Thursday, November 5, 2015


They let me stay till my hair grew back. Vampires 'heal' quick. I don't know. It took maybe four or five nights.  Seemed a little thicker than before. and when it reached the length it was when I passed over, it stopped. How can they say the whole thing, vampirism, I mean, is natural and scientifically caused? They talk about prions and ancient contaminants that somehow found their way into humanity... tiny bits of arcane DNA that only activate near death. But they forget so very many other things. Can 'germs' foster flight, or sublimation? Can microscopic bits of biological data work magic. People are fools. I'm a young vampire and I know that. Sixteen in nineteen seventy one... so that makes me sixty years old today... My God! Susan Lucci is older than I am

When she left, when the Russian woman abandoned me, five ounces of gold was all I had and that bought less back then than it does now. I think it was worth about seventeen hundred and fifty dollars. I had that, a pair of blue jeans, Addidas sneakers, my jacket... I don't know what kind of shirt. I don't remember. Must have worn a sweater, maybe a sweatshirt too. It was November after all.

And I walked a lot. I mean I walked all night. What else could I do? No where to sleep. I wanted a hot mug of tea. You know night-folk can take in clear, or thin liquids. Sometimes if and when we miss mortal food (it does happen)we eat. Ten minutes later it all comes up. But so what? Who cares? It's only a hobby. But I wanted that hot drink real bad. Couldn't sell one of the little gold bars. Who was open that late? And I didn't need blood... I didn't NEED it, but I wanted it. So I mugged some rich looking guy coming out of a WaWa (Philadelphia convenience store). Took his coffee. Took his wallet. Took his life. Not there on the street. Dragged him back into the little service alley they got behind most blocks in Center City Philadelphia... He wanted to scream. He wanted to fight, in his YSL suit and Gucci loafers. But I didn't realize what my vampire strength could do. It was instinct.. just took over. Grabbed his neck. Squeezed tight. Pulled him off his feet and that was it. Might have taken the suit, but I think he shit in it a little bit. Three hundred and twenty dollars in that wallet.

Went into an all night coffee shop. Passed some girl sitting in a booth. She said - You got any money?.... Not a whisper, but real quiet. Figured she was a runaway. Said - Yeah, I got money..... She said - Buy me some eggs?... I sat down across from her. She had her eggs, home fries, sausage, diet coke and a sticky bun. I had coffee, black. Told her I just ate which was true.... She said - Can I go home with you?.... Guess I looked older.... I said - Look, I don't even know where I'm gonna sleep myself... She looked sad, worried too.... I didn't think she was a whore, not yet anyway, so I said - Here's some money. Get a hotel room.... A hundred dollars I gave her. You could get a nice room for a hundred dollars back then. And from a trip I made with my family to Disney, I knew you could ask for a late check out, if you get there after midnight. She didn't want to leave me. I told her I'd meet her  back at that coffee shop the next night. Made it for nine o'clock, so she wouldn't expect me to eat dinner or anything. Slipped her an extra twenty for food, or like if she wanted to buy herself clean underwear.

Then I walked. When it started to get light, not actually light, just less dark, I went down into the concourse and wandered through almost dark, underground 'mall' passages. Saw a ghost or two. That I know. Hid from cops. Was I tired? Sure I was. Vampires crave rest, at least I do. Few hours later, when the stores opened up, I hid, not from cops, from everybody. What if somebody knew me? I was supposed to be missing. Three teens, in 'town' for an audition, never seen again. I could imagine what my parents were going through and I wanted to see them. I wanted to go home, but I was scared. I was so scared.

The next night, back at the coffee shop, I asked Heidi, that was her name, if she wanted to help me. That made her a little nervous. She didn't know what I meant. Probably thought drugs or something. But I sat there and explained. Now this was before vampires were hot stuff. We had Bela Lugosi Dracula and Christopher Lee Dracula and Barnabas Collins Not- Dracula. All them other ones were still a few years over the rainbow. She said - Are you gonna suck my blood? Are you gonna kill me?.... I told her vampires don't 'suck' blood. We drink it and no, I wasn't gonna kill her. She nodded. She trusted me. That was enough. Guess she spotted my fangs. Look, they were still new to me too.

So I had her, my first 'mortal' servant, my 'familiar.'

And you know what?... I still have her. Same age as me. We're both sixty.

Now ain't that something?

Come back next time. I'll be here...


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