Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Vampirino Tomas, Also Known as Jonathon and doctor Franklin Attend a Hanukah Service... 11/28/13

Although Tomas couldn't bear to stay in the Anti-Enchantment Bureau and left of his own volition a few nights ago, he still enjoys the company of Doctor Franklin. Tonight he and the irrepressible  reprobate attended a service at a centuries old, Society Hill, Spanish Rite (Sephardic) Synagogue. They sat in the Doctor's pew. He's been a subscriber for more than two hundred and forty years. Subscribes to all denominations he does... Church of England, Methodists, Presbyterians ... Would have done the Catholics too, but they came to town (officially) after his so-called 'death.' But I'm sure he's done so since. 

Sextons at the various prayer houses polish little brass frames holding his name card. Each says 'Franklin,' though I doubt few realize which Franklin they refer too. He's not a vampire, you know. his longevity comes from science...'harmonics.' But we've been over that before.

Tonight was First Light, the first night of The Feast Of The Re-Dedication (Hanukah) and the children's orchestra performed a concert... Judas Maccabeus, the classic Handel, seasonal oratorio. If you're curious, we found a video on You Tube that more or less matches that performance. You can click this link~> CHILDREN PERFORM THE HANUKAH ORATORIO ... to see and hear it.

Tomas. also known by his Biblical name (think saint's name), Jonathon, loves this holiday, for his family bears the same appellation,  Macabi (Macabeus in Old Spanish), as the Temple deliverers almost twenty two hundred years ago. Legend says there was a connection, but no one knows for sure, though the thousand year old vampire in an eighteen year old body likes to dream. Doctor Franklin calls him a hopeless romantic. 

They went for coffee after, slipping into a warm, cozy, fragrant spot a few blocks away on South Street (where the 'hippies' meet... you know the old song). And they talked. Tomas spoke of 'the magic.' The model for the hundred dollar bill spoke of harmonics. Basically two names for the same thing.  In case you were wondering, vampires can tolerate black coffee, you know. Simple liquids pose no problem. 

Tomas spoke of 'Papa' and their 'voyage' through the stars. The Doctor took notes, preferring a small, spiral bound tablet to the digital counterpart. Old habits die hard. Penmanship, you know... quite the thing in his day. The Founding Father wants to reproduce the voyage with his Grand Armonica. Past experiments achieved similar things, but not exactly so. He'd like to meet 'Papa' and wants Tomas to arrange it, though our spiritual, yet vain, vampirino makes no promises... Look, look, look at him. See how he admires his reflection in the mirror-like night time window. How he vacillates... one night an ethereal saint, the next humping mole girls in tunnels 'neath the subways.  It's Sarah (his casual consort) who must be the saint. I'll tell you that. See how he studies his artfully mussed, long, dark, wavy hair.. the fine line of his thigh in those tailored, black denims ... the trim, leather bootkins. 'Jack the Lad,' I'll tell you that. Proud of himself for confronting the ghoul, though he needed 'Papa' to save his ass in the end. Night-folk are so vain. 

Still, he does have a good heart. When they leave he gives silver dollars (each worth in excess over forty times face value) to people on the street (an old Hanukah tradition)... mostly college students and twenty-somethings off on a pre-Thanksgiving bender, plus the occasional homeless soul. Vampires have a soft spot for them.... Then he leaves the Doctor, who gets into a cab and departs.

Eight minutes later he sits on a bench deep in the shadows of Washington Square Park sharing confidences with a ghost.. no, two ghosts I think it was... One a fallen member of Washington's Continental Army... The other, well, I don't know who he was. Some ghosts play it close to the vest.... Then he sublimated down beneath the earth to see the moldering bones of those interred there. They never moved them when they made the park and vampires have a real fascination for what happens to lesser mortals after death.

After that he just went home. Edith (back from the Pines) let him in, gave him a cold iced tea (he likes that) and clicked on the flat screen. Then she lowered the lights and went to sleep. He sat there for a bit half watching some wee hours talk show and mumbling to himself. I don't know what other vampires were in residence that night. They come and go... even Sarah.

Before dawn, the ghost of the little polio victim abiding in the cellar woke him up and he went upstairs to his snug, little special place and fell asleep.

The townhouse was quiet, except for the ticking clocks.


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