Sunday, October 28, 2012


She could a gone with, only she didn't want to. Nothin' gone happen to that house. It brick. Got them double-glass windows... big, heavy doors and all. Ain't no wind gone blow that joint away. I think them vampires just needed a vacation. Tomas like a fiddle wit' all them gadgets they got over there. Annie got a thing for all them crazy animal bastids they got locked in that menagerie. Well, mostly animals, 'cause some look like they got little bit a human bean in 'em too. Jersey Devil boy resemble a nice, little gargoyle I seed on one a the staircases they got goin' in to City Hall. And I hear they got a couple merfolk swimmin' 'round in there now too. Think they like merfolk criminals. 'cause them people don't give up they own just like that. Annie like a sneak in and watch 'em do dirty. They doan care, 'cause she a different species and all. But Sarah don't like it. She try an pull her out. Not that she can do it, 'cause Annie fly like them elferinos and elferinas. And Sarah can't grab hold a her when she wedged up where the ceiling meet the wall. 

Rest of 'em sleep, or watch experiments or read stuff in the library. Baylah found these old, old books written in Tuareg (that her talk) and some in Arabic too. Tell all 'bout Timbuctu and Old Mali. She get real quiet when she look at them pages. That where she from. She was in the princess business back there, 'case you don't know. 

Yeah, Edith could a gone wit' 'em. but I 'spects sometime she just wanna get shet of 'em. Like to stretch out on that big sofa they got. Like to watch all them  big malf New York and California wimmen throw they heads back and speechify at each other. Like a curse at Barbra Walters (you know she like a hundred and eight years old?) and Whoopi Goldberg and that Sharon Osbourne one they got on after. Mister Edith come in to be wit' her. He brung Pin-Head Mel too. Guess it a lot safer than ridin' things out in the Pines. TV gal say we all gone get stripped nekkid by killer wind and fire-hose deluge. ....... Well, I do not know 'bout you, but Mister Never-You-Mind like to see that, actually. 

Little ghost boy what live in the cellar want Edith a teach him how you play Mah-Jong. He found a set down there and wanna make use of it. She say she not sure how you play that game, so they use it to build little cities and all. You know Mah-Jong got all these tiny bricks made out a carved, polished elephant teeth. I knowed a man once used a set to carve out some fancy teeth for his own self. Looked all right too, 'cept three a his upper incisors got Chinese pictures on 'em. But he say he doan care, 'cause he not fussy.

Mister Edith go walkin' 'round the city. He doan like no city, but he do like a see them once in a while. Try on all them toilet waters they got ev'rywhere you look. Even in butcher shops, I 'spects. Buy hisself a big, old cinnamon raisin bagel (toasted) with cream cheese. Take all the free toilet paper they got layin' out in all them 'everybody pee at once' baffrooms. Talk to all the ladies. He say - Are you a whore, or are you just studyin' a be one?....... He doan know. He jus' askin' questions. But one say she gone for graduate degree. That impress him a whole lot. 

Edith get out some a them old books Tomas got. She not like a look at them when he 'round. Mos' in some kind a Spanish, or Vahmpeerigo (like Vampire Spanish and Eye-talian got a baby). Some in all that Hebrew, Bible talk. She not like a look at that, 'cause she say it make her feel like God lookin' back at her. But them books all got pictures too... real old, skinny-line, black ink pictures. Old men mixin' all kind a crazy shit in little, round hobo pots. .... No! Not hobo pots... like what all them Santa Claus helper goomers use 'round Christmas time.... or what they used to use.... Things is so much different now. They got lots a mean faced, big-boned, bitchy wimmen grabbin' Santa Claus' money 'round here these days. Some of 'em use it a buy steak sandwiches, if you ask me. 

But I can see a silver, gray mist growin' 'round the moon. I can tell. I can 'smell' it pretty good for one who ain't got no nose. Big Mamma Zephyr gone come this way. Gonna mess ev'rything up. Edith say she gone let a couple bums sleep in a storage room. Only they gotta strip down out back and show her they ain't got no bugs 'fore she does. Mister Edith doan approve a that part, but she tell him to shut up, 'cause she believe in doin things scientific like.

Streets is mostly empty now. Them what got where to go is all locked up inside eatin' 'storm supplies' and drinkin' coffee and playin' wit' hand-held, video poker machines. That what you do when hurricane comin'.....

I think it like a law, or somethin'...


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