Tuesday, October 25, 2016

She Wore A Yellow Ribbon A Tribute .. THIS WILL BE THE R0MANCE OF MARS .. 10/25/16

I come back to this a lot. It's my favorite movie. I like other films too, but I always come back to this one. It's the inspiration for my EL RANCHO TEXACO story arc. In my world, the romance of the Old West will live again on Mars.

First settlers will be called TROOPERS and SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON will be the unofficial anthem, sung and banquets and dinners and weddings and everywhere a whole bunch of old TROOPER families get together...

In remote areas of the red planet, horses will be the preferred mode of transportation because the dust gets into mechanisms and fouls them...

Land grant families live on vast ranches (rancheros) and estancias. Our main family, the TEXACOS live on LA POLVA ROSA. Dynasties rise. Powerful families vie for The Stone House (Mar's White House)

Great mobs of CHUPACABRAS (like bigger, stronger mandrills and baboons) terrorize the far places.

An old, indigenous, strongly humanoid population, called TUVA TUVA lives out in the bush. They waited for wetter times, in a freeze-dried state, deep within vast caves and came 'alive' when the place was terraformed. Some are peaceful. Some are 'renegades.' Some work for the settlers in towns and out on the rancheros.

Specially developed horses with exotically messed with DNA soar through the Martian skies on great, bat-like wings ---- majestic 'Pegasi'

People speak a rich patois of English and Spanish..

Incredibly long assemblages of 'cars' called space 'TRAINS' with names like THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANS and APACHE NATION connect the Earth to settlements, towns and growing cities on Mars.

The planet's carved into states---- NORTH MARS... SOUTH MARS.. EAST EQUATOR... WEST EQUATOR and MARS MONTANA...

The capital city's called BARSOOM, after the famous science fiction name for Mars... Locals pronounce is BAR-sum.

But then war fever grips the land. Who needs EARTH? Why is the STONE HOUSE subservient to the WHITE HOUSE. Folks start flying the REBEL FLAG... and THE WAR BETWEEN THE WORLDS begins.

In my mind, I see this as a movie or cable series...

I think if you Google or search -- EL RANCHO TEXACO Vampire Wonderland by Billy Kravitz, it'll get you in. Then just scroll around, or click NEWER POST or OLDER POST at the bottom of each installment..

I get EL RANCHO TEXACO fever every so often and I got it now...

So forgive me and maybe take a look. Maybe I'll find the direct link to the first EL RANCHO TEXACO post and come back and edit this tomorrow. But it's late here and I got to go to sleep....

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