Friday, March 21, 2014


It was dark in there. Sleeping chambers lock up real tight. Same window treatment place that made their plantation shutters for the 'family room' and little sitting room off the kitchen did it all.... Like if HGTV had a designer devoted to night-folk decor... Not vampire-chic. They don't like that look. No gray stone walls. No black velvet curtains. Just a nice, Center City townhouse... Dolly Madison meets Crate & Barrel, but with thick, opaque liners on all the draperies, or fine, cabinetry shutters. Nobody would notice if you didn't say. Hotel rooms have curtains like that. Sleeping chamber's not much different that one of those little private rooms they have on trains, except all the surfaces aren't stainless steel, or fake, pale green formica.  Tomas and Sarah's has all dark, fruit wood veneers, a thick, pillow-topped mattress, little pin-up lights... You know, those small, fancy lamps with the little, silk shades that fold out from the wall? I never looked in there. Edith and the two women who come to clean every week told me. Don't worry. The two women are 'familiars' so it's alright. There's a small, flat screen TV on the wall too. That, I know, 'cause I saw the guy install it one night when they were out.  Got little tables for books and  whatever else they want too. 

The 'born' witch, Pig Blood Annie's in there right now. Edith knows. She picked up on it as soon as she woke up. But Edith isn't a 'born' witch. She just knows a lot of hoo-doo's. Everytime she goes near the place, the sleeping chamber, I mean, her arms and legs begin to solidify. Thin, tough, wood-like fibers snake through her flesh... Child's play for a 'born' witch, even one still in roach-mode.

Pig Blood don't know how old she is. Oh, she's not very old. Not like some of the vampires or anything. From what I've picked up around here, peeks in La Ciencia Vampirismo and all, witches like her last maybe four hundred years. It's just the time travel thing throws them off. In actuality, she might only be two hundred and seventy years old. But that don't mean she ain't seen Ancient Persia or Paris during The Plague. 

And if we seem nonchalant about having such a powerful entity scurrying 'round the place it's 'cause she  messed with us too. Don't need no props, or shrunken heads or crystal beads. Just thinks it and it is. So me and Edith (after she learned her lesson and calmed down, or was made to calm down) mostly sit out back in the little patio-garden area outside the kitchen savoring the sunny, mild day (55F) and dozing. 

Funny thing is, Pig Blood Annie could kill us if she wanted to. Does it all the time. Softened up a guy's skull bones and drowned him in a toilet. Gave him a swirly he'll never forget. Well, he's dead. But you know what I mean. Transported folks to vast, dark, maze-like caverns in Nepal. No light. No way out. Enough air to last forever. And they will. No hunger. No thirst. Just dark, chill, rough, stone walls. 

Now she's expanding. The 'born' witch, I mean. Don't look like Laura Linney anymore.  Just her big, old, virago self. Sitting right on Tomas' ribs too. Pinning him just like a wrestler..... like a sumo wrestler. Emanates just enough weak, gray light to cut the darkness.  He wakes with a start and instinctively begins to effervesce , but the 'born' witch stops him. She whispers - No use tryin' to sublimate yourself through me, 'cause you can't do it, you son of a bitch. Where's my grandbaby? Where is she?.....

But he tries again. You know when vampires sublimate through living beings, the organic substance shreds to the point of liquification, til the quivering form of what was the thing in question rains down upon the the ground like a sticky, pool of soup. And the second time is no more successful than the first. 

The 'born' witch says - I got a teach you a lesson..... and a tiny crack snakes down the fruit wood veneer, from the ceiling to the floor, letting a thin, sharp, hot, bright, razor of sunlight slice into the dim cocoon.... The big, old, flabby, naked thing goes - Oooh, it feels so nice and warm on my back. Here, let me move over and share some.... Three ribs on his left side snap as she does. Whether simply from her bulk, or due to witchcraft I don't know . And yes, his vampire powers will quickly heal them, provided the magic stops. But he still feels the pain.

Sarah, just beginning to wake, starts to scream, as the light cuts 'cross her eye...


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John L. Harmon said...

I'm with Sarah on this one! Good creepy stuff, Billy!

Billy Kravitz said...

Sarah's a very nice young lady who just happens to be a vampire. She appreciates your good wishes a lot and sends her best regards. (also, she enjoys YOUR blog posts too and wants to tell ANYONE who sees this to click on your picture and learn about your sites too!)... And I agree.