Friday, May 17, 2019

This Post Explains Some Real Life Health Issues the Vampire wonderland Way

It is I Jonathon and tonight I'd like to explain why you haven't seen me much these last few moons... maybe it's been more like years? Who knows? Night-folk don't count days. We count heartbeats and raindrops and moonbeams. We count clouds sailing 'cross the stars and solitary souls crying in the night. I sit in the 'little library,' my favorite room, and I think. I think abut the small ghost boy who used to keep me company... the little polio victim. But he's moved on and our townhouse is poorer for it.. I think about all of them, mortal and night-folk. They're not so different. Each is a soul destined to glide 'round this Earth for a time and then pass on to somewhere else. For some the passing is peaceful. They drift off in bed surrounded by their loved ones. Others die alone in dark cold shadows chilled by the rain, but secure in God's love. I talk a lot about God. I'm sure there are those who think that's odd for a vampire. To that, I must answer - They don't know vampires.... We are not all the same, just as mortals are not all the same... Please permit me to let it go at that.

It's dark but I can see between the the deep green, velvet draperies that blanket the bay window. There's a streetlight a little way down the square. I say 'square' instead of 'block,'.... an affectation of the seventeenth and eighteenth century... from Penn's time... and a lifetime or two later, Franklin's. A thin, pure, narrow, pearly blade of light cuts into the room., slicing through the mullioned panes, on through the upholstered window seat and through the old rich hardwood.  It bisects the dense, wool 'Turkey' rug, the tip of my fine, black, leather bootkin, my left leg, including the like portion of my torso, shoulder and arm... And I sit and I contemplate...

Billy, the mortal who coordinates this tale for us, had a health scare. Not his soul. His soul was never threatened, just his body. He hates seeing physicians, but I make him. I insist. Oh, I could cure any earthly malady with a few drops of my blood... but he wouldn't have it. Nothing against night-folk. I realize that. It's simply his way... Thus the doctors... I made the necessary appointments, or rather a trusted 'familiar' (devoted mortal assistant) did and he went.... They took blood, in a far less subtle way than I ever would. They poked and prodded and made enlightened observations, or rather a certain singular 'general practitioner' did... The others came later, as did a whole subsequent series of blood tests, urine samples, cardiograms and sonic images of strategic internal organs... Then, after almost microscopic snippets of livery prostate tissue, plus a quick little bladder scan guaranteed to cause blood tinged orange-red urine for at least seventy two hours (Billy slept through the tissue harvesting and bladder scoping) they pronounced him 'fine.' or the closest they ever come to saying fine. As his 'guardian vampire' (well, what else am I?) I am exceedingly grateful to  relieved.

I love mortals... and not just as a food source. For I help many more than I cull... Edith, our mortal 'witchy woman' housekeeper says I see them as my own special ant colony. When she shares that I give her a bemused look and add - But I and the ants are different species. Mortal, I am not, but 'human' I am. Observe my body and the form of my being. A sea slug I am not.

--- Then he lapses into silence.... a homeless gentleman who does his best to hide that fact walks down the street, head down and lost in thought... sniff sniff sniff.... our vampire friend, Jonathon, picks up his scent... He sublimates his hand through the mullioned panes and carefully places a stack of five vintage silver dollars (each worth about forty times their face value) on the external brick sill... a magical bit of streetlamp illumination makes them glisten just so. The pathetically self conscious 'little tramp' allows his gaze to rise and sees them. He silently approaches pockets the treasure and continues... Jonathon watches through the slit between the draperies and smiles. It's a thing he does, placing stacks of sparkling, mint condition, antique silver dollars where the 'little tramp' will find them. He does the like for others too. Once in a while he slips in a truly valuable fifteenth century golden Venetian ducat. Through discreet mental imagery, each recipient knows the address of a fine, old basement level coin brokerage on Samson Street, in a way, Philadelphia's answer to Diagon Alley. The lucre is redeemed for a very fair price and a little bit of goodness seeps out into the world...

Our vampire, Jonathon, falls back onto the music, quietly playing on an small turntable in the darkness.... He mouths the words and sighs.... Billy has a good friend indeed...

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Vampires LOVE Broadway --Anton Zetterholm - ONE LAST PRAYER (Kerrigan-Lowdermilk)

The vampire Jonathon, also known as Tomas speaks -

I took three lives tonight. Each in their own way most deserving of death. But that doesn't mean I enjoyed doing it. The 'Burden' is like that. We do it because we have to. The blood does supply a certain energy. When that kicks in it all seems worth it and I want to do it again... but then I remember that means taking a life... the most final act in creation... and I hesitate. How much easier it would be if I did not. I think too much. That's what it is. The problem is, thinking and vampirism do not mix. Ours, on the outside at least, seems to be a 'life' of passion and sensation and abandonment. Some experience that, yet not as many as you'd imagine.

I think about their children. I think about the spouse and all the little family things spread about the house. Who will walk the puppy? And who will lock the door? For once I dim the house lights, it is forever more..... the first few bars of a power ballad there... But this isn't Broadway. This is real life.

You know, there's not much in the way of a final confrontation. I slip in while they sleep. Vampires make no sound. Bed partners slumber on. Perhaps a dog might raise its head, yet they soon grasp the inevitability of the situation and go back to sleep. If little children happen to pad in, I sooth them and send them back to sleep as only night-folk can... They know I mean them no harm. My victims are almost always people of exceptional means. At least the ones with families are... big prescription drug barons... 'black widow' second wives... The young ones are usually well taken care of should mama or papa go 'whoops.'... Replacement parents are everywhere and sometimes they get a pony... one of those super expensive Hungarian varieties with the long flowing manes and feathered fetlocks... Is 'fetlocks' the right word? English equine terms still elude me. The Arabic, or Andalucian comes more natural. My mortal years in the Caliphate of Cordoba and all. Rite of Spain Jews, such as my people, used Arabic too for all save liturgical terms. for that we used a Hebrew - Aramaic patois.

Serial killers aren't rich, but we kill them anyway...

Tonight, from a big lawyer adept at milking the estates of wealthy, old widows, I got an antique emerald dinner ring surrounded by ten point diamonds. He filched it from the somewhat demented dowager a day or two before. Found it on the sink in her powder room, next to her teeth. Not the 'good' set, the casual ones.

The husband of the next one woke up, switched on a small lamp and said -- Did you just do some kind of voo-doo crap to my wife?.... I nodded... He nodded back.. We watched her ignite into the cold blue flame and disappear. Her two little yappy dogs jumped into the bed to lick up the grease.. After perhaps five or six heartbeats I said -- And now permit me to take my leave... He got out of bed, naked, save for a big Rolex, and mumbled -- Wait. Wait. Wait. I want you to have this.... and gave me a beautiful, framed seventeenth century Persian miniature right off the wall..... I sublimated up through the ceiling, onto the townhouse roof and 'flew' away. The aura around our bodies when we sublimate infuses our clothing and anything we hold close, thus the valuable painting was unharmed..... God knows if he got back into the greasy bed or not, although his side was still quite clean.

Then I sublimated into a small chapel to pray, as I usually do after my kills. Save for the Eternal Light it was dark. I prayed for the souls of all humanity. Yet should that prayer be answered, what purpose would I have?

I went back to our townhouse... All was quiet. The ghost of the little polio victim was gone.... Edith and everyone else, even all the night-folk were already in their places, for first light was near.

I put out the lights (not too many... just enough to cut the gloom) and retired to my place.

Sleep well, oh best beloveds...


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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

THE 'VAMPIRE' Jonathon talks --#OutOfOz: "For Good" Performed by Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel | W...

Jonathon, our reluctant thousand year old vampire, sits in his favorite wing chair and speaks to us from his special place, the 'little' octagon shaped library, by the light of a small, porcelain, Chinese lamp....

The Vampire --- I've neglected my duties. It used to be we communicated almost every night. I told you about myself. I shared old memories and all manner of exotic, spiritual journeys. We poked about below The Temple Mount in Jerusalem and swam with merfolk beneath the sea. You met Sarah and Annie and Conrad and 'Papa'... mortals and night-folk, elferinas and elferinos.... Edith, our Jersey Pine Barrens 'witchy woman' housekeeper and our nextdoor neighbor from Chestnut Hill who fed her kid shitty pizza. Even the three hundred and ten year old Doctor Benjamin Franklin, preserved by harmonics. We've run ghastly experiments in his amazing lair under the Philadelphia Navy Yard and whispered with ancient mummies hidden away in forgotten storerooms deep down below the vast, marble paved public rooms of great museums... Odd how their 'ka' stays so close to the physical remains, when they could fly away to God knows where. Annie (our sometimes strange, little child vampire) would lay down next to a bundle of desiccated, parchment-like remains know as Hec Tan Ti Ti and listen as the bitter 'queen' (well, so said she) recounted an endless litany of slights hurled her way by plotting priests and priestesses, as well as haughty retainers, for even well places slaves gathered power in the 'old days.'

I like the spirit-form people you call 'ghosts.' The nice little boy in our townhouse was my favorite. He died from polio sometime around 1950. The family had money and the basement level was finished off and fitted out like a personal hospital. His iron lung, a rather monstrous device resembling a large, horizontal, bed sized tin can for weak, stricken bodies (the heads stuck out a hole, supported by a small padded shelf) rusted in a corner for the longest time. When we bought this particular townhouse a few years ago, it was removed to make way for night-folk, daytime sleeping amenities. Please don't think we sleep in coffins. That theatrical affectation is known mostly among isolated  cretins in remote, Balkan valleys. We rest in snug cubicles, more like those Japanese mini hotels one reads about... though ours have a more traditional look with fine paneling, sumptuous bedding and all... There's electricity for televisions and personal devices. The pervasive culture dribbles into our realities as well.

Sometimes too much...

As I said, the little polio victim was my favorite. He'd sit with me, here in this little library, watching almost 90 year old, black and white movies on a small flat screen device resting among the books, on a dark, mahogany shelf. Thank God his malady could not survive death, for he was happy and free. The Wizard of Oz was a particular favorite. He'd watch transfixed. We bought him beautiful toys, the kind sold in fine specialty shops... collections of napoleonic soldiers.... Lincoln Logs... Tinker Toys... many different things...

Please remember, for at least sixty years, he lived there all alone. Oh, there were mortals in the house, but they weren't the type that accepts 'ghosts,' so he kept to himself. Ghosts can sit, isolated in thought, for the longest time. You have no idea. A houseful of spiritually adept night-folk and even the mortals among us, was a godsend to him... and he was a godsend to me.

But there came a night when things changed. It happened less than two months ago. The city had already taken on a holiday air. He liked peeking out at the lights through the draperies. There were traditional (though electric) brass candle sticks in our windows... a full fragrant wreath on the door... Sarah and Edith organized a nine foot, lavishly decorated tree in the den, plus a smaller, five foot edition in the cozy 'morning room' off the kitchen. I took out my collection of antique Hanukiahs ( the actual word 'menorahs' just means regular candleholders). The centerpiece, a three foot tall, silver wonder from medieval Narbonne (just about the only place in Europe with a reigning Jewish feudal court). The little ghost boy watched silently as I lit all eight of them, arranged like a glittering mountain of light on the stone island in the kitchen... On that night when things changed, he looked at me and said --- I have a family..... I knew what he meant and nodded.... Sometimes, when the moment's right, 'ghosts' realize it's time to move on... They feel that 'other place' and are drawn to it.... I told him that I loved him. We all did. He said he knew that and told us he loved us too.

I hugged him. The way night-folk hug 'ghosts' is to assume the rather nebulous form we take to pass through walls and other barriers. Then we blend. The others with that ability hugged him too... A few moments later, he smiled and disappeared, just like the last wisp of smoke rising from the last glowing ember.... We cried, even though he was in a better place.

That's primarily why I haven't shared much with you for two months.

We needed him... and he needed us...

When it happened, I thought about destroying myself too. Vampires can do that, not with fire. Few take that route. Most 'sublimate' up into the cold, dark winter sky. We find a remote place and we do it. After a bit the particles of our being are too diffuse to come together and we are gone, like a huge misty cloud in the void.... Who knows if there is consciousness after that? Who knows if it is our final death?... Who knows?

Yet as you see, I go on, touched by all that came before and by one little 'ghost' boy in particular...

All I can tell you is remember..... Be aware of all you have known and all who have known you...

The universe needs fixing and God has sent each and every one of us to fix it....

Let us all go and do good things....


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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

THE HARMONICS of HEAVEN shaped the Earth ..Epic Chinese Battle Music - Sun Tzu

This one has no knowledge of those times, or even if time, itself, had any meaning then. This one only brings you the words of Immortal Entities I assume to be Gods... Their names are my inventions. The First One, I call 'Hero' for he ( I also assume their gender) speaks with assurance and authority. I feel deep vibrations when he talks. I see all manner of illuminations. The microbial souls of worthy mortals, both dead and not yet born, flow through the ether like impatient floaters in the eyes of aged scribes.

And when Hero first spoke those long ago words the harmonics of Heaven  reverberated against the heavy 'nothingness' of the void creating solid matter. It that way everything came to be. He was not the only one to speak, thus we have all manner of things... water... air.... bones... sand... fire...the seas within the womb and the seas without.... plus very many varieties of precious jade. This one could go on, but shall refrain from doing so.

After a random number of aeons Earth came to be. Initially the land was home to very many surprising and colorful beasts, the seas even more so... all ruled by clans and tribes of  powerful, intelligent dragons.... After time beyond measure the dragon-folk gathered wealth that was also beyond measure and wearied from life on the surface of the Earth-Orb preferring to fly off to other orbs for in these early ages air filled the firmament out to the utmost frontiers of the empire of your Sun-Star...

When the Dragon-folk left the remaining surprising and colorful beasts were perplexed. Who would eat their excess children, or trample noise makers? Who would maintain the invisible barriers? Who would reward collaborators and pluck the brains from colorful beasts too smart for their own good? Chaos can be frightening. Potatoes must be mashed after all. Then the beasts known as humans stepped forth saying --- Behold our nimble fingers. Listen to our glittering speech. Allow us to help you....... And the bewildered creatures agreed..

Thus the age of Man was born, incorporating all manner of Dragon things as well as other additional measures. The nimble fingers fashioned weapons. The cunning minds made rules. Some of the other surprising and colorful beasts attempted to fly off to other worlds, but the ether had changed. The air so very necessary to life no longer filled the space between them. Each orb hung suspended in it's own thin veneer of gaseous protection. A Heavenly Vibration swept the rest away. The worlds became discreet and separate places so that none might infect others with sickness of the spirit in addition  to sickness of the flesh... Soon after Man invented war. Hate came next. Oh, it was always there in the shadows, but now it was self-proud and dressed for battle.

Hero (the First One) said - Let us cull the ranks of men, removing every blighted soul.... and the human mutation you call 'vampires' or night-folk appeared.. .. For a time all went well. Evil strong men were no more. War and hate and capricious death became rare. But Man and especially the Rulers of Men will not be denied. Their spies stole night-folk secrets and turned weak vessels to their own devices... Princes flattered, or threatened, vampires. They studied their ways and wrote the information down. Early versions of the venerable tome those of you who regularly visit this site know as La Ciencia Vampirismo appeared.

Were there still 'noble' night-folk who attempted to cull the wicked?.... Yes, but they became a remnant. ... Warlords kept powerful 'noxious' types as cosseted pets and discovered many enchanted secrets, like how to 'breed' refined examples of life-eaters and fashion special weapons for particular deeds.

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Please permit this coherent entity, none but a disembodied spirit, time to rest and float through worlds no mortal can know,

Tomorrow we explore how elferinos and elferinas came to be... Join us and 'know.'

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

♥ Rachmaninoff's "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini" a Vampire Remembers Nazis and Stuff 11/19/18

There was a special concert on a cold night in December, in the year most people call 1934. Rachmaninoff played his own miraculous score on the piano, accompanied by the legendary Philadelphia Orchestra, led by that most esteemed conductor, Leopold Stokowski. I occupied my usual spot. Noble vampires need music. I myself play the oud, a classical grandfather to the Spanish Guitar. Not that I like to brag, but a certain composition of mine, penned when I was fifteen years old and a favorite in the Court of Baghdad... well, but that happened approximately two hundred and fifty years after my so called mortal 'death.'

I remember the dark red upholstery of the box... more like a maroon, actually, trimmed in gilt... the velvet draperies... the tiny sconces made to resemble gas light... a sumptuous jewel box filled with three thousand souls. Your enchanted friend was alone then. Your Jonathon also known as Tomas had not yet found his Sarah. She wasn't even born in nineteen thirty four. Remember, that was seventy six years before I'd even discovered her. So I put on my white tie and tails, called for my car and went. Sometimes I invited guests to joint me, a trusted 'familiar' (human assistants and helpers) and his partner perhaps, however that night, I was alone. It was my time to feed. Guests only complicate things.

After the rare and singular performance I retrieved my coat and scarf, put on my top hat, my white kid gloves and strolled out from Philadelphia's grand Academy of Music onto the wide Avenue of the Arts... Most would have assumed I was going to a post concert supper at the nearby Bellevue Stratford Hotel... the usual oysters, champagne, lobster Newburg kind of thing. Even a clandestine vampire can drink iced vodka and socialize... Clandestine vampires can do many things.... I pass the august hostlery and turn down a narrow cobbled street, of which Philadelphia has many. Such byways used to be for stables and servants' quarters. In the nineteen thirties they featured little bars, tailor shops, reweaving establishments, working class cafes. For twelve months, since the National Socialists were democratically voted into office in Germany, a few American sympathizers had started banding together in certain bars. They wore brown shirts, just like over there. They drank boch beer and sang songs. Some were plain old American patriotic songs, others were in German. Not everyone understood the language, but they followed along phonetically. Speakers would get up and talk about stripping the Jews of all they had, down to the last penny. The listeners would nod. They talked about making it illegal for Jews to work, or run small businesses in America, kicking their children out of American schools, denying them treatment in American hospitals and rooting out the Jewish graves in 'good American soil. Then a 'plant' in the crowd would yell --- And what else?!..... The speaker would mime sticking his head in a noose and hanging himself.... Men banged their heavy, glass mugs on the tables.

How do I know? Well, let's just say vampire hearing is a wonderful thing. I first noticed all this one night while passing a sour smelling gin joint on Pig Alley... a tiny place with a glossy black door and one, blacked out multi paned window. Nothing identified it as a bar. There was a little wooden sign hanging out from the old bricks, just a plain panel, also black and glossy, save for a carefully painted, yellow line representation of a Celtic Cross. The place near the Academy had a similar identification.... I waited for the speech to end and watched from the shadows as the patrons left. Then the speaker came out, belched loudly, hitched up his trousers, sighed and headed left... No one else was around. The street was dark. I could have confronted him, made him talk, drawn him out... but I just lacked patience that night... So I fell in behind, slipped my left arm 'round his chest. My right, kid gloved hand went to his windpipe. In a heartbeat he was mine. He tried to yell, but a strong, sharp pinch to the throat stopped that. Then he tried to kick. So I sublimated up from the sidewalk and tilted forward. His legs hung straight down. I was safe and continued my rise. His heart pounded. He began to spit up warm, putrid beer. He mumbled -- No. No. What the hell are you?... I whispered--- Judgement. ... The eighteen sixties loft buildings on that street were seven stories tall, so I rose up to the ramparts and froze. We could see the fat round moon low over the rooftops through a break in the taller surrounding towers. The hate monger gasped... his last vision of the natural world. Then I just let go..... How his arms and legs windmilled till his skull exploded on the cold cobbles below..

Then I returned to the Earth and went on to my vampire meal.

That tale comes later....


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Monday, October 22, 2018

They were Both Children in the Tents of Abraham

Before I forget, please allow me to share these dreamlike memories of my mortal life.... It is I, Jonathon ben Macabi. Some know me as Tomas de Macabea. I grew up in a storied place. They write tales about it to this day.... A land of sophisticated cities with fountain cooled air and souks filled with the treasures of far off lands. Domesticated elephants from distant Hind led every procession and the leader, the old matriarch, born in Mumbai, gave rides to the children in the outer courts of our esteemed ruler. Sages from the academies of Sura and Pumphidepha taught sons of the faithful under the loggia of Toledo. Honeyed dates were as peanuts. Sweet songbirds serenaded all from fanciful cages hung by doorways and balconies. The perfume of aromatic coffee was everywhere, a brand new novelty from The Yemen and a most welcome intoxicant in a culture that forbade alcohol.

In a sense, this was a respite.... especially for Jews, who had less restrictions than resident Christians, for both we and the Muslims were children in the Tents of Abraham and both proclaimed 'The Unity.' Though perfect it was not. All 'infidels,' those with revealed nonconforming holy books where dhimmis, protected souls 'in error.' We paid extra taxes, could be rebuked and reviled in the streets and theoretically barred from certain exalted positions, or providing legal testimony. The thing was, most princes ignored those possibilities most of the time... or at least much of the time, for they recognised our talents and used Jews and Christians (who might not have theoretically shared the Tents of Abraham, but did share more than three quarters of The Bible) to relieve them of the more tedious chores of governance. An uncle was vizier to a Taifa lord up north. My father owned ships that made the run to Fostat twice a year and although he never let on, one secret trip out beyond the Pillars of Hercules to legendary islands filled with dogs in the endless Ocean-Sea, from whence came the spice chocolatl, brought to that place by shipwrecked mariners from the west. Perhaps they hailed from Atlantis?

I think of those times.... I do... And please don't laugh, but I often dream of using my special abilities to help bring peace to the Middle East. A vampire can do many things behind the scenes.... Hidden things... and with a much lighter touch than those graceless fools sent out by the House of Saud (so they say)... My way doesn't even leave a body. Regular readers know why...

Oh, why, oh why did I oh,

Oh, why did I leave Toe-LAY-do?

Anyone get the musical reference???.... Living in Philadelphia for over three hundred and thirty years one sees ALL the shows.

Forgive me this digression. But I'm sitting in the little library downstairs. The townhouse is quiet and rather dark. Edith (our housekeeper) occupies her perch by the the granite counter in the kitchen doing seek and find puzzles. Everyone else is out. It's just me and the little ghost of the boy who died in the cellar about sixty seven years ago. He likes this room too... Plays war games with the onyx chess set. I love that kid...

Now let me get out on the streets and 'cull' somebody....

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Buenos noches.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

the music of Tom Odell woke our vampires up 10/15/18

No more lies. Not that's it all been lies, but for seven years I've sometimes pandered to what I imagined you'd want to hear. But that was a mistake. I am not a juvenile. I am not made for teen aged vampire angst. Jonathon (yo-na-TAHN) ben Macabi (ma-KAH-bi) is not fiction. Do you know that? Can you accept that?... 'Reality'... my friends, can be quite intoxicating...

For approximately one thousand years, I have sheltered in this 'eighteen' year old body, the pampered scion of an old Spanish family going back to The Caliphate of Cordoba. But those as yet unfamiliar with my 'nativity' can always click on ... scroll back to the beginning (August 9th, 2010... I think it was) when one of my esteemed 'familiars' started to transcribe this wandering account right here...

Autumn is a special season for 'life eaters.' Our humors quicken. The chill suits us, for it matches the extreme coolness of our skin... and the increased darkness... well, what's not to like about that?... Life, for those you call 'vampires' slows down. Can you imagine what high summer is like for us? Only eight hours of true darkness and the heat rising from the streets... from the buildings... from the cities... Granted, mortal odors entice us, but the unending, animal stink sickens all but the most feral of our breed. I can tell you what it was like in the past, but you wouldn't believe me. Fecal contamination was everywhere. Bathing, among certain faith communities was seen as a heretical conceit. Please know I speak of more remote (to you, anyway) eras, yet even the nineteenth century and a good bit of the twentieth, if we're going to be truthful. left a lot to be desired.... The twenty-first (stares into camera)... permit me to demure...

So I array myself in my 'uniform.' ... the black jeans, trim leather bootkins, black dress shirt and close fitting quilted leather jacket.... all available at MACY'S, by the way. I get a cut. Not that I need the money... not after centuries of quietly snatching rings and purses from my unsavory victims, along with collectible knick knacks and all... but I do crave the notoriety. Look, by this point I imagined at least an edgy cable series based on my life. But it's all who you know and who does a finely drawn, well put together, Spanish-Sephardic aristocrat with dramatic wavy hair know in L.A.?... If they only knew what they've ignored.

I retell much of this every two years, for new comers basically. There's supposed to be a 'page two' on this blog. I don't know what's on it... even Billy's forgotten.... Memo to self ---- Put a basic synopsis and Vampire Wonderland facts sheet on page two... Till then, if anyone has any questions, please contact Billy on Twitter. That's where he sits. Click Questions For Billy ... He'll be so pleased....

With that, the vampire known as Jonathon ben Macabi finger combs his romantic locks, checks his image in the mirror above the long commode table in the townhouse's  black and white marble floored entrance hall, steps out onto the Society Hill street and disappears into the night...

And check out Tom Odell's evocative music that got through to Jonathon in the first place on Youtube...

Thank you.