Thursday, September 18, 2014


SCENE - Deep, cylindrical, raw, earth pit, far back in the cave where the TALKS TO GOD MAN lives.

Minute traces of light from the TALK TO GOD MAN'S hearth find their way down to the bottom, where JONATHON (also known as TOMAS) sits shivering. He whimpers. The surface of his body is red and oozing. His recently shed skin lies in tatters near his feet.

Then he hears voices from up above.... Papa comes over to the edge of the pit.

PAPA - Twins, He got twins.

TALK TO GOD MAN'S VOICE - Identical, not fraternal. Did you tell him that!?

PAPA - No need now, you dumb f%$k!

JONATHON - (weakly) Please, it hurts. It just hurts...

TALK TO GOD MAN drags the girls, bound with duct tape, to the edge. Their eyes are round with fear. One of them wet her daisy dukes. They kick. They squirm.

PAPA shoots them a 'look.' They instantly rise up, collide with the ceiling and crash back down on the floor, motionless and unconscious. 

TALK TO GOD MAN'S VOICE - Don't hurt 'em. They special.

PAPA turns toward the offending individual and snaps his fingers... The TALK TO GOD MAN'S mouth immediately puckers up, shrinking down to a tight, little rosy anus before winking out altogether.

PAPA - (whispers) Hope he's not a mouth breather.

Then he hoists a girl under each arm and sublimates through the air, depositing them down in the pit near Jonathon.

PAPA - (quietly) You know what to do....

Then he quickly vaults up and sits on the edge to watch.

JONATHON tentatively crawls over to the first girl. He begins to sniff her body and taste her skin. She awakens, sees his raw, oozing flesh, devoid of all hair, even eyelashes...  She screams through the duct tape, bucks her whole body, trying to get away. But it's no use. He  breaks the bonds 'round her ankles, pulls off the urine soaked daisy dukes and has his way.

She vomits. It runs out her nose. He pulls off the tape. It explodes from her mouth. PAPA doesn't say a word. In fact he absentmindedly watches a spider crawling across the the rough, shadowy surface up above.... Then he looks down and sighs, as JONATHON rises from the limp, panting girl and moves on to her sister. Her eyelids flutter, as he kisses her neck, breaks the skin and begins to drink.

PAPA  hums Nessun Dorma (vampires love that aria), as the second sister dies and JONATHON'S skin grows back...

TALK TO GOD MAN begins to suffocate. We hear the nasal wheezing.

PAPA looks toward the sound and belches. Soon after, the unbroken expanse of flesh where the shaman's mouth used to be begins to break open... a long, jagged, bloody gash. Then lips suddenly swell out and take shape. The TALK TO GOD MAN gasps and sucks in huge mouthfuls of air. His fingers explore this new portal.

TALKS TO GOD MAN - This ain't my mouth. This a f%$kin' 'lady' mouth!

PAPA glares impatiently. This time all facial openings disappear... the mouth... the nostrils... the eyes... and the ears..

The unfortunate shaman thrashes about, then grows still and dies, as PAPA turns back and watches his 'son' regenerate...


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