Friday, February 19, 2016


Thousands of years ago, I was already a life-eater. This one, the one you call Madam Shang, saw stringy, little screeching humans devoured by bears like baby Kongs. Wolves like ponies ruled the land and mortals hid from them, leaving tribute where they would find it. Eat this meat - they said. And leave our people alone. In this way noble creatures forgot who they were. They forgot 'the hunt.' They forgot 'the kill.' They lived. They reproduced and they forgot. And their great strength and great stature ran away. Thus was the coming of the dog... And I saw it all.

I saw an ice world disappear and the great, furred elephants went with it. So do not think your world is a static place. It is not. Future flavors of 'humanity' percolate now, waiting for a time of flowering and great expansion.

The one you know as Jonathon, or Tomas dreams of a beauteous age of love and understanding. It will come, but only when they who cannot imagine such a thing, or run from the realization of it turn to another path. Such is growth, constantly branching out, like the twigs of a tree.

I tell you these things because sometimes I feel like sharing. Your lives are like tiny spinning tops. We play with them, those like me and those much greater. The one you call 'Papa' knows. He is just on the brink. After twenty eight millennium he remembers. He remembers his beginning, though he sees a greater future.

Do you know that without the one's you call 'vampires' you would not be here? They shaped you. I know you've heard them say - Not the shepherd but the sheep dog... and cull the wicked... save the worthy.....

That's what they do now, at least the ones who aspire to nobility. They look for spiritual 'worthiness.' We were not so high minded. We looked for other things.

Standards change.

The Conrad vampire lays in hopeless torture. He thinks it's forever. And in some cases it might be, or nearly so. I cannot tell you how many powerful adepts have left others like him in caves and hidden places the world over. They conjure the most horrific illusions... lakes of sulfur and fire... swallowed by loathsome beasts... devoured by flesh eating insects... witness and victim to planetary collisions. The variety is endless. Sometimes the entities who fashion such distractions forget about them. And a poor mortal languishes forever, or however long it takes a cave to disappear, but I don't even know if that would stop it. .... Imagine, after all that time and all I've seen and tasted, there are things I still don't know.

My God, your lives are like sparks. How do you deal with it? Over so fast. I'd think people would be clamoring to become vampires.

Annie sits with Conrad, although he's obviously blind to her presence. In her own way, she is a dutiful 'mother'.... an eleven or twelve year old in a seven year old's body with a forty year old son. How interesting. And although she periodically swears she's given it up, still addicted to biting off the toes of her victims before she kills them . Night-folk are each unique in their own way.... the first step up from mere mortality.

Now permit me to go. I have beings to meet, deep within the interior of the sun.

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