Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Although some facts are changed, this leads into material that is very spot on and not meant for everyone. Please know that.

Lawrence Edgerton speaks -

I was in a dome, a large, rustic, grey stone dome. The interior vault was studded with windows. Some were round, some triangular, others had a long, rectangle shape and they pointed everywhere. The center of the space featured a seaman's glass, only bigger, much bigger. It was brass, perhaps eighteen feet long and maybe one and a half feet across.... a tube such as a  giant admiral might use to track his ships at sea. The oversized thing rested on a fulcrum, also brass. The large end faced a triangular window. The window was open. I could see a star, or what I took to be a star. Everything in the sky was a star to me, save for the moon. I knew nothing. But that in no way indicates a lack of intelligence, merely a paucity of opportunity. And even a moonbeam can pinpoint a mouse.

Then a man stepped out of the shadows. His salt and pepper hair was long, reaching his shoulders. Dressed in black, he was. I'd never seen a man with black linen (shirt and neck cloth), but that's what he had.... He nodded. I nodded back... He gestured toward a stool positioned by the 'eye' end of the glass and said - Take a look..... I hesitated.... He went - Go on. Sit down..... Can I move it? - I asked..... Just look - he said..... And then I saw the golden rings of Saturn... For the longest time neither of us made a sound... Finally, the man said - Nine hundred million miles. What you're seeing is a giant world nine times as far from you as you are from the sun.... How big is it? .... Well, let me see. If it was a fishbowl, seven hundred and fifty Earths would fit inside.... What makes the halo? - I asked...... The pulverized bones of all the souls in hell.... I just looked... and then he smiled.... Why am I here? ..... Why are any of us here?....

He opened a door-like triangular window down by the floor and disappeared into it. I heard him say - Follow me.... And I did.... We walked across a broad lawn. There was a Greek revival manor house in the distance, quite new and probably an updating of an earlier structure. You know, the Romantic crowd and all? Most of the windows were dark, or nearly dark. A few, on the first floor were somewhat brighter... not by much, though considering the darkness of the night, the low, coppery light seemed mysterious and inviting.

I said - Who lives here? Who's house is that?.... He said - Think not of it as a private residence, but more of a religious order, or a retreat...... For whom? - I asked.... For many people - he said.

Now the men driving the conveyance that saved me uttered one word --- Illuminati... and I had no idea what that meant. I asked the astronomer with salt and pepper hair if he was one. .... I thought it might be a family. People from the Italian Peninsula had been coming to England since George II's time... The man said - We are all Illuminati. You are Illuminati too. Ah, how nice. They come to greet us..... I looked up to see a swarm of  what appeared to be at least a dozen, glowing, night flying dragonflies, but they were not jewel-like insects. Each proved to be a tiny being with human form and two pair of 'sugar glass' wings. The man chuckled, as one of the creatures whispered in his ear. I suppose it tickled...

It that manner we progressed  o're the lawn and toward the weathered bronze doors ( a find from an old Venetian palazzo ), softly lit by two exterior, glass lanterns.

Whoever these Illuminati were, they certainly had good taste.. and, from the look of the place, quite a bit of power too.

Just before entering, I turned to look at the sky and for the first time in my life saw the great and terrifying arc of The Milky Way rise up over the moorlands.....

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