Thursday, May 15, 2014



Scene - Night, shabby, though definitely not chic, little house down by a woodsy, Bucks County creek.

Dark car dowses lights, approaches dwelling and stops. Anime looking Zombie-Girl, Opal, gets out. Car silently rolls away, as she walks toward door, puts key in lock and enters.

Int. Worn, drab, Lazy-boy festooned sitting room lit by Carson Daly show flickering out from flat-screen sitting on a broken, console, 60's 'furniture' television.

Grizzled, itinerant 'contractor' DAD snores and drools in one recliner. Rough-house, T-shirt wearing MOM stares at screen in the other.

Big DOG curls atop old Scooby-Doo quilt in the corner.

Door opens BOOM! Opal's home.

MOM - (gasps) OH GOD! JESUS CHRIST! JESUS CHRIST! (runs to OPAL) You're alive! You're alive! You're home! You're here!... (smothers her in kisses, but Opal shakes her off) Carl! Carl! Carl! Look! look! Look!

DAD snorts, awakens and just looks. DOG quietly gets up and slinks into another room.

MOM guides Opal to sofa, sits her down, sits next to her and smooths her hair.

MOM - (quietly) Where were you? What happened?What happened?

MOM hugs Opal. She inhales her mother's scent. We see the hunger grow. MOM showers her with kisses - My baby. My baby. My baby.

Opal puts her hands on her MOM'S cheeks, like she wants to kiss her back, but her eyes never change. The 'dead' hungry look never leaves.

And DAD watches as she leans in, bites through the facial bones on either side of MOM'S nose, excavating a huge hole right in the middle of her face. 

MOM gags. Blood pours from the shocking wound. 

A blood-soaked OPAL grins, exposing her gory teeth. 

DAD jumps up and yells - JESUS CHRIST! You're a F#CKING ZOMBIE WHORE!!!

CUT TO - EXT of house. We hear screams, crashes and mayhem, as the flesh tearing continues.

Then a rear door opens and the DOG accompanied by a little girl, silently runs out and disappears into the night.

A few heartbeats later the noise stops, but the light from the TV still flickers through the windows...


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John L. Harmon said...

Love it when you write in this style!