Saturday, March 9, 2013

DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME..... a sad time for night creatures .. 3/10/13

Vampires get sad this time of year. Maybe not sad the way mortals do, but a certain depressive ennui sets in. Long winter nights are over. Cold walks through dark, city streets change into something else.  Night can be a very comfortable time. You know how it is. All curled up in bed with the covers up around your ears, or better yet, up over your head with just a carefully constructed peep hole for your eyes. Maybe you still have an old, small screen TV right by your nest. And you lay there all warm and snug, watching Fred and Ginger execute a stellar pasa double across the impossibly glossy deck of a Depression Era ocean liner. Ah... lost in a black and white universe where everybody's rich and the sun won't rise for hours.

But this  night signals the end to all that. Skies stay bright til nine o'clock and the fire returns at five. True, they (vampires and other night-folk) can retreat to the depths. They can shack up with the mole people, deep down in their dark, maze-like warren of never used subway tunnels. And they do sometimes. But, at best, it's just an illusion. 

So they said their prayers. Tomas insists on that. Then they dress in fine black clothes and walk out to taste the night, each one going their own separate way.  Even Annie skips off alone. No one 'culls' anyone. Nobody kills. They walk. They look. They savor.  And in  an effort to make up for past sins, they distribute things. 

Sarah took a five carat emerald. Baylah has the title to a Porsche 911. Conrad has twenty thousand dollars. Leo, a tiny, talking tree shrew. And Annie,  a little jinn trapped in an old Kikkomon soy sauce bottle. You know, the ones with the red plastic tops. I'm sure any other vampires out there, if they're reverent, picked up something nice as well. 

Vampires tend to accumulate treasures, especially if they feast on rich folk. This is the night they give some back.

It takes time to make a proper choice. Vampires can be so impulsive. You remember Tomas' battle with Sir Richard? I'm sure everybody at The Revels loved it. But what... they couldn't settle things over an old fashioned game of 'knuckles?'.... So that's why they go alone... And that's why they walk. 

Who will benefit?..... A bum on a steam vent?.... A fandango dancer swirling to the staccato beat of a gypsy guitar?.... An old woman eating stale french fries (she gets them for free 'fore they close) ? ...Or a meticulously made up circus clown wearing ripped, damp sneakers?

The 'Giving of the Gift' is a private thing. No one tells. Doesn't make a difference. First time or thousandths time. Nobody says a thing. 

What would you rather get... the emerald, or the tiny, talking tree shrew. A jinn would be nice.... even the Porsche.

Tomas never tells what he gives. But you know it's something special... and usually one of a kind. The choice lies with the receiver. Sell it for cash, or keep it and guard it for someone else.

Every little treasure has a story all it's own....

And this isn't even the actual equinox. But it signals the beginning... of the end.

Starlight, star bright... first star to pierce the night... I wish I may... I pray I might... make the proper choice tonight...

Oh, and about that secret way to repel ghoul attacks... I could name hundreds... but none of them work... 

And if you'd like to know which disembodied spirit speaks to you tonight.....

Call me Ishmael...

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  1. I recently read that Saturdays were the best night of the week to hunt vampires because they couldn't leave their graves. Of course, one must go by traditional lore for that to be correct. Modern times, I don't think they're restricted.

    Thought-provoking blog ...


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