Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Rufus Wainwright - Across The Universe, SUMS IT UP.. ONE VAMPIRE MAKES PROGRESS, ANOTHER DOESN'T.. 10/4/16

The newly minted, comely, Korean, vampire girl, fresh from Doctor Franklin's Annex , made her way down the long, massive, granite lined hallway. Every surface was covered in polished stone, like a huge rectangular, never-ending seam, mined to fashion grave stones. Who knew where the light came from, or the air? Everything was grand, in a style come to be called 'Mussolini-Fascist-Modern.

Her data was in order. The people at the Annex are experts, in fact they trained the experts. All was as it should be. The Leader would ask no questions. She was there as a 'special assistant.' He'd had many special assistants. There were countless episodes, each quite pleasurable. Should any prove less than satisfactory, the girl in question would either be sent to the mines, or 'food stations' (huge prison farms) for re-education, which meant she'd be there till she died. Some were thrown to the pigs, (they're omnivorous, don't you know) but that was very rare.

After progressing down the almost featureless hallway for quite a while, she neared what appeared to be a dark, doorway shaped opening... The newly minted vampire assassin stopped and peered inside. The blackness seemed to go on forever. But six heartbeats later she heard a voice. It said - Enter... that's all... just one word... 'Enter.'..... So she did.

Then someone flipped a switch... and it wasn't so much that a light came on, as the dark was turned off, revealing a medium sized stark, white room with a white, rectangular table and a late middle aged , bobbed haired woman with an unsmiling demeanor and deep naso-labial lines. Did we mention she wore a white lab coat and there wasn't any door? Well, she did and there wasn't.

The woman said - Remove all garments and drop them onto floor. Do not fear. Condemned for life laborers keep it scrupulously clean.... The vampire girl just blinks and stands there for a moment.... She who has deep naso-labial lines says - Failure to obey will result in the amputation of finger. Choice is mine. And finger-chopping will go on till complete obedience is achieved yadda yadda yadda..... Please, permit this one to address She Who Is So Willing To DisFinger Me - went the vampire-girl.... Yes? - said the woman in the white lab coat..... How is it you know the term 'yadda yadda yadda?' - asked the vampire-girl. Ours is a closed and perfect society. Where did that come from?.... The woman with the bobbed hair shrugged and retrieved a large, polished pair of finger-shears from a here-to-fore unseen drawer...
The newly minted vampire-assassin did not want any problems, so she complied.

Soon after she endured the most invasive body cavity examination on the Pacific Rim. The woman used stainless steel, magnetic tipped insertion rods. She was a virtuoso. She had to be. In case of failure, her fingers would be sheared off.

How did the comely, Korean, girl vampire pass the oral exam, you know, with her fangs and all?

In good time, oh best beloveds... In good time.

While back in Philadelphia, when Jonathon returned to the symposium at the former British Consulate, he saw some strange faces among the crowd. They met his gaze and studied him in a very cold and mercenary manner. Some shook hands with the non-decomposing zombie that was Marcus Aurelius, who gave a short, curt nod to our vampire hero from across the room.

Jonathon wondered who the newcomers were, but he had some ideas. Night-folk instinctively know things...

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