Monday, October 7, 2013

WEREWOLVES PASS A LOT OF URINE... marking boundaries and influencing people .. 10/08/13

Romulus Lupine likes to swim. He ends many nights with a dip, often in the municipal reservoir. The guards know and respect him. That's just the way  it is. He has a presence. That and the fact that he only shows up after feeding gives them (the guards) a sense of security. He passes. They nod. No one says a word. Sometimes he's still in a natural state, having  just morphed back from the canine form. But you can see it in him. The wolf comes out. It's in the salt and pepper hair... the deep green eyes and the easy grace. Imagine, wild canines eat it all... the skin... the bones... the pelt... the meat... and the eyes. Bones and fur are like vegetables to them. They do this not out of any gruesome practice, but because they need certain enzymes and minerals found nowhere else. But I digress.

He stands on the edge and dives in, slicing through the cool water for perhaps ten yards before surfacing to breathe, a solitary figure on the reflective surface of a huge, aqueous mirror.... and then he slowly treads water and pees.... How relaxing it must be. Some nights steam rises from the surface. Then, when he's finished, he swims some more, swirling the pungent fluid through the water. In that way he spreads his essence, marks his territory and drugs the people. Now the amount of urine any one person might actually ingest is very small. Still, in a homeopathic manner, he rules them all.

And the alien personages responsible for his existence celebrate his strength and power. Granted, maybe they didn't make him, but they set the gears in motion.

He climbs out of the artificial lake, shakes off and leaves. Sometimes he sleeps in his place up the river. Sometimes somewhere else. Werewolves aren't vampires. They can be diurnal or nocturnal. Certain lines are telepathic. Others are not. 

He's wary as he passes through the city, invisible as a shadow and quiet ... oh so very quiet. Wolf-folk can do that. Stealth comes natural. His ability to detect scent is quite keen too, on par with bloodhounds. 

But Remus is very well read. He knows everything, even scent masking. That's how he gets so close.... And he's not alone.

Sibling rivalry among canids can be intense. Most submissives leave. Some try other things.

And Remus is very resourceful...

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