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Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: DOCTOR FRANKLIN'S COMPOUND UNDER THE PHILADELPHIA ...: The Anti-Enchantment Bureau is in utter pandemonium. The Delaware River is expected to reach unprecedented levels. The underground compound...

This was written 28 months ago, just as HURRICANE SANDY roared into the Philadelphia/South Jersey area. Some coastal towns were flattened, Miraculously, the ones mentioned in our tale were not. Oh, minor damage... a low lying laundry room here... a flooded garage there. the eye passed right over, thus the relative calm. And soon after, the storm unraveled... There are those who say certain benevolent paranormal adepts caused that. Who knows? Que sera, sera.

Jump in... scroll around. See what you find.

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Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: A VAMPIRE TESTS THE BOUNDARY BETWEEN MAGIC AND SCI...

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: A VAMPIRE TESTS THE BOUNDARY BETWEEN MAGIC AND SCI...: Long before the advent of the atomic age, musicians searched for 'the lost chord,' an elusive example of pure harmonics believed to...

To late to blog. Was doing the #ff over on Twitter all night. So here we have something from our commodious vaults you might like . And the science behind it is true.

This is the second one we post tonight. Hope you read the boaf a them.

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Zebulon, the disembodied spirit, narrates, as he's done so many times before----

Billy slept on. Apparently the entity was having problems. It's not always easy settling into a new physical body, especially if the body in question stems from an entirely different genome. Doctor Franklin told us that. Jonathon called him. Who else did we have? Look, he already knew all about it. It's not like his Bureau doesn't watch this place round the clock. I know they get images from some kind of space probe. You know how real estate sites on line can focus all the way down to bird droppings on your car? Well, so can they. They have this device to detect and read gaseous emissions too. Can tell what's in here... who's in here and what (or who) they had for lunch. Saw the entity enter the house. Not the actual energy field, if that's the right word for it, but the battered Groucho Marx, Madame Tussaud's wax figure it inhabited. They're talking about that now.....

Edith lit a couple aroma candles in the den. Place didn't have any green apple, so she got spring meadow. Figured winter's lasted long enough. And you know how vampires are about aromas. didn't say anything, so I suppose it was alright. Fireplace was on. The good vodka was out. Doctor Franklin asked for Doritos. Three hundred and eight year old, harmonically preserved patriots have skewed tastes. That's just how it is. 

Jonathon said - How did he walk here? How did he control that Grougho thing? He... well, we call it a 'he,' can't effect matter. Can he? ...
Doctor Franklin interjected - I believe we went over this before. He doesn't move mater directly, but he can 'talk' to it.. communicate with the particles and if they're amenable, the matter moves. But he tires quickly and can only keep it up for short periods of time Maybe entities experience troughs and crests? Now he's in a trough. Who knows how long it will last?

Sarah said - What's going to happen to Billy?... The Doctor thought and said - It all depends on how long the entity 'keeps' him and other things too. The creature, when it was originally in physical form, was in no way human, or even remotely related to humans.
Alien life is like that. I know you're aware of Europa and what goes on out there. You know. Disembodied entities are most successful when they possess one of their own, or perhaps a form very closely related. This 'thing' was originally a praying mantis, a very civilized praying mantis, but an insect-like thing the size of Sea-biscuit. What can I tell you? His limbs were different than ours. His organs functioned differently. His nervous system, and that's like his switchboard, in no way resembles ours. He breathed through spiracles, for God's sake.
I don't think he can reconcile the way his mind works with a human body. It's like putting an octopus in a suit of armor, or a human skeleton in a jellyfish.

But he did this before? - asked Edith. How did he manage then?... Who knows if he did? - said Franklin. Maybe all those times were with creatures like him, or somewhat like him. And he will eventually create some type of interface. The only thing is, when that happens the unrelated body wears out fast. The entity loses interest, surrenders the deteriorating physical mess and the host dies.

They just sat there. For almost four and a half years the mortal blogger was one of the family. They didn't want to lose him.

Then the 'Discoverer of electricity' said - We can always find a more suitable host. We can lure it out of Billy.

Do you have any suitable candidates? - asked Jonathon. I don't think a garden variety Earth praying mantis would do.

Give me time - said the Doctor.

How much time? - asked Sarah.

I don't know - whispered Doctor Franklin.

While upstairs, in Billy's room, the disembodied spirit entity slowly learned how to play human genitalia by ear... which is pretty hard for a creature that never had any... Ears, I mean...

<more next time>


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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

They Hear KILL DA WABBIT As An Entity Settles In... 2/25/15

I'll take over now. It's me. It's Zebulon, your second favorite disembodied spirit. Thirteen when I died, but been doing this for twenty one hundred years, so, uh. I know what I'm doing.

Billy won't wake up. They try everything. Sarah dribbled a few drops of vampire blood between his lips. Edith threw hoo-doo's. Jonathon said prayers. He has this exorcism rite he does. But it didn't do anything. They called a doctor... a 'familiar' doctor. He helps them and they help him. Sometimes he screws up with a kid. Parents get sad and all. Doc gets scared he might be sued. So he gets a few drops of night-folk blood and stirs it into the kid's cough syrup. Twelve hours later, the little bundle wakes up, opens his eyes, smiles, gurgles and goes - Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya!.... And everybody's happy. Nobody knows what he did. nobody has to know. Now he's over here at the townhouse returning the favor. Got a portable cardiogram machine and everything. Some stuff for rudimentary blood test. Sets it up on the desk where the laptop usually is. They all stand around watching. Sarah's real scared. She actually knew Billy back when she first ran the book store. He used to go into Philadelphia After Dark. She was mortal then. They talked. She'd recommend books. Now she's a vampire and he's their designated blogger. Boy life is strange. Jonathon doesn't say much. But he's worried too.  Edith knits. She sits and knits. That's what she does when she's nervous. Makes scarves and gloves for the elferinos and elferinas. Makes little ones for the cherubs too. They don't talk about them much, but they're out there. 

Sarah quietly says - Is he alive?..... 
Doctor says - Sort of. If I go by the readings. Blood oxygenation within normal range. Brain waves make sense. He responds to stimuli. Not much, but he responds. Definitely not a vegetative state. Body temps a bit low, but that happens. Everything's as it should be.
Then what's wrong? - says Jonathon.
His heart. His heart's not beating- says the doctor.
What do you mean 'his heart's not beating?' -says Jonathon.
I mean there's no muscular contraction. No nothing. It's inert. Yet everything is normal, as if it was beating - says the doctor. And they can see how puzzled he is. 
Sarah says - What do we do now?
He just shrugs.
Give him some water. Not a lot. Just a little bit. See if he swallows - says Edith.
You want him to choke? You want him to aspirate it into his lungs? - goes the doctor.
You said his heart's not pumping. So I assume his lungs ain't workin' either - she says.
What are you? Are you a doctor? - he goes.
Look who's talkin'! You almost killed a kid, you son of a bitch. And now because a them, you're off the hook. Gonna submit a bill and grab plenty. Sure 'cause a what THEY done - goes Edith.
He makes like she's not even worth acknowledging. She picks up on that and continues - Let your mother make a fuss over you. We're done with that. .... Then he gulps. She can see him swallow. She hit home. She knows. Good.
Jonathon goes - Get some water.....
Sarah hurries into the bathroom, finds the paper cups, fills one and comes back.
Doctor goes - Give it to me. I'll give it to him. If he swallows... if he can still swallow, that's a good sign. If not... (he just trails off)...
Then he pinches the rim of the cup to make a little spout and goes to pour a drop or two in Billy's mouth. But his hand's shakin'. It's really shaking. And the water falls on his chin. Only thing is, it doesn't run down his jaw onto the pillow. Just seems to 'fizz' through his skin. Body just absorbs it.
Jonathon sees. He says - give him more. Pour it on his forehead. See what happens...
The doctor does. Same thing happens. It just 'goes in' through the skin.
Doctor goes - He, he's taking it. He's not swallowing, but he's taking it.
No shit, Doctor Bombay - goes Edith. You think witchy-woman don't know that. He's skin drinkin'. What's in him wants the water and that's how it takes it.
You know what I think it's like? - says the doctor (not to her, to Jonathon). It's like a pole change. Like a polar shift. Something's taking over. Everything's shifting. I don't know how to get him back... He looks toward Sarah and goes - Can I have a drink? Not water. Not that. Do you have any vodka?....
Well, you know how them vampires are with vodka?...
Sarah goes - Yes, what kind?
Orange? You have that? - he goes...
Give me a minute - she says. Then she runs downstairs to get it.
Edith chuckles, but never drops a stitch.

While deep within his body, sealed in darkness, the part that's Billy shrinks down into a singularity and keeps on going, as a vast smothering force presses in from all sides.

Sarah returns with the vodka and hands it to the doctor who gulps it down. But the TV remote fell, or something and BOOM, flat screen snaps on and  lights up with Elmer Fudd in a metal hat going - Kill da wabbit! Kill da wabbit!... Doctor almost chokes. Edith breaks into a fit of laughing and starts humming along. 

Jonathon picks up the remote and turns it off.


As deep within the prison of his hyjacked body, Billy weakly goes - Kill da wabbit. Kill da wabbit.


As an alien voice whispers something in a strange, clicking tongue.

<more next time>


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Jonathon came down just after sunset. The sky was a pale, somber, watery blue. Vampires like it that way. Some venture out when there's still quite a bit of light in the sky. People see them. Children are still playing. It all seems so natural. Night-folk are great at obfuscation. He was about to leave the house for a quick stroll... let the neighbors see him and all. Granted, their block was quiet. Not too many people about. But there's always a few. Though before he got to the door, Edith grabbed him. She said - Jonathon, Billy never got up. I listened at the door. He's still sleeping. Jonathon, it's a quarter to six (dusk comes later in February).

He turned and went back up. Edith followed. Sarah was coming down when they entered the hall... She knew something was wrong. Actually, Jonathon did too, from the moment he opened his eyes. Vampires are attuned to such things. Yet their brain is still a human brain and quite prone to denial. 

They stood by the door and listened. But these are not the hollow interior doors you may be used to. These are solid wood... historical accuracy, you know. Society Hill people are very picky about that. Some hide flat screens behind paintings and refrigerators behind cabinetry and skeletons in closets and dirty socks under the bed. But that's another story.

Jonathon knocked. He said - Billy? Billy? Are you alright?.... (no answer). He tried to open the door, but it was locked. So he sublimated his hand through the wood, reached back and fiddled with the latch. They went in. The room was dark, but they could hear the breathing ...and something else. Edith switched on the light. Small glistening shapes scurried everywhere. Billy slept on a mound of them. They explored his nostrils... his mouth... under his t-shirt and inside his tightie-whities. The three of them just stood there. Sarah said - Why can't I smell them? (vampires have a keen sense of smell). Jonathon went to the dresser and tried to brush them off, but his hand went right through them. Sarah said - Are you sublimating?... He shook his head and whispered - No, they're sublimating through me. 

It's a hoo-doo - said Edith. Like a dream, or ghost stuff. Something's in here. That thing from the wax figure. It never left.

Then she mumbled a prayer, or some kind of incantation and they vanished. Just turned to smoke and blew away.

The bed was just a bed. Billy slept under the covers. They tried to wake him... but he just slept.  That part of the 'ghost stuff' held true.

Entities have other ways to explore a host.

Billy trembled. He was cold. Edith got another blanket and covered him.

Jonathon looked concerned...

<more next time>


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Saturday, February 21, 2015


I was making biscuits. Everybody likes my biscuits. Them vampires take 'em to people. give 'em to 'familiars' (mortal helpers). Make a big batch, maybe seven or eight dozen. Used a do it with lard, but Sarah says people don't like that no more 'cause although it tastes good, folks say it makes 'em drop dead too much. Folks in the Pines never dropped dead too much and they all love Edith's biscuits. I am a good cook in addition to being a good witchy-woman. Once when folks complained bout all the stink bugs, I threw a hoo doo. Got rid of 'em. Marched out from all the houses in straight little lines and drowned themselves in a river. Don't make a difference what river. We got lots a rivers. Really just streams, but we don't wanna hurt they feelings.

Something's not right. I don't know what it is. Sarah says that entity 'diffused.' That's what disembodied spirits do when they lose interest in something... or somebody. They just make with a big sigh and expand in all directions till they are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. That's how they rest. But I don't think that happened. She talkin' 'bout what they want to happen. I'm talkin' 'bout what is happening. 

Billy don't seem right. Never goes out no more. Never walks around down on South Street, or Head House Square. I ask. He says it's about the cold... Cold never stopped him before. An' his eyes look all screwy, like he lookin' at a big chunk a plain air. One night, when all the others out doin' they nightly hoo haas, I see him sittin' in the den lookin' at television. He watchin' a show 'bout what astronauts gone do on Mars, but he don't pay no attention. He just sit there.... But I see a shadow pass over him... an' it not my shadow, 'cause I'm sittin' in the kitchen. Even his shirt collar move, like it bein' touched. An' I see a dirty bird in the garden. That a term we have. Can be any kind a bird, just look troublin'. This bird got one eye. Other all puckered an' shut. Plus it eatin' a baby mouse, or what used a be a baby mouse. Crow might do that, but this no crow. Little bill tappin'... pickin' off tiny, pink, stretchy bits a mouse (maybe part what got the squeak in it). I wanna shoo it away. But somethin' tell me not too.... I hear mumbles 'round the house too... little whispers and not in any manner a talk folks 'round here knows.

Never used to mind the dark. Figure what can happen in a vampire house. Sometime I sit by the front room window. Lights all out. I peek through the drapes. This block quiet. Don't get much traffic... cat maybe.... old lady with dirty face what talk to herself. ... guy with a fake ear. Fall off once. That's how I know.

But last night, while I spyin', little dog come prancin' in. Come right from the library... right through the wall. I know it real.... hear the claws clickin' ... But it did come through the wall... Little terrier lookin' thing. I could tell, even in the darkness. Street light come in through the drapes, you know. Funny, how I just didn't do nothin'.  Don't know if I could. Then it turned. It looked at me with a human face, just like a gnarled, old man, real angry and all. I said - Good evening..... But it just stick its tongue out at me and go through the wall... this time to the street... Later, when I go in the kitchen, step in all kind a little dog turds...

Keep lights on ever since.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

THE ENTITY REMEMBERS WHO HE WAS -- 2/19/15The RagTime Dance Scott Joplin + sheet music

I remember how it all began.... there's a vision I have, about promenades along the sea wall and water-ice socials on warm summer days. Everybody all spiffed out and polished. Whole families doing the 'Four Step' as (what you would call) Ragtime issued forth from pianofortes placed out on the verandas of stately homes along the way. Odd how such different organisms developed such similar aesthetics. I suppose the universe has a set number of themes and they just recycle them. I really don't know.

My mother was so fussy. She'd go - LadyBug, get in there. Do me up good!.... And her little beetle-like maid hopped around, polishing that carapace til it shone. She had such a smooth, even, green apple surface and a regal carriage. Her people had money, you know. An uncle was a flyer and flyers were very rare among Praying Mantis People. She wore hats... jaunty, little, specially made hats, created by a milliner to Senatorial wives and all that. Some had beautiful feathers. Such a bright, yellow tongue she had too and eyes like the finest cabuchon (smooth polished) emeralds. 

Please don't think we were nudists. We were not. Each wore cunning, little form fitting snoods over our external genitalia in powdery creamy oranges, yellows, or pinks. Garter-like ornaments decorated other parts of our bodies, some trailing long addendums of ribbons. 

And then we marched. A cake-walk, you might call it. Families waved as we went by.. an afternoon constitutional along Mulberry Avenue. Mulberries were quite the delicacy to our kind. My father was a banker and as rich as he could be. Though what could be the point of it is quite obtuse to me. He worked so much. sisters need dowries, you know. And the traditional dowry among our kind was a house... a substantial, three windows wide, four story tall, red sandstone townhouse in The City. Believe me, they did not come cheap.... The scene I relate to you now... The Promenade, took place not in the city, but in Sea Bright, the place where we summered.

That was my life, a young, mantid boy. I sailed on the bay. I remember that. And I remember my consecration. I remember The Chapel. We marched in, all of a certain age, festooned with white ribbons. Fourteen made The Ascent with me... eight boys and six girls. I almost remember their names. The Prayer Leader called us up, one by one, presenting each a small Book of Scripture. We linked fore limbs, tongue-wagged and sat down. Then came hymns and 'the preachings.' Each of the Consecrated returned to The Rostrum and delivered a sermonette detailing all we'd learned in consecration class, plus a recitation of our good works. Families were so proud. Seven hundred and fifty thousand of your years and I remember it. I know that now... Seven hundred and fifty thousand years. I remember so much, yet still can't find my name

But I know how it stopped. I know how it ended. One day, as we frolicked on the beach, a second 'sun' broke off from its parent and plummeted  toward us. No one moved.... a great, fiery, orb, expanded to the size of an incandescent island, til every part of the sky grew white as liquid iron. Steam rose all about us, as the sea itself boiled away... And then we boiled too, as our world was erased.

Why am I here and not where other faithful go? What keeps me in this place, adrift among the islands you call planets?

My 'new suit'... the one known as 'Billy' sits there tapping out the keys, though he knows not what he writes. The house is quiet. The others, being vampire are immune to the icy cold and free to haunt these old, old streets, engaged in other things.

I work the Billy thing like a puppet. Soon he'll be my coat. No, more than that. He'll be my skin. I'll see the world through mortal eyes and therein lies the prize.

<next time --- the possession>


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