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Jonathon Culls the Herd a Little More... Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Who's That Creepin'? - clip 1 .. 3/6/17


Jonathon went back to the white marble capital on the Potomac. There was more to do. What he did the last time (please see prior post) was 'fixed.' As long as they control the media it's easy to fix things... Those viral videos you see on line?... They're faked... What you read?... Only rumors.... And as long as the power that drives the regime (the frustrated, revenge driven, bitter masses) stays loyal, they can do anything. It doesn't matter. There are no more Democrats and Republicans, or Liberals and Conservatives. All we have now are Inclusives and Restrictives. Are you 'in,' or are you 'out?'

As a survivor of Crusader massacres and a witness to countless Inquisitions and genocides, our vampire hero, Jonathon, understands that. He recognizes how basic and visceral and childish and selfish and willfully evil adults can be. Other peoples' children do not feel pain. Other peoples' mothers are cheap bitches. Other peoples' fathers are hideous animals. Look, you're already on line. You know the sites. You know what they say. Sad thing is they're not so marginal anymore. So called 'mainstream' right wing news networks quote Breitbart every day. And the administration feeds off it. You see it's a coalition with them. They need the bad boys. They need their heat and love and permission... Don't cry for me, Argentina. Everything I do, I do for you.... You know the song.

Some of the Inner Circle knows about vampires. A few have lead rooms of their own, especially after what happened the other night. The smart ones turned their dens and family rooms into lead rooms. That way there's room for everybody... the kids... their husbands and wives... the grandchildren. Everybody sleeps dormitory style, most on air mattresses, till they can get real ones. Guys came in and covered every wall, ceiling and floor with lead panels... put interior lead shutters over the windows... even did the same in the powder room. Safe and snug. The little ones thought it was fun, like camping out. Most of these places, at this level, had wet bars and refrigerators... all the comforts. An unusual situation? Yes, but not unbearable.

Jonathon waited till they were asleep. Vampires can sense that. The brain waves change. They can feel it. I know many night-folk claim there is no physical side to what they do. They claim it's all spiritual... at least the 'noble' vampires do. The others don't care. They just gorge. But Jonathon does care. He bothers little with the physical, preferring to live in the spirit.

When all inside that stately home sailed through the nighttime sea he sublimated into the house, moving through a commodious living room accented with photographs, lots of family pictures... the grandkids on the boat.... summers at the lake house... winter trips to Vail, where they also owned a place.... family weddings... graduation shots, from nursery school to graduate degrees. The patriarch loved his brood, or maybe he was just proud of them? It's often hard to tell.

Yet the government big-wig didn't love every family. Every decision he'd ever made in his political life was aimed at one thing, diminishing the amount of public funds used to help those in need.
Most didn't need that much, but they needed something and he did his best to make sure it wasn't there. Said he was forcing people to stand on their own two feet. Said he was training people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. What he really did was run interference for the rich. Not the 'toy' rich. I mean the genuinely wealthy. Nothing wrong with being wealthy. But all those scriptural parts about 'remembering the widow's children' and feeding the hungry and extending a hand to those less fortunate must have been taught on days he was sick... or out on the boat.

Well, Jonathon was the 'paladin.' He did what he could to lessen the damage and right the wrong... on a macro level at least.

Now please note that every interior surface of the den/familyroom was sheathed in cold, grey lead. But one door fronted a small closet and the interior surfaces of that closet were not sheathed. Jonathon could smell it, or rather sense it harmonically. Vampires give off a slight resonance. It's how they avoid lead. They feel the echo. But none came from the outer wall of the closet, so all he had to do was sublimate in from the dining room side of the wall, push open the door (you could push it from either side) and enter the room. The contractors forgot all about that little closet. You know how contractors are. Everybody in the administration wants a lead room. Installers are busy all over Metro D.C.. Hell, lead's the new hardwood among certain political types.

But the room was drowned in darkness. The lead shutters kept out moonlight and even the ambient glow from outside... a tomb for the living. A large leather sectional occupied the center of the space like a huge dragon, as the humans snore through their dreams. After a few heartbeats Jonathon's eyes (and since he's a vampire, his skin too) begin sensing heat sources in the room.... the forced air vents... the bellies and torsos of the people.... soft, sleep vapors forming little breath genies over mouths. No one suspects a thing.

Our trim, Andalusian vampire finds his prize and kneels down beside the mean - big job - government - grampy man. Then he carefully rolls down the blanket, leans in and punctures the man's throat, in that silent, catlike manner of his. Ah, but the blood is warm and thick and languid in an old flesh sort of way. He savors it... Like tender beef left to hang.... But soon it's over. The rich man and powerful presidential appointee is dead. In one smooth move, Jonathon whips the neatly folded, thin, black, plastic tarp out of his slim, black jeans and snaps it open (letting it settle over the corpse) just before the exsanguinated body ignites into 'cold' blue flame. Thus is the fire hidden from view. Oh the artificial membrane soundlessly flutters a bit, as if covering popcorn in a microwave. When that stops he pulls it off, wads it up and stuffs it in the large, cylindrical, stainless Steel, step on refuse can from BED BATH AND BEYOND (not a link.. we just like the way the blue letters look) behind the bar.

Then he goes to the closet door, cracks the kinks out of his neck, puts his hand against the interior lead surface and prepares to exit. But before he can push, someone else pushes in from the other side and another man in a form fitting black outfit steps in. They stand there for a moment. Neither being moves. The newcomer clicks on a pin light and aims it at Jonathon's eyes. His pupils immediately shrink and recalibrate. Then he pivots out of the beam. But before the second being snaps it out, the mirror-like glass doors of the fireplace reflect it into the eyes of a little toddler girl.... She wakes up, sees the two figures and begins to whimper.

Three heartbeats later they're all up. Some guy (an adult son) turns on a lamp. His mom (wife to the corpse) sees her husband reduced to a greasy smudge on the rug and starts screaming and screaming and screaming ---- Ahhhh! VAMPIRES! God damned fuckin' VAMPIRES!! 

Who knows? Maybe Jonathon could have slipped out, but he didn't want to leave the rest of them there with that
apparently 'government operative' specimen. And he was rattled too. This was supposed to be his gig. So he just stood there, as the other one leaped over a bunch of squirming, shrieking family members on the floor and gives the old lady a 'Jerry Mahoney.' You know, like when a ventriloquist's dummy turns its head all the way around and starts making faces over its back?... But she didn't make faces. She just fell back on the floor and stopped moving altogether.

That's when Jonathon gave the second vampire his own 'Jerry Mahoney.' Only thing is he kept turning and turning till the head popped off. Second vampire tries to find it and stick it back on.  Might take a few days, but if he holds it in position, while waiting it out in a cool dark place, the original connection should regenerate. But the bottom part of the neck still attached to the head was sealed tight like an old fashioned hot dog casing and time was running out. The headless body didn't know where it was going. It kept jabbing and grabbing at people on the floor till it burst into 'cold' blue flames just like that grandpa guy did. Lamp got smashed. No light save for the flickering azure fire from the twitching vampire body and its independently twitching head.

Somebody tried to call 911, but cell phone signals are like vampires. They don't pass through lead either.

Jonathon hid in the shadows. When the other one's remains were gone and the room was dark once more, he slipped out through the closet and made his escape.

Yet another senior team member plus his wife disappears?.....

How would the White House explain this?

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