Thursday, October 3, 2013


Now judges tend to live in manicured neighborhoods. They got hedges and pavered driveways and 'water features.' All kinds a stuff. Ain't hardly alone too. Got lady people, like wives and housekeepers. Some got girlfriends or boyfriends depending on what kind a hoo-haa they have, or what kind a hoo-haa they like a play with. So it is exceptionally hard to catch 'em alone.... even for werewolves. 

You see, Romulus Lupine hated big scenes. Can't grab no victim outside the Piggly Wiggly, or snatch him up from a card game at that Veterans a Foreign Wars place where they go to drink beer an' play cards. Folks might notice if you did that. An' down here they all got guns. An', yes, wolf-folk what get they asses all shot up will die. The head drops. The eyes close and they go 'guhk' jus' like anyone else. But what's special 'bout 'em is the way they heal. It never stops. Them wolfies what look dead just vegetatin'.  Ax wounds go 'way. Bullet hole close up. Chopped off head might be a little complicated, but if they hold it on right ain't no big thing..... So you bes' burn 'em up real good, if you want 'em 'dead' dead.

Our crooked judge got a nice back yard. Got like a garden in it... rose bushes... white, wrought iron tables an' all. Judge set out there late at night countin' stars and drinkin' 'Jack.' Claim he once see a meteor smash in a the Moon, but no one else see it, so who knows?

Romulus Lupine know 'bout the garden. He set there waiting. Make like he read a comic book an' all. Werewolf do like a good laugh. He come prepared, too. Got plastic bag wit'  underwear, clothes an' all, for later when he done werewolfin'.  Can't run through these streets all stripped down. Folks'd see. An' then he gotta kill some other guy an' a nosy neighbor...maybe a kid or two. It be a real bloodbath. Pair a jeans an' t-shirt from the Walmart stop all that. 

Actual killin' part all civilized too. Judge might not never see it. Wolf slide outta the shadows, go 'round back, grab him by the neck... bite down... bite down real hard. Break like a neck bone or two, make 'em snap, so he nice an' paralyzed. It better that way, else they jump around too much. Can't scream. Can't move. Make it easy to strip off all that tasty flesh. Oh, judge gone see that part. His eyes be real wide. Mouth movin' like a fish an' all. Pink, foamy shit comin' out. Sometime werewolf lick it up. Sometime he don't. 'Pends how he feel.... After he leave, werewolf, I mean, Winston run out. He the judges little Yorkie. Make like he wanna lick his cheek. But he really want a take a bite, 'cause that dog always hungry. 

Trucker see it all, wedged in where he is behind the garage. First he wanna throw up. But then he take a 'LifeSaver,' peppermint, like Romulus tell him. Take four 'LifeSavers.' 

That way he enjoy the show...
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