Tuesday, April 28, 2015


'The Ordering'... that's what they called it... started thirty eight years ago in our year twenty twenty two. People you read about, like Jonathon and Edith and Annie and Sarah and all were quite alive when it happened. I don't know what they did with the mortals, but 'advanced specimens'... (that's what they called vampires and born-witches) were immediately identified and gathered up. Apparently Earth enchantments can't touch them (the aliens, I mean), though they can sense the magical vibrations. 

Oh, one other thing, they kept Doctor Franklin's complex under the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard... and downloaded his scientific data into their digital devices. It's obvious they knew English. There must have been 'moles.' Seems they knew Chinese and Russian and Spanish too.... Hindi, that's another one.

Look, our brains are supposed to be 'compromised.' They aim for an I.Q. range of roughly eighty five to ninety five. The chips are supposed to prevent higher functioning. We act like they do... but they don't. Smart folks disappear real fast.

And it's not like we're breeding. No one 'couples.' We never see members of the opposite sex... not Earth humans. We think they're just waiting for us to die off. It's been almost forty years. The youngest people I've seen are fifty five. Last of The Mohicans. Maybe they have small breeding colonies? They did take away the children. 

We built an amusement park for them and their families. The aliens, I mean.  They look so much like us... Eye colors are a little off. Facial expressions are a bit strange. But they laugh. They buy toys for their off spring and have dances. I've seen the dances... not so different than Earth reels or square dances. And they love cake... They get cake and we get repulsive crazy food..... Once I got a bowl of little, tiny monkey hands.. and they were cooked, or steamed, or something. I don't know who sprinkled powdered cheese on top, but somebody did. Another time we got fetal armadillos, but no one ate them. Armadillos carry leprosy. ..

It's night now. We're back in our 'domiciles,' the vast halls where we eat and sleep. They don't like us to talk, but we do. Two nights ago, some dope starts shouting and thrashing and spitting and all. Lasted maybe ninety seconds. Then the D.I.C.s, the deeply implanted chips,  kicked in.... They oversee everything.... and within heartbeats the guy's bones... every bone in his body... reach a white-hot, seven hundred and fifty degrees, til he's burned and cooked and 'done.' Steam hissed from every pore and orifice. Then the frantic vibrations stopped. All was still. No one made a sound. We just watched as tiny, licks of flame danced out of his eyes, ears, mouth and nostrils. From the way his ratty, gray pants were burned, the urethra was probably involved too. Can't say 'bout his ass, 'cause nobody could see it. Was a whole lot a smoke, though.... Then they scrapped up what was left with shovels and dumped it into big, heavyweight, plastic bags. 

Twenty seven hundred and eighty four people went back to their cots and laid down.. ten rows of two hundred and fifty each, plus a few left over.... Gray souls on gray cots in a colorless world.

Tomorrow we make toy, 3D printers and wax lips for the kiddies.... for the 'Big People' kiddies... for the aliens to buy at that amusement park... They ain't bigger than us. We just call them that.


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