Saturday, March 8, 2014

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: SHUT YOUR EYES AND STICK THEM FINGERS IN YOUR EARS...

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: SHUT YOUR EYES AND STICK THEM FINGERS IN YOUR EARS...: Aura and her sister Sylvia missed Jonathon. Actually, I do not know if they were blood sisters. Sometimes I think they are. But that is bes... When this first posted only 2 people read it. The episode details an attack by our (now temporarily dead) resident ghoul, Johnny Jump Up, on two 'mole girls' living in hundred year old, never used, exceptionally deep, subway tunnels. That happens to bloggers all the time. Early episodes go unread, but still we write. Somewhat scary and atmospheric. 

In our 'part of the forest' ghouls are crazed, terrified beings.... either in ghost, or physical form, or a combination of the two... who have manically smashed through their coffin and clawed their way to the surface after being buried alive.

Johnny Jump Up suffered that fate in the 1840's or there about. He's frighteningly thin and cadaverous with a partially rotted nose, an almost skull-like face, lank, greasy black hair, long claw like nails, small, sharp, triangular, grey teeth and breath that reeks of putrid flesh. He wears a tight black suit and filthy 'linen' (Victorian word for shirt and high, wound neck scarf). Maggots occasionally stow away on his person.

And he has a certain uncanny ability to silently vault up from midnight shadows, cling to the bricks and prise his way into second, third or fourth story windows. 

Single girls living alone in Center City (collection of urbane Philadelphia districts analogous to New York's Manhattan or The Loop in Chicago... Indeed, it's the third largest American 'downtown' area after those two and not far behind Chicago) know to ask for apartments between the fifth to tenth floor. Too high for the ghoul, but not too high for fire truck ladders. Except sometimes the ghoul creeps after he clings, so you never know.

Some of our relatively more recent posts draw hundreds of readers. They draw people every night. This episode deserves to be among them. Jump in and scroll around. Good place to explore the early nights.

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