Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Description of Baby Philadelphia, Doctor Franklin's Secret Town .. 5/10/16

Since he first stumbled upon the necessary harmonics, Doctor Franklin has been overseeing the construction of his idealized version of eighteenth century Philadelphia. It's like an unbelievably intricate Williamsburg, but with a real functioning economy and more or less authentic to the time culture.

In the early days, residents came from prisons and chain gangs. Homeless children, collected from the streets and alleys of 'real' Philadelphia came too. And please let me add, quite willingly. Life in the new carefully constructed city was much better than what they'd have otherwise endured. They were placed with families. After twenty years, maybe one generation, the population grew naturally. Of course there were 'immigrants' from time to time. Doctor Franklin brought over many impoverished Irish refugees during and after The Famine and a few dozen Jewish children spirited out of 1930's and 1940's Europe found their way there too.  Recently discovered records indicate that during the first half of the nineteenth century, small groups of slavery survivors came to the place too.

And now we have the municipality of  'Baby Philadelphia,' a red brick small city of gracious living in  the manner of a bygone age, tinged with bits and pieces of the modern world. They have flush toilets, shower baths, refrigeration, modern pharmaceuticals, blood tests and body scans, as well as safe fertilizers and highly developed, organic insecticides. There's no light bulbs and little electricity, though they do have a few lively radio stations based on crystal technology... no batteries, just vibrating crystals. But in a town designed by Earth's ranking harmonics expert, what would you expect?

Most streets are tree lined. Sidewalks are brick. Small, pocket gardens have scaled down fruit trees and perhaps a few rows of vegetables. All clothing is made to order and physicians make house calls. Every block or two has a liveried errand boy, their version of a party-line.

When it's warm, adventurous children cool off in small lakes and ponds...

In many ways, this special place is William Penn's 'Greene Country Towne' perfected.

Now they have a few vampires. For how long, we'll see.

We wanted to move deeper into the tale, but repeated 'error' problems pop up every few lines. What can we say? The internet isn't as user friendly as they say.

Yet we all put up with it.

Maybe the people in 'Baby Philadelphia' have it better?

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