Friday, October 25, 2013


He was walking down a narrow, ancient, Center City street. Tomas likes 'making his rounds.' He checks things. It's how he keeps the peace, when he's not 'culling' somebody and all. And the quiet, old byways are his favorites. This one has small, cozy rowhouses with white marble steps. Scaled down, 'city trees' line the curb and mellow, red bricks pave the sidewalk. They're a little bit uneven and lumpy, but that only adds to the shadowy, storybook atmosphere.

Most of the windows were dark. Most of the people were snug in their beds. Here and there a kitty-cat lounged on a window sill, perched between the wrong side of the draperies and the cold panes of glass.  Tomas nodded to each as he went by. Vampires have a special thing for cats. And the cats know it.

He found a homeless woman huddled by a doorstep. She was sleeping. He didn't wake her. She had a new quilt. Someone must have helped her. At least that part was all right. But he made her night even better, taking off his own designer watch and snapping it 'round her pudgy wrist. Tomas had plenty. Tomorrow she could sell it. They wouldn't give her what it was truly worth. He knew that. But at least the 'honest' ones would give her the gold value. At least she'd have that. And the tortoise shell kitty in the window approved.

Seventeen heartbeats before he reached the corner the cold, night air to his left began to fizz. No froth. No foam. Nothing like that. Just a quick, little, rapid pulse of electric frisson. And six seconds later his consort, Sarah, appeared by his side. Tomas looked at her and smiled a rather pleased and somewhat naughty, sensual smile. And she smiled back. Then he took her hand and they walked on. 

New trick? - he said. I've never seen you do that before...... Sarah said - Yeah, new trick. And I like your new outfit too. Not completely different. You always leaned in that direction. Just more pulled together and sharp....... Thank you. - he said...... They continued  down another street equally as snug and the vampirina sweetheart said - You can tell me. What do they call you now. It's all right. I know....... Tomas said - The Midnight Rambler, or M.R., or Dark Mister...... And which do you like best? - She asked....... D-Dark Mister - He said...... Sarah whispered - No, I meant Silvia, or Aura...... He just went - Oh.....After a few heartbeats she said - It's all right. I understand this 'vampire' thing now. I know the way it is and I know the way it'll be and I know it's not just those two. I know that. But I think you should know a few things too....... Her vampirino partner didn't say a word.

They continued in silence (not that night-folk make much noise at all when they talk) til they got home, but when they entered the townhouse, Sarah began again... She had come to see things a certain way during their time alone and now she wanted him to know. 


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John L. Harmon said...

The homeless woman and the watch made a really sweet moment among the supernatural.