Thursday, February 27, 2014


They got lots a dark places in The Pines.... that pit back in a cave where the 'Talk-To-God' man sit.... place where they had a 'Throwing Of The Bones'...... shit stinkin' pond where flesh-lovin' snappin' turtles live. Pines is @weirdnj (yeah, you can click it) central. But you ain't seen all what they got. You ain't seen Pig Blood Annie. Some say she jus' half in this world an' half someplace else. Guess it gotta be like that, 'cause a how putrid she is. Full aroma liable to make folks lay down and die. 

You gotta do crap if you wanna see her. An' I can't tell you what it is, 'cause five or six in-bred maniacs what got f*cked up brains'd have to chew you up. That an improvement over what used a happen. She sit in one a the dark places. Look like it in a cave, 'cause like there no light, like where @CharlieRose (yeah, you can click it) sit. 'Cept he wear a real nice Ralph Lauren suit and she a bit, fat, crazy, naked white woman. But y'all ain't gonna see too much. Pig Blood Annie set herself down in a big, old sink hole full a hog blood. She cackle. She splash. Greasy, black hair all wet. Drip in her eye. Drip in her malf. Run down a tittie. Some time she drink a little on purpose. Mostly her husband, Little Joe, feed her. He scrawny-like. Used a be a jockey, but not on no horse. Rode them giant capybara down in Brazil. It like a rat what think it a sheep. And yeah, they real. Beat them dingoes in baby-eatin' contest any day. Got nice fur though. I do gotta say that. Little Joe an' Pig Blood Annie met real cute. She have her teef in an' everythin'. ( the good set where the top match the bottom) But we not gonna talk 'bout that now.

Little Joe shove earth worms and Doritos down her throat. She like that. An' he get to lick off all the crumbs. She a 'born' witch, Pig Blood is. Not like Edith. Not no witchy-women. Don't never need no lessons. It come natural to her, like step dancin' to them Irish folk, or pickled herring eatin' to them Jews. (she make good fart noised under her big, old arms, but that not come natural. She took lessons. Pay a guy five dollar an' twenty nine cent, but he learn her real good. They gonna put her on AMERICA GOT TALENT. But producer say she gone wear like a brassiere an' hose off some a that pig blood. She say - No.... They fight. He tell her to go to hell an' spit out part a that corned beef sandwich he brung her. So she make him into a turd. But not no regular turd what float in gutter like they 'sposed to. She not no monster. He a special one what blink its eyes an' eat ice cream cone.

But what you gotta know is she Boopsie's mom-mom an' she want her little grandbaby back. Mama not want her. Daddy not want her. But she do. An' Little Joe out lookin' for her now. He no 'born' witch. He no 'born' nothin'. He jus' Little Joe. Look like Michael Jeter in GREEN MILE, 'cept punier and not so purty. He jus' a step pop-pop , but he want her back too. I do not know what for, but he want her.

Pig Blood give him toe nail clippin's. Her toe nail clippin's. Body parts got power, like a magic ring, but in this case not so fancy. He got 'em in a little, brown, suede, drawstring sack. Wear it 'round his neck on a thong.

Right now he hidin' outside the townhouse. Crouched down by some steps. But he lookin'. Oh, he lookin'. Got hisself a hippy-girl hat like Janis Joplin used a wear. Got like a old pea-coat, 'cause it freezin'. It also a lady pea-coat, but he don't know that. Think it jus' button funny 'cause he drunk.

Mostly night-folk what live in townhouse not know Boopsie gone til jus' now. They screamin'. They runnin'. 

Little Joe not know what for..... But he lookin'.

I your favorite disembodied spirit narrator. I Mister Never-You-Mind. But them what read this know that... OK, I done now. Good night.... Lemme alone.....Oh, one more thing. You know @questlove (yeah, you can click on it) from TONIGHT SHOW wit' Jimmy Fallon used a play clubs right by here? Still come by on weekend. I sneak in for free... Heh heh heh heh heh..... That a ghost joke...


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