Wednesday, August 6, 2014


The young vampirinas were dressed by Madame Hortense , while Tomas and Billy went to Mr. Hopkins, a sixth generation Selena (inner surface of the moon) tailor and haberdasher. After two days of careful measurements, punctuated by civilized breaks for restorative beverages and sweet or savory mouthfuls, it was over. Each went home with their parcels. Indeed, Doctor Franklin had to dispatch a 'horse' drawn lorry to bring them back. And Martha devoted a whole afternoon to arranging draws filling cupboards.

<turns to face camera... Billy- Look, you'll have to forgive me. I've been tired for a few days. Glad there's finally some sort of peace in the Middle East. Haven't slept well. Thought I'd be able to post some good narrative this early morning, but brain keeps drifting off, like ice floes 'cross a chilly polar sea.... Wondering - Do any of the more social and advanced insects have any sense of self, or are they analogous to cells in a greater brain?... Why does Australia have so many poisonous animals?....(begins to breathe in a slow 'sleep-ful' state....  Camptown races five miles long, oh, the doo dah day...

<more next time. once again, I apologize>


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