Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I didn't go back to the little den/office in the basement. It seemed to sinister. Who was that ghost? Why did it manifest? I know Tomas wouldn't like this, but he's off somewhere with Sarah. They like to explore the woods at night, usually different paths through the Pine Barrens. Oh, they have all different kinds of haunts there...lots of them. But most are possessed of a certain country charm and I've never heard of any attacks. 

Our people on the police force, Tomas' 'familiars' I mean, said the dead girl from last night was labeled a drug fatality. I asked - Was she?.... But the cop who came to the townhouse only smiled. I wanted to know more. I asked questions. He evaded. Edith said - Keep your mouth shut. Don't push. Don't get involved. So I did. I pretended to be satisfied. I pretended to believe the dead girl lying in the gutter was some kind of an addict, or maybe a careless recreational user. Only didn't she fall? There should have been bruises. But nothing. It looked as if somebody (something?) helped her down and drained the life right out of her. Not the blood. Nothing like that. Just the life. Naturally there was no means of identification. No wallet. No handbag. I don't know what police labs do. Maybe they'll find something?

Edith didn't want me to let the second ghost talk. But I said it was Johannon. She knows who he is. Doesn't usually interact with him herself. I do that. But she knows. The door to that little office/den space in the basement is locked. We won't go in there til they do something. I don't know. Tomas knows people.  Somebody'll come in to bless the place. Imagine, a basically reverent, moral vampire calling in a religious adept to perform a 'cleansing.' Edith did some pow-wow stuff, though.  Got a few spoonfuls of dirt from the back garden. Mashed a few bits of bread in it. Dripped in a little milk. Made a paste. Dabbed it all around the door frame. Said prayers. Even played Tomas' old Kol Nidre (old Hebrew prayer for forgiveness)record. I told her I didn't think it was right for the occasion. But she said it sounded 'religious' and she thought we should play something. 

The elferinos and elferinas were around. They had nice little 'day rooms,' sleeping places in the basement, but they didn't go down there. Edith told them to sleep upstairs since the others were away. So the two girls (Marianne and Celeste) slept in Tomas and Sarah's space and the boys (Roland and Albion) took Leo and Conrad's rooms. I think they're down in some deep, forgotten, unused subway tunnel with the mole people. You know how obliging them angel-haired, big eyed mole girls are. Probably givin' each other sponge baths in some semi-functioning, partly ruined, plaster dust filled, candle lit rest room. Some a them pipes still give forth a trickle. Water's a little rusty, but who cares?

So I took one of the big, leather club chairs in the family room. Settled in and opened the lap top.... Edith said - You want me to sit with you?..... I go - No, it's just gonna be Johannon. I'll be alright.... She asked - Are you sure? After last night and all, I mean...... I shrugged - I hope so. Look, if I start screamin' you run down.... The elferinos'll sit with you - she said... But I just shook my head. They may be vampires of a sort. Still, they're so innocent (there's no other word for it, even with all they've been through) I hated to get them involved..... So I sat there by myself, staring at the low, orange glow in the hearth. Edith turned off most of the lights. Disembodied spirits have an easier time maintaining coherence if there's not so many other sources of energy in the room. Then she shot me a wave. I nodded and she went up.

It got quiet. Fire 'popped.' I jumped.  Piece of ice slid down from the roof. I jumped higher. Then the big flat screen over the fireplace lit up. No sound. Completely silent. Think I peed a little when that happened. Wanted to get up and run. But a hand came out from under the front of the club chair and grabbed me 'round the ankle. And a voice, I couldn't make out the individual words, but understood the message, said - No, please stay..... No threat. Nothing like that. Just a simple request. Then the hand disappeared. Not that I actually saw it so much as felt it... But the air in the room felt calm. So I relaxed, as much as I could, and watched the scene unfold. 

Shapes and images took form on the screen. The initial brightness dimmed a bit, revealing a street, a neat, stone, cobbled street running from the far distance to the screen itself. Neat, stuccoed buildings flanked it. Black wrought iron balconies festooned with potted geraniums looked down from upper floors. And colorful songbirds in delicate, black wire cages, mounted down toward street level where passersby might see and enjoy them  provided detail and texture. A figure approached , a man, tall and straight, with short cropped hair and a close dark beard. He wore a trim, grey cassock, long sleeved and buttoned to the neck and finished with a dark red sash. I recognized him right away. It was Johannon. I'd felt his presence before. I'd channeled him and spoke to him, but never like this. He was so real. It was so immediate. He was right there.

Then it was done. The screen went black. I was alone in a dim and shadowy room. But there before me sat a figure, almost opaque, almost solid, but not quite. I looked. He nodded. It was Johannon and after a moment he spoke. The words were Spanish, though archaic, yet I understood his every word.


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