Tuesday, March 21, 2017

EARLY SETTLEMENT ON MARS .. 3/20/17..Vaya Con Dios - Freddie Fender LYRICS.wmv

They sat on the wide, deep veranda of Estancia Viejo (The Old Stand). And if you have read some of our EL RANCHO TEXACO tales you know La Polvarosa (Red Dust), the other place what belongs to that Texaco clan. This place is different. This is where Miss Sissie's people lived. I'll tell you about the early days, when her people first come out here. Mars was a real hostile place. Had an orange-pink sky, little chiggers diggin' in the dirt. Tuva-Tuva folks still dried up in the ground. Not much sound. Air's too thin. Ain't no moon up there... no 'real' one. Just puissant baby moons what look like two little taters far off in the sky.... Like taters on roller skates, or something like that. They move pretty fast. Demos and Phobos I think it is.

Her Uncle Elvis came out before the rest of them as a hand on the old Twenty First Century Limited... Not the new one... the old one. Made the trip in a month and a week. And that was an Earth month, pretty fast for the time. Remember, we are talking about the 2080's... the 2090's. You ever read about them Mississippi River Boats? Then you know what I mean. Bunch a gamblers and speculators and whores... and them what just studying to be whores. I talkin' 'bout all genders.

Place got terraformed real fast. Smashed a few comets into it. Atmosphere didn't heat up 'cause there wasn't enough atmosphere to heat up. But did leave 'em with thicker air. Then a whole million shit loads a whatever green crap will grow came next. You know how quick kudzu took over the American South Land? Same thing on Mars. City of Barsoom (pronounced BAR-sum) built by robots. Folks want a real place to live, not them canister vacuum cleaner hell holes, them tombs for living people MARS ONE ... like misery and social isolation for the rest of your life. Can you imagine the suicide level on that one? If you get an impacted dental infection you got to die of it?.... No, first you build the city, with all the amenities, THEN you banish the people.... They'll age slower though. Low gravity does that. Less strain. Wonder if it causes constipation?

Oh, look at him... Billy's getting tired.... He's staring at the television. Already watch the late news twice... YO! SHIT FOR BRAINS! They ain't gonna tell you no NEW stuff!

He likes EL RANCHO TEXACO... Tex-Mex 'Pondorosa by way of Dallas' culture on Mars.

Lemme let him go to sleep...

He's drooling

Vaya Con Dios, y'all.

I'm one of the disembodied spirit narrators.

Let me steer him upstairs before he finishes all the potato salad.

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