Friday, September 30, 2016

Vampire in Philly Prank but Our Vampire Wonderland Vampires Love This!.. 9/30/16

Couldn't find Jonathon and the former emperor, turned night creature (possibly some type of vampire) Marcus Aurelius, but saw this. Shared it with Conrad and Sarah and Annie and some of the other night-folk, even Baylah at the shore. They LOVE it!

Granted, our type of vampire is very different. This gentlemen is more like what they term a 'ghoul,' or possible a 'noxious' type.

You see, there are various types of night-folk and each type comes in a variety of castes. Jonathon and his crew are 'nobles.' They were carefully made and brought over... never starved. The blood lust is under control.

Ravenous vampires are usually 'noxious' types. Their creators did the deed and more or less abandoned them, or perhaps they were entombed and the experience left them insane? This state always results from some traumatic  experience at the time of their transformation.

Monstrous teeth are rarely seen in the real world. Most vampires have small but keen, razor sharp fangs. Regardless of their former station in life, many vampirinos and vampirinas develop a certain cadence and style of speech. Some might find it aristocratic. This is not an affectation. Neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and others have studied this phenomena. There are popular theories, but as yet no definite explanation. It may be they collect and concentrate prions from every victim and these tiny bits of nucleic matter add to and alter their own cerebral make up.

A few of our night-folk think the star of this video might be a non-decomposing zombie and not a true vampire at all. Please know most types of night-folk dislike the current usage of the term 'zombie,' for the original, Caribbean- Latin American- Creole New Orleans revenants were nothing like the flesh eating monsters we see now. They had soulless, dead looking faces. They shambled along, serving as slaves to the zombie master. Legend has it, some appeared to require no sustenance at all, though they probably gnawed on something when left to their own devices.

Next time, we'll try to track down Jonathon and his limousine companion, the former emperor, who has secrets of his own. They gave us the slip. True, Jonathon enjoys the notoriety this blog provides, but certain members of THE HERMETIC ORDER OF THE GOLDEN DAWN, like the emperor, are more reticent.

I assume they returned to the British Consulate on Rittenhouse Square, but I (this is Billy) didn't see them there. They could be in one of the rooms upstairs.

I hope Doctor Franklin doesn't have them...

<more next time>


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