Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ca-Ca Wants To Runaway To Wildwood Or California Or Someplace Like That ...9/3/15

The cops were at Pony's grandmother's house. She came by to check on things and saw the broken cellar window. Cops let her go through the place so she could point out what was missing. When she saw the little smashed open safe she cried. The money in it was supposed to be hers one day. Now it was gone. Between that and the house, she'd have something. Now she'll have less... a lot less. The money in the safe could have been used to rehab the place. Yuppies (do they still use that word) go ape for granite and tile.... gleaming hardwoods too.

Cop told her to call her insurance company. Pony said - What? do they cover stolen money?..... Cop said they didn't. No way to prove how much.... Pony said - Then what for? Everything else is here... Then she cried.

All the neighbor women were out there holding their cheeks and sucking their teeth. The men stay inside... You know, cops and all. Some of them have records. It's better that way. Ca-Ca's mom, 'big' as she is, was out there too. She likes November. Coats hide a lot. A few of the kids were out there too. Mom's let kids skip school over anything around here... stomach aches... sore throats... good old sit com reruns on TVLand. They don't need no friggin' school. Some do...Some.

But don't go by me. I'm just a disembodied narrator. Might have been a Saturday. Maybe that's why so many kids were around... But not Ca-Ca. She was still sleepin' off her so called 'all night scary movie binge' with her cousin.

Lady Cop went around asking if anybody had security cameras that might of seen things and if they could see the video. A few did, but they lied... You know the drill up and down the streets 'round here --- Oh, it wasn't turned on... or --- Ours is just a dummy. We can't afford no hook up..... What they mean is, nobody rats and if it wasn't your house, who cares..... Cops know. They take notes, but what can they do? Nobody wants to see their nephew or godson on movies like that.

Ca-Ca tip toes into her parent's room and peeks between the window shade and the molding. They ain't got no curtains. She sees the broken cellar window... Starts biting her lip. Her dad's doing something down the cellar. Then she starts dancin' around. Gotta go pee. Since this all started, since she (and Timothy) killed Esther and all, she pees a lot, scratches her arms too. Having all that money in the house makes her even more nervous. Got the old Spiderman lunch kit thrown in with a lot of other shit on the floor of her closet.... Eighteen thousand dollars... All in twenties. Wants to run away to Wildwood, or California, or someplace like that. Wants to dye her hair and stuff her little training bra. Figures a twelve year old'll fit in better. Hired-whore pretendin' to be the mother can say she's home schooling them. It'd work... for a while... if Cousin Mike finds a good, cheap, hired-whore-mom... Maybe old ones charge less?

Door slams. Ca-Ca's mother comes in while she's on the toilet. Ca-Ca hears her yellin' down to her father in the cellar. Says cop asked questions 'bout Esther (the dead girl) too... Ca-Ca couldn't hear what her dad said...

But she stayed in the bathroom a good long time..... rockin' back and forth and scratchin' her arms...

<to be continued>


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