Sunday, April 6, 2014


Sarah hardly spoke. She sat there with his book, his ancient, handwritten manuscript in her lap. Edith had the cleaning people come and set things straight. Not the place was in such bad shape. It wasn't. But she just wanted it to be nice. The elferinos and elferinas didn't say much either. Marianne felt guilty, because she was the one who 'found' Peter. And now, Tomas is dead.

Baylah comes over all the time. She still sleeps at her place, but spends her nights here. Edith lights these little green apple aroma candles and puts them all over. Sarah likes them. Green apple is her favorite. And the television's on in the background, but no one watches. Bunch a Toronto people looking at houses. That's all they ever watch. Vampires love HGTV.... safe nooks... refuges and all that. 

Leo went out. Said he needed fresh air. Sarah said - Go. Who's stopping you?.... So he put on his coat (you know those vaguely 'army' looking, green down coats with the wolf trimmed hoods?) and left. Vampires like fresh air, even if the oxygen doesn't nourish them much. Some of them can walk for hours. Leo mostly talks to folks or finds girls... not to bite. He basically sticks to 'the vows.' Got a few 'bed friends' around town. He gives them things. They love him. One got title to a Jeep SUV, a thirty two thousand dollar diamond ring. Vampires got all kinds a stuff. Look, Tomas had a thousand year old stash. ... Not stolen... Stuff he took from real bastards... The ones he 'culled.' 'Familiars' help him sell some, invest the cash. Believe me, after centuries and centuries it's a lot. I don't know for sure, but once a guy from some brokerage firm said 'three hundred and sixty five million dollars.' I wasn't supposed to hear, but I did. Tomas liked to keep it all private. Not because he was selfish. Just didn't want anybody to ever worry about money. Didn't want us to go overboard either. Can't attract too much attention. Once we had a big house, a real old, traditional, gray stone, colonial manor in Chestnut Hill. Nice grounds. Rich neighbors. Annie was with us then. Not Pig Blood Annie. The little one. She got friendly with the mortal kid next door. You know, the one whose mother fed her shitty pizza. "Papa' (the one who rescued Tomas from that fire centuries ago) had a thing for the mother. God, I wonder where he is. 

I had a dream. Tomas had a mortal line too, you know. He's got descendants all over. Well, not 'all over,' but they're around. Sarah comes from them.... So does Peter... Killed him for 'the power.' God knows where he is, or what he's doing with it now.. Well, in my dream, Tomas has another descendant and we find him. Somehow he's here, or he comes here to Philadelphia and we meet him, out on the street one night, just walking along... Warm... South Street with all the college kids... Turns out he looks just like Tomas too.. trim... Spanish... long wavy hair. Young. Eighteen, just like his distant progenitor. And after a whole lot of basically unimportant stuff he assumes 'the burden' too. He becomes a vampire. And it's like we have Jonathon back. Look, I think I'm going to call him Jonathon. When I talk about him, I mean. I know he had two names. But to me, he's Jonathon. Well, that's my dream.

Some Kabbalah guy came over. One of the 'familiars' sent him. Not a real Kabbalah guy, like a Kabbalah-Lite guy from one of those centers they have all over... like Scientology with more Bible stuff and less aliens. I know they talk about altruism and self-sacrifice and 'fixing' the universe and working toward harmony and all. Look, I watch Access Hollywood. I know. But Sarah asked him if she could talk to Jonathon. He said - No, those left behind should not interfere in the soul journey of the departed. She should just pray (not to Jonathon. to God) and he'll sense her prayers on his behalf and be uplifted.... She said - But I want to talk to him.... The guy said - How could you know it's really him? Some beings are devious. They could trick you. Do you want that?...... She said - Won't God help me? Won't He look out for me? He won't stop that? I'm not asking for a color TV, or a Mercedes Benz, nothing physical, just a little spiritual protection. I want to talk to him..... The guy didn't know what to say. Edith gave him tea and pound cake. Then he left. 

I wanted to ask the Kabbalah guy what I should do to get an agent (it's me, Billy, the one who blogs all this). Jonathon always wanted his story to get out. I try. I try every night almost...but I don't know. Put my shirt on inside-out tonight. They say that means a surprise is coming... a good surprise. You know... synchronicity. Maybe it'll happen

Edith can tell what I'm thinkin' about. Look at her looking. Look at her smiling.

I'm gonna go get a piece of that pound cake.


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