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Edgerton's 1st Illuminati Assignment In London 5/4/17 . Street Life in London in the 19th century - Pictures from the streets in...


The woman playing Lawrence Edgerton's aunt was an old Illuminati 'light' (individual member) known as Flora Mendez. In her own way, she was responsible for Wellington's battlefield successes and the Chartist movement yet to come. Contemporary Britain would not be what it is without her.

She directed the coachman toward a respectable establishment known as Mrs. Bobbins' Inn, a late Georgian townhouse, not far from  Chancery Lane, and all the most respected counting houses. If you've seen the 1951 version of SCROOGE with Alistair Sim, you know the place. The moving picture show up above is for them what ain't seen it. The images come from down time's road a bit, but close enough in feel and spirit..

Now the Britain of these times is in no way like the nation we know today. Few people were allowed to vote. No Woman had the franchise. The vote for Catholics was a new and novel thing and not at all universal in the hearts of the Protestant majority. Jews only voted if they were also registered as members of the (usually) Anglican Church. Many submitted to baptism ( a la the Disraeli family), were added to the rolls, but continued supporting and attending services in synagogues ( the word means 'meeting houses') throughout the realm. Indeed, Benjamin Disraeli himself regularly attended services in the old Synagogue at Bevis Marks.  Thankfully, Britain had no Inquisition, even if many openly hated the new voters (Catholics too) for remaining steadfast to their ancestral creeds. Catholics were allowed seats in The Commons in 1829. Unbaptized Jews gained the national franchise in 1858. Both groups faced certain petty difficulties till 1890. No male, of any group, voted if not solidly middleclass. This was not a democracy in the American manner. Life was hard. Family status and personal connections were paramount, although in some ways Britain transcended the American model. Slavery was abolished in 1833. Now we provide all this data to make a point. Much of the social progress we, in the West, take for granted was husbanded and nurtured by those many would call 'Illuminati.'... The pivotal names of individuals responsible for the furtherance of positive ideals we all enjoy today were often found on so called 'Illuminati' lists.

Young Lawrence Edgerton belonged to such a group. Soon after arriving in the City of London he joined the counting House of one Charles de Castor, showing up and ready for duties at eight o'clock one cool autumn morning, resplendent in his trim, black suit, dazzling white neck cloth and really quite dashing and impressive 'tall' top hat... You know it.. flares out slightly at the crown... rests low on the ears and brow. I defy any one to look bad in headgear such as that..... Beau Brummel himself (noted, aristocratic fashion plate and man about town) would have approved.

In fact, the extraordinary gentleman himself, as well as many of his exalted associates (including a few royals) regularly invested in financial offerings represented by the House of de Castor. Such dealings were strictly private. That's why it was so important for Edgerton's group to place one of their own inside. Who gives money to what is a great indicator of public endorsement and the Illuminati most keenly wanted railroad and steamship consortiums to succeed. Edgerton would provide them with much useful information...

How did he come by this position? His artificial 'aunt,' Miss Flora Mendez, also Illuminati, knows everyone...

An extensive network of friends is everything.

And the young Lawrence Edgerton was well on his way....

That's how the Illuminati does things... A little push here, a little push there... a nod... some money... a beneficial social introduction.... nothing violent... nothing harmful... It's not that way at all... and if it were not for them, human culture would be just as hard as it was in the 'good old days.'

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