark an' quiet. Little marble dead folk temples all white in the moonlight. Huntin' goth kid... them what think they Morticia Addams, or like David Blaine or somethin'. Walk 'round here at night meditatin'an' doin' hoo-doos... Never seed one a their hoo-doos work, 'cept one time when a dead chicken get up an' walk away. Look jus' like puppet, bein' all broke up like that. But that the only time. 

Y'all what readin' this might have magic right 'hind you head, or you back an' not ever know it. 'Cept they say you can tell when it lookin' at you.

But I jus' a disembodied spirit, so what I know?
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