Sunday, April 17, 2016


The 'Hypnotist' has many clients in cities all over the world. Bolshevik leaders in Russia use him to quiet the masses. American oligarchs pay plenty. He entices the masses and almost compels them to surrender their money in return for whatever Detroit, or Hollywood, or the financial centers of cities throughout the nation tell them they want.

He conducts seminars at 'The Golden Dawn' house. Daring individuals from all strata of British society attend. Some use the information to control a recalcitrant spouse. Others cloud the minds of carriage trade jewelers while they make off with the goods.

Bates slips in one night, in the guise of a self made, Blackpool hotelier. Sir Richard's there, but he does not remember Bates. When he frequented the abbey, in pursuit of Lady Mary, they hardly crossed paths. Valets rarely consort with guests.

They listen to the speaker. He speaks of 'gem stones,'..... well known words or images dropped into printed, or spoken material that bind the mind and compel the soul. This is the first lesson, so he starts simply. Four words... he gives them four words ---- imagine, you, can and because.... Everyone likes to think they can accomplish things. We all like to feel special.  Those four words help convey that.

Here's an example..... IMAGINE you CAN appear ten years younger, BECAUSE YOU CAN and Tender Touch moisturizing crème makes it happen..... Anybody remember ads like that? Madison Avenue does. We still see them. They're everywhere. Coupled with a 'trigger,' they're even more powerful, such as --- Look for the distinctive, pale pink, bottle. The very shade spells 'youth.'..... You heard the words. You 'see' the image... the bottle... the color... Sales soar.

Sir Richard writes it all down... Not the example in the paragraph up above, I (your narrator) gave you that. Their instructor, The Hypnotist, provided different examples native to the era, featuring laundry soaps and tooth powders.

After the lecture they broke for drinks and informal socializing. Sir Richard left early. Tabloid backstabbing is hard work, but Bates moved in closer, engaging their teacher in quiet conversation. He invited the man to a late breakfast meeting the next morning. That's when he made the offer.... one mark... one 'spell'... one death. The man nodded. He'd done it before. Nervous, self-conscious strivers, like Sir Richard were so driven... so tortured... so easy.

I don't know the price, or the agreed upon guarantee. We narrators aren't always privy to everything. But a bit later, the two new associates left the stately Georgian edifice, went down the white, marble steps and shared a cab. I snuck in too....

Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you what I heard.

Meantime, remember those magic words...IMAGINE... YOU... CAN... BECAUSE.

Slip them into your tweets and blogs. You may have come across them elsewhere on line. Hypnotists have known about them for decades.

Imagine you can bend the human mind because you can.

See what happens...

Boy, ain't John Bates something?

<more next time>


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