Saturday, June 4, 2016

Welcome To The Menagerie

And then he was alone. Franklin left. Jonathon got up and proceeded to walk around the city. He asked Sarah if she wanted to go, but she didn't want to. They were all like that. Each preferred their own company. Vampires hate feeling helpless. They retreat and fall into depression. Edith, although mortal, felt the same way, maybe not to the same degree, but she knew.

Jonathon walked around town, observing all the people who were essentially flesh robots. Ones born here and 'chipped' at birth were lucky. They didn't know any better. All were free to go about their lives, so long as those lives were lived 'According To Franklin.' This place was his world, not theirs. Violence was not tolerated. There was no punishment. There was no pain. The violence simply stopped. Should a miscreant continue down that road, should they insist on going their own way, they dropped down dead and died. Oh, one more thing, anti-Franklin talk counted as violence too. You did your job. You played your part. You lived your life and that was it.

Some people seemed to love it. Ladies strolled around in white bonnets smiling to their neighbors. Husbands came home after a day's labor with small sacks of sweets for the children. Few ever changed jobs. That would create problems. No one wants problems. Children were tended. Gardens were tended. Everything was as it should be. Keep your place and don't make waves. Smooth sailing for those in loftier positions, but brickyards needed workers too, so did sewers.... Jonathon saw it all..... and he wanted to go home.

Jonathon tried to sublimate. He tried to pass his hand through a neat, wooden fence behind a vegetable patch, but no go. All he got were bruised finger tips.

Welcome to the menagerie....

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