Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Vampires Take Action 1/25/17 ..Creepy Dark Music - Sinister Castle.


In past posts we learned that among night-folk, this is the beginning of The Age Of Independent Actors. They've tried organized movements before. We've outlined some of them in Vampire Wonderland. But mass movements never last. People get bored, or just tired. It's no fun being cannon fodder and unless you are the leader, or among the chosen few, that's all you'll be. There's a reason why pawns are so numerous.

Yet things will still happen. History will be nudged and tweaked in many different ways.
Vampires are a weapon. They cut with extreme accuracy. People just disappear. Nobody ever finds them. Nobody takes credit. That's it. Oh, stories get out.. a detail here... a night mare there. Puts the 'scare' into people.

I can't tell you who gets snatched. I can't tell you what they did, or who fingered them. But I can tell you it happens. And 'noble' vampires are doing it too. The ones who take vows. The ones who 'cull' the wicked. They got ways. Sometimes traditional vampire methods don't even enter into it. Hell, they get enough blood.

A lone life-eater will sublimate into a room, snatch up a victim and sublimate out. The energy, or 'the aura,' forms a halo all around them. Vampire holds on real tight. Just so the victim's inside the cloud. If they are, they pass through walls and everything else too.

Most start screaming. One minute they're snug in their bed, or some hotel bed in Washington, or probably New York (at least the American ones) and ten heartbeats later they're high above the city, up where it's nice and cold. Teeth start chattering. Vampire loosens up a second. Lets them slip a little. They scream some more. Vampire whispers - Scream again and I'll let go. Let me tell you, they don't scream.

We talk about 'independent actors,' but in certain cases two or three night-folk buddy up. They find a place, maybe a cave somewhere... a real hidden cave. Ones with lots of secret, little twisty turns are best. Don't take no blood. Kill other folks for that. This is something else. This is the Righteous Wrath of God. That's how they see it. Natural 'culling' would be too easy. Some don't deserve 'easy.' Get an old hypodermic needle, fill it up with muscle relaxer. Shoot it in the bastard's ass.... They go - What's gonna happen? What are you gonna do to me? Who ARE you?! WHAT are you?! ..... But the vampires never answer.

When the drug kicks in and the eyes start to flutter the pigs mumble. They say - W-what you do, poison me?.... It's awful dark in there. They can't see too much. Vampires carry cigarette lighters, for draggin' folks into caves and all. Maybe the vampire nods. Maybe they don't. This thing isn't about communicating. This is about taking action.

Bastard gets dumped in a little niche, or natural alcove. Rocks and mortar are all ready. They whimper some more. They pray. They beg. Offer money. Offer lots of money. Vampires set a little candle in there with them and light it. Then they just keep sealing them in... more stones... more mortar. You should see the look in their eyes before that last stone gets tucked in. Some don't say anything. Some moan. Who cares.

By the time the drug wears off everything's all dry and set. God bless that quick curing mortar. They get up. Try to find a way out. But there is no way out. You see, vampires don't get tired. That wall's probably three rocks thick. And when that candle burns out... when the last little orange pinpoint goes pffft that's it. They smash their heads against the rocks. Most curl up like an unborn baby, but they're not waiting for birth....

Vampires got other ways too. You come back tomorrow and I'll tell you...

<more next time>


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