Saturday, March 9, 2013

DOCTOR FRANKLIN TELLS US ALL ABOUT IT .. night creature primer.. 3/9/13

It's me, the old patriot reprobate. I'm relaxing in my rather posh quarters deep within the Anti-Enchantment-Bureau. Right now I'm watching a late night re-broadcast of Hoda and Kathy-Lee. Not watching so much as .... oh, I don't know. Do you know a Sugar Glider is a little marsupial? Looks like a squirrel, but it isn't..... (yawn) What did I just say? I'm still rather agitated. I mean the molecules in my body are. 

Just gave myself an harmonics treatment. Google the Great Armonica, or the Grand Armonica, or whatever that wilkravitz calls it. Big piece of equipment. Fills a room. Contacts alternate universes. Jazzes up old folks. Does everything. I don't look like I'm over three hundred years old, now, do I? But he's not channeling this tonight wilkravitz, I mean. Got a real big pimple on the side of his head, just where his glasses go over his ear. And you know how head-pimples mess around with brain waves? He's in bed listening to some radio talk show about ghosts and moon-men (excuse me my eighteenth century terminology) and red pelted gorilla-men from  out in the sylvan vastness.

I'm going to tell you about the city. I'm going to tell you what we have here. We call the force 'magic.' That's what gets inside them. And it sees things. And it knows things. Not like a demi-god. Not even like a person. But it's aware. Let me tell you that. Think of it as another version of 'my' electricity. But it requires no conductive medium, at least none that we can identify. Who knows? Perhaps Tesla is right.... Did I say 'is?' Pretend you did not hear that. Me, I'm not worried. But some of those artificially preserved scientists are funny that way.

So, it effects them all differently. Cherubs get the lightest dose. Then, in order of concentration, come elferinos and elferinas, the night-folk (vampires, I mean), ghouls, feral ghouls (zombies), and I don't know what comes after them. But there are a few other levels too. And that's only one line. We still don't know if mer-folk are a naturally occuring 'human' variation or something else. And Jersey Devil type creatures have yet to be explained. The MothMan, I think is just a myth. But I'm still afraid of him. Met him once on the streets of Boston before I even came to Philadelphia..... He could be a moon-man... excuse me, an alien. That's what I think he is..

Most 'magical' races hate the spring and summer...shorter nights and all that. Luna gets quite depressed. She's the vampirina-physician  who works here with me. Sits by herself in a dim, freezing air conditioned chamber. 

Not many people know we're here, the Anti-Enchantment-Bureau, I mean. Actually, we're pro enchantment and have been since Thomas Jefferson first sponsored us. Oh, we existed before then. They called us The Junto. I started that group. Now we occupy a huge conglomeration of labs, study rooms and specimen chambers buried deep under the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. That 'Philadelphia Experiment,' the one from the movie... it was real. We did that.

What was I planning to do? Oh, yes... the ghouls. I was going to tell you about them. Maybe give you some tips on how to avoid attack. But it's too late for that now. 

I have to go oversee the feeding of the sea-hag (an old mermaid). Listen, she's keening already.

And don't go into the woods in Fairmount Park.... especially 'round the Japanese Bridge... At night, I mean.

You might see things you'd never understand....

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