Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: The Book of Sarah ... early nights in the relationship of the Vampire, Tomas, and his consort, Sarah..... 12/12/13

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: The Book of Sarah:  This is coming to you through wilkravitz. Something happened. They firebombed the house. They burned it. They destroyed it. I was 'slee...This originally posted almost three years ago. Very good peek into the first nights of our Tomas and Sarah 'thing.' Six people have seen it. That's all. Most of our traffic came in the last year. So essentially this is brand new. 

I think the way this works is you have to click on the actual episode at the top of this page...where it says 'Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: the Book of Sarah'... That'll take you to a nice, good, long post.... 

We have a whole load of 'lost' early episodes like that. I tell you all the time. To explore, click on ~>THIS .... and scroll back to the vampiric nativity... then join me on TWITTER via a fast click here~>TWITTER .... If you leave a COMMENT down below, I'll probably get so delirious your Twitter tweets will be re-tweeted for days. I'm delirious right now, but they got me in a restraining chair so all I can do is vibrate.

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