Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Never-Die, Aura, Becomes The Vampire Known As Cressida.. 7/14/16

I was naked in the rain and my skin was peeling off. Papa lay on top of me. I cried. Lightning flashed silently in the distance. He whispered - Soon it will be over.... Then he hugged me tight.... We were all alone, lying on the grass of Belmont Plateau. The lights of Center City twinkled through the nighttime haze to the south. I gasped for breath. Such an odd feeling. Oxygen meant nothing to me. I didn't need it. Yet my lungs were used to the sensation. I felt Papa's breath against my cheek. I grew calm. I drew in air and let it out.  We breathed as one. ... My skin was gone. He tore out handfuls of grass and scoured the last bits from my body, revealing the smooth, new, clean, white vampire membrane beneath

Then I felt the hunger.... New food... New nourishment... New everything... It was more than hunger. It was a drug. I craved it. I trembled. I moaned. He picked me up and held me... Look, a lot of you have been with them since the beginning. You've read the accounts. You know what happens.... But I never read them. I never knew. I was Aura, First Daughter to The Mole King. I lived under the city. I was barely aware of this 'blog,' this public sharing. My people are quiet and reticent. They live in dark tunnels, after all. I ate mushrooms and domesticated pigeons and rats for God's sake. And now I swim in magic. I breathe it instead of air.

When he held me, we flickered. His energy was my energy. I knew Jonathon had abilities. I knew he had his talents... but this was different. I haven't been a vampire long, or 'vampirina,' as they say it.... Excuse me. I get confused.... We sublimated into a place, a shadowy stone chamber. I don't know where it was.... A thin, young man cried on the floor. He didn't get up. He didn't do anything. I have no idea how long he was there. Papa wouldn't tell me. He said one word - Eat... The young man whimpered. I fell on him and tore him apart. I laughed like a maniac and cracked his ribs. I was slick with blood and licked it from my forearms. I wanted more. It was like the blood baths of Byzantium, or the skull crushings of  the Eastern Ghats ... specially trained elephants, you know... taught to hold their massive foot just above the head of the prone figure and apply pressure slowly.... How they screamed.

Papa grabbed me. A few heartbeats later we were here. He took me upstairs and bathed me. Then we went down to the secured sleeping quarters in the basement. The ghost of the little polio victim watched. Billy didn't say a word. He stayed in his own room far upstairs, till daylight came.

What would Jonathon think of me when he came back? What would Sarah say?

I was Papa's slave. He may not have thought of it in those terms, but that's what I was.

I was supposed to be a companion for Sarah, but, in truth, I was a concubine for him.

I retreated back into my endless memories and wept.

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