Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Two Vampires Walk through the Moonlit Woods... 9/14/16

And then he saw Jonathon walking through the moonlight. Franklin liked to walk. His body felt renewed. For three hundred years he had the aches and pains of a preserved old man. Now he had the shape of an old man, but a physically perfected one. The aches and pains were gone. Vampires make the best 'doctors.' Vampire blood cures all.

Franklin whispered - Are you here, Jonathon, or am I dreaming?... His maker said - A little of both. What you see in an emanation, a projection of my form. I know not where you are. You've hidden that from me, but I will always be able to reach you. And I am aware of what I see, even in the astral form. A woodland in the hills. It smells as Pennsylvania did in the first days and I speak of the advent of Penn. Are we in Pennsylvania?... Yes - said Franklin. We haven't traveled far. A remote glen in the Poconos. No quad-runners. No outboards. Just the air and the trees and a state of the art scientific installation hidden deep in the cool, brown earth. .... How apt, for a life - eater (vampire) - said Jonathon..... My dear boy - went Franklin. This place, in a more simplified form, has been here since federalist times. Inquisitive, troublemaking scientists value privacy too. Now, why are you here?

I sense your intentions - said Jonathon. You mean to shape the mortal world to your will. You mean to play 'the shepherd.' You mean to kill more or less indiscriminately. You mean to ignore 'the visions.'

Wow, I 'mean' a lot of things, but if  you're asking me if I intend to ignore God, yes, I do. Oh, I don't deny the possibility of His presence, just the efficacy of his actions, or lack of actions. - said the old patriot. So, no. I don't plan to play 'sheepdog,' like you do... Then he sighed and smiled.

Jonathon, or rather his emanation, looked troubled... Franklin noticed and in a quiet voice he sang - You take the high road and I'll take the low road and I'll be in Scotland afore ye... But the reverent vampire didn't get it.

Franklin said - Jonathon, Jonathon, Jonathon, look at the world. Look at all the pain. Look at all the chaos. I can fix that.

Buy killing? - asked the believer.

You kill - said Doctor Franklin.

No, I and those like me 'cull.' We do not kill. God sentences. We merely execute - went Jonathon..... Mere semantics. Splitting hairs - said Franklin. Maybe I'm too much of an explorer, a man of the physical world, to be a vampire. But a vampire I am. You saw to that and please don't think I'm not grateful, though I'm still a man of science. That includes anthropological science too. And I will shape the 'clay' as I see fit.

The one thousand year old 'Rite of Spain, orthodox Jew said - When I finally give up the ghost and fly to the Heavenly Gan (garden) Eden, I will face those I culled and ask their forgiveness and they will give it. For they have been cleansed in Gehenna (purgatory --- In Judaism there is no eternal 'hell,' even for Hitler.) and understand the purpose of things. What will your victims tell you?

Spare me your ecclesiastic fairy tales. I am free of such things - said the explainer of electricity....

The reflection of Jonathon went - Then let us, at least, walk and breathe in these wonderful surroundings... So they did.

After a bit they came to an overlook and gazed out upon a silvery glazed, midnight valley.

I suppose you think God made this? - asked Franklin.... But Jonathon didn't say a word.

They just stood there, watching an owl plane through the air down below. Soon a tiny rodent would die.

Some things cannot be rushed - thought Jonathon and after a bit he vanished.

Franklin walked back to his compound alone... and the crickets sang of his passing.

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