Saturday, September 19, 2015


They checked the security cameras at the cemetery and turned the video over to the police... not the Delaware county police, where the grave is, but the Philadelphia police. Apparently, killers often show up at funerals, or turn up soon after. The detectives got a good look at Mike and Ca-Ca and Timothy. Everything looked innocent. Maybe they were cousins, or neighbors? That happens.

But one detective was somebody's relative.... Timothy's uncle, I think. And he took his work laptop home one night. Brought it to his sister's house. Timothy was upstairs playing video games when he came in and didn't notice. But when his mother said - Timothy, can you come down here?.. he knew something wasn't right. So he stopped shooting aliens, turned off the game and quietly went down the steps. His father was in the hospital with kidney stones. Nothing life threatening, just excruciating. But at least he wasn't there.

His uncle said - Hey, Tim... His mother just nodded and swallowed... Tim mumbled 'hi' and sat down... not on the sofa with the adults, but on an easy chair in the  corner. Nobody said anything at first. His uncle opened a laptop and tapped something out. He looked at his mother. She just shook her head a little and smiled... but it wasn't a happy smile. Then his uncle went over and sat on the ottoman in front of the chair. He turned the laptop around so his nephew could see it and said - Timmy, can you tell me who these people are?... Tim said - I'll try... but he looked at the screen and said nothing.... His mother sniffed and dabbed at her eyes.... Then his uncle said - Come on, Timmy, what do you see?.... Tim almost whispered. He said - Two kids. I guess two kids. One's a girl. And they got some guy with them.... Who's the guy? - asked his uncle.... Tim shrugged.... Who's the girl? - said the detective.... More shrugs.... Then he asked - What are they doing?... They're looking at Esther's grave - said the boy... His uncle sighed and turned toward his sister. She held her arms out to the boy, who ran to her and began to cry.

The uncle-detective said - Look, this is all informal, just between us and off the record. I don't know everything, 'cause it's not my case. I'm not even supposed to bring this laptop home... His sister whispered - I know... Then he said - They're gonna come by in a day, or so. Probably two of them. They always go in two's. Get a lawyer. I got a list...Not a lot, but three or four names. Good guys. They'll help you... and they won't take much... His sister nodded and took the paper. She looked at it and said - What if we can't pay?.... I'll pay - he said. But just don't say anything. You know I can lose my pension over this?... Timmy, why'd you do it?.... I didn't do it - sobbed the boy. Ca-Ca did it. I j-j-just helped.

Should I tell John? - said Timothy's mother.... No, wait till he gets out of the hospital. Let him rest a couple days - said the uncle. If you need me, call the other cell phone. Not the one I use for work. You know the number.... She nodded. Then he got up, lightly put his hand on Timothy's head and left.

Timothy and his mother sat there. She hugged him. She protected him. He fell asleep. She cried.

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