Thursday, October 24, 2013


Now the vampirina, Sarah was steadfast in her faith and she did not intentionally travel so far, preferring to wander here and there throughout the city and it's environs. Although, she was seen in more distant realms as well. And her night years pale when compared to those of her consort. She has only walked through darkness for perhaps thirty six moons. But the 'responsibility' is very real to her and she dispenses assistance with the pure conviction of a saint.

Many desperate souls have tasted her blood. The sick have been made well. Those with noxious growths gnawing at their flesh recovered and the starving knew satisfaction. The 'Lady' of Philadelphia they call her. But in no way does she ask for it, unlike that previous time when Baylah played 'Our Lady of The Olive Garden' to starch-drugged diners in the parking lot of a noted eatery.

And now she comes back to the town house. Oh they've had scenes like this before. Night-folk always vacillate between the spiritual and the profane. If my voice sounds familiar to you that is natural. I am Johannon, the body servant once charged with the safety of Jonathon also-known-as-Tomas, during the last days of his mortality, though we did not know that then. But my spirit still hovers near him, jostling for position with other disembodied souls desirous of your attention. For word is this will one day soon become a graphic novel, or (if God wills it) a screenplay and you know how 'ghosts' crave fame.

This is how she did it. The Lady Sarah, I mean. This is how she got the blood.... She'd ask for it... venturing into pubs and taverns when the clock struck twelve. She'd sit down, take a out a Bible and put it on the bar. Sometimes she'd read it. Sometimes she wouldn't. And I do not know if the scriptures in question were trinitarian or unitarian. But the response was always the same. Those given to grog are sentimental sorts and cognizant of their sins. Needless to say, these were not gentle places, so the sins were often great. After a time they'd retreat to a booth where she would hear confessions. Sometimes they'd cry, but she'd comfort them and offer salvation. Then one, hopefully the worst, would be her meal and she'd kiss him in the alley til he died. Thus was she nourished. Soon, maybe four or five heartbeats after exsanguination, the empty, human husk ignited into a cold, blue flame (as vampire victims always do) and disappeared. Later, in the privacy of her lair (wherever that was), she'd pierce her fingers with tiny lancets and draw the blood, collecting it in  small, glass vials, originally meant for department store perfume samples and bought wholesale from a supply house in Cincinnati, having discovered such things on the web. Sarah is an up to date life-eater.... The tiny vials were dispensed to troubled mortals, preserving their lives and helping them carry on. That was her purpose. That's what she did.

Soon she'd see Tomas... and his new, ersatz 'Robin.' True, he often saved mortals in a similar manner. They all did. But now he was a superhero too..... 'Boys' and their games....

What would she think of that?... And would they still make love on a hidden bed of rose petals as always?

Shhh.... listen to her footfalls click against the pavement. Vampires walk with such purpose...


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Billy, I really enjoy how you utilize different colors for different posts.