Monday, December 30, 2013

The VAMPIRE Known as Tomas Forms a Fraternal Group on Penn's Campus... 12/30/13

There were five of them, not counting the vampire. They met in this little cafe place off campus and crowded into  one of those circular, corner booths in the back. Sunday night, after midnight, forty-eight hours (actually a little less) til New Year's Eve. Joint was empty. From the front it looked like they were closed and they were, but the owner was friendly with Doctor Franklin and let them in because of him. The old patriot-reprobate wasn't in attendance. He'd hosted an Eagles-Cowboys party earlier in the evening and was enjoying nightcaps with the last of his guests in his stylish digs beneath the Navy Yard deep within the womb of The Anti-Enchantment Bureau.  I suppose our vampire, friend, Tomas, contacted him. After all, his group, The Junto, was the first good works and mutual aid society, outside the bonds of religion, on Earth. And Tomas was an unnamed member of that. Seventeen twenty seven or so. That's when I think it started. Twenty one he was. Ben Franklin, I mean. The other original members were much older than he, but America's secular prophet (what else was he back then?) was obviously their leader. 

Tomas imagined such an arrangement for his group. Brainy college kids, from somewhat influential backgrounds, willing to met weekly and share what they knew. An earlier local synod, also called 'The Junto' and coincidentally born on Penn's campus too (2011) filled a similar niche. Other groups of educated, young gentlemen throughout the United States and overseas, as well, formed their own chapters. Learn what can be learned. Use it for 'the good.' Help society... and each other. But none of them had a vampire at the core. Though some claimed there was one in Yale's Skull and Bones, but I don't know who he was (is?), or who they helped, or what went on over there, or if that's even true. 

The cafe owner brought out steaming mugs of coffee and toasted sticky buns for the mortals and laid it all out upon the large, round, varnished table. Vampires can tolerate plain, hot tea, so Tomas got a mug of that. And there in that place , down a little side street, snug in the back of a vaguely Early American style cafe The Junto Vampirido was born.

In an effort to speed and facilitate things, please allow me to relate the proceedings in loose, script format.

Tomas - Kevin (the Sturdy Kid) why don't you introduce me to your friends?
Kevin - Sure, Tomas , allow me to present  Max and Jordan and Liam. His name's really William, but in Scotland and Ireland that can be Liam. He likes that, so he changed it. But it's really still William.
Liam shrugs.
Each nods and says 'hi' or 'how you doin'?'  as they shake hands all around. 
Kevin - And, uh,' gentleman,' this is Tomas de Macabea, also known as Jonathon ben Macabi. Noble life-eater, originally from Al-Andaluz. But he's, uh, lived a lot of places since then and in case you don't know, 'life-eater' means vampire... Sorry, Tomas...
Tomas - That's alright. (fidgets) You think the proprietor has any aroma candles? I could use a good sour apple. 
Kevin - I don't know. Wait a second. (yells 'off camera') Yo, Bert! You got any aroma candles?!
Bert - (off camera) Go to hell. I got a can a Glade in the toilet. Does he want that? 
Tomas - No. That's alright.
Bert - (off camera) I can give him some lemon wedges?
But no one answers... They quietly sip their hot beverages.
Skinny Kid (Rob) - You know, Donald Trump once threw up in this booth. I don't know where he was sitting, but he did.
Tomas - Yeah, and I can still smell it. (mumbles) I wish he had that aroma candle.... They he reaches into one of his trademark black leather jackets and takes out a little vial.
Max - What's that?
Kevin - That's his blood.
Max - Yeah, right. F*ck you. Shut up. What is it?
Tomas - My blood. It's a vial of my blood.
Max - That's some free perfume sample shit. My mom has them in her bathroom. No 'blood.'
Kevin - It's blood. And I already drank some last night. Rob too.
Rob - Yep.
Max - You mean Enrique Iglesias over there is really a vampire? (to Tomas) Sorry, dude, but what can I say? 
Kevin - What do you think we're doing here?
Tomas - Do you want to see some proof? 
Max just looks and inches back in his seat..... Tomas reaches out over the table, sublimates his hand down through the wood and feels 'round till he finds something. Then he pulls it out with a big wad of chewing gum in his fingers. The three new comers don't say a word.
Kevin - Yo, Liam, you wanna pass organic chem? (Liam just looks) Drink the blood.
Tomas opens the vial and shakes a drop or two into their mugs. The new comers stare at the contents.
Kevin - (gestures toward the mugs) Drink.
They do, a bit reluctantly, but they do. Tomas looks relieved. Then everybody giggles.
Tomas - (Voice Over) And in that way my dream took shape.... Hey, it's a beginning... 


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