Monday, August 11, 2014

A FOURTH DIMENSIONAL BEING SEES ALL (many theorists feel they would) ... 8/11/14

The light WAS the being. It touched Doctor Franklin and Jonathon and Sarah and Billy and Luna too. Maybe 'touch' is the wrong word. Encountered would be more accurate. For it washed through their skin, penetrating every part of their bodies. And it examined them with senses far in advance of our own.

The creature knows their thoughts...all their thoughts... a totality of every fleeting image or perception. It experiences the fitness or foulness of their bodies. And because it is a benevolent creature, corrected certain things. Minute clusters of 'questionable' cells became healthy again. Hearts beat strong. Organic secretions ran pure. Vampires were vampires no more, or at least until they left that place....

Look... I wrote a full length post. But my CLEAR 'hot spot' internet access thing is horrible. It dropped connectivity after only two paragraphs, so the rest of this episode was lost. I call them and complain, yet the kids in far off cities cannot do anything but repeat - We are so sorry you feel that way... I tell them this is not something I 'feel.' This is something I know... So they say - We are so sorry for your inconvenience... How well rehearsed they are. How afraid of their corporate superiors. Is this the way the internet was supposed to be?

Though tonight's moon was a super moon... and what goes on inside it can be rather special too. 

Next time you'll see.


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