Monday, July 14, 2014


These things must be done delicately. There's a reason alchemists always worked in the shadows. People crave power and magic IS power. Do you think a real life 'Darrin' would forbid his Samantha to use 'witch-craft?' Screw Gladys Kravitz (no relation to that Billy Kravitz fellow). They'd be out shaking their tushie and conjuring up stuff right on the front lawn. Come on, if your partner, or ANYBODY you were close to, told you they could overcome all barriers... No frustration... No stress... No work. Enjoy life. Have things. Go places. Meet people, BIG PEOPLE. Dine with the upper crust. Trade ideas with Spielbergs, Scorceses ... even Shakespeares. Live how you want, where you want, for as long as you want. And necromancy, or 'evilness' had nothing to do with it. What? You expect me to believe you'd say 'no?' Magic is just an ability, a way to focus energy. Some people can lift heavy weights, others control the universe. And if I'm exaggerating... if they can't control the universe, they can at least manipulate the part they inhabit.

I was born in New England, right after the Salem Witch Trials. People in Boston still remembered. They pointed at folks on the street and whispered - There goes Mary Parson's girl. No wonder her hens are so fat... the witch- daughter probably fixes things. Probably has her mother's book of skrails (spells). .... Then they'd tut-tut, clutch their market baskets close beneath their bosoms and hurry home in the rain. Umbrellas were still suspect, don't you know... a violation of God's will... Everyone was a Christian Scientist. People died when God told them to.... Might nibble on some folk remedy behind closed doors. Might sip a potion concocted by some old woman. They had midwives, but no physicians. I know. I've seen a lot. In case you do not know, it is I, Doctor Franklin, talking. 

Luna and Sarah are resting. I minister to them in my way. They lay suspended in a bed of harmonics. The vibrations heal their wounds. Look to the previous posting, if you want to know the details. Tomas is resting too. He mumbles. He whispers. Doesn't want to go back... to being a vampire, I mean. Wants to be mortal. Wants to pick up where he was all those centuries ago. Wants to study faith and The Scriptures. All the old venerable European Academies are gone, burnt by the Nazis decades ago. But there are even older ones in The Galilee, in the holy city of Safed and other places.... Mystical  assemblages of students lost in God's Teachings... and, in a sense, alchemists of  'The Word.' .... Tomas wants to go there. His allies here in town, his 'familiars' work to make that possible. ... Best they get him away from all this. 

The streets aren't safe. Rival bands of witches and magic folk fight for the ascendancy. Government functionaries arrest overt practitioners. Black Marias glide through midnight lanes once again. And the huge 'lead room' under construction in Old Fort Mifflin nears completion. 

A new Inquisition fights 'magic' in it's own way. But this inquisition is a hypocritical affair, bent on stealing secrets and commandeering 'adepts' for their own purposes.

Edith gathers friends about her. They'll take to the tunnels far beneath the city and hide with The Mole Folk. They've done so before.

Those with special abilities are all about us. Open your eyes and 'see' what you know you see.

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