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Vampires will have to take a back seat for a while. Nanowrimo Time!

     Bear with me. this is going to be a little different. I'm going to produce the first draft of an actual novel. It won't be like a blog post. There'll be less 'telling' and more showing. Plus, no paranormal stuff. Just a linear
story about real people in complicated situations. I still like the pixilated angle, so we'll keep that. The setting will still be Philadelphia, plus the Jersey Shore area (hey, in three months it'll be back--- beach towns got contractors coming out the wazoo.), because that's my world. May have to change the background to white. Don't know if they allow negative image creativity. Hope I remember how to make the color switch. PLEASE leave comments along the way. I crave feedback, so don't go cheap on me. Now I got to learn how to lay out a manuscript page on this site.. I don't even know it that's possible. But I want to do it here because this blog is my place and if those vampires don't like it, they can get themselves a new 'familiar.' But trust me. They won't. Gotta leave now to go complain about some dumb girl on the TODAY SHOW.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Long before the advent of the atomic age, musicians searched for 'the lost chord,' an elusive example of pure harmonics believed to possess miraculous properties. Some, such as Sir Issac Newton, thought it able to manipulate matter. Other, less scientifically oriented dabblers spoke of time travel itself. 

But from the late nineteenth century til now, mainstream investigations followed a different path, seeking impossibly tiny 'particles' such as electrons and bosins and quarks, not realizing that these ghostly singularities were really the momentarily observed intersections of a multitude of frequencies...... the music of 'the heavenly host,' if you will. Well, Doctor Franklin thought otherwise. The venerable genius has been uncovering harmonic secrets since the eighteenth century, via experiments and demonstrations built around a certain invention known as the 'Great Armonica.' There's a large, working installation at his 'home' compound under the Philadelphia Navy Yard. You've seen it in past episodes. But the large one, the mother of all Armonicas, rests under the pastures of south, central Pennsylvania, rather like a parallel particle accelerator and remarkably shaped like one. That's why the vampires and the 'doctor' were here now. 

A silent functionary lead the vampires  to simple, though commodious quarters eight stories below ground. Each being got a sitting room, a bedroom, plus a bathroom and kitchen. The decor, though minimal, echoed high-end Scandinavian design. Chilled alcoholic beverages filled the small, stainless steel refrigerators. Blood meals, when needed, would be supplied by specially chosen (though definitely not favored) inmates from a nearby, high security prison. In some cases, families of 'lifers' ask so few questions. Indeed, some of them welcome the loss.

Edith, along with the other mortals from the townhouse, pulled in a bit later. Annie was not at all happy to see her 'nanny-controller' arrive. She said - That fat bitch ain't bunkin' with me........ Tomas told her to shut up, or she'd go POW! right to the sun....... And we all know how much she hates those banishments to the solar corona. But a promise, from a 'cute' technician, to take her and Avi into a lab and let them 'hunt' white mice, made her evilly gleeful once again.

Now Tomas had assisted with Great Armonica investigations before. Vampires are stronger. They can tolerate more. Normal human bone would shatter under such exposures. But those experiments pale before this one....... Heaven and Earth made one...... The world of the spirit and the world of the flesh reunited. A Promethius for our age..... an Icarus.... a Daudilus ...... I forget. Which one flew too high?

Ah, look! Avi caught his first one! And Annie got one too!


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Apre le Deluge.... (after the flood) a communication with the vampires

This is Baylah.We attempted to reach you earlier, but wilkravitz had trouble with the device. He uses a company called VIRGIN Broadband2Go and it is a most egregious organization. Our messages are often ruined. They're powers are small and mean. They're 'voice' is thin and weak. So another attempt will be made via the Twitter place. Look for a TwitLonger epistle, God willing, soon. If such is not possible, please forgive us. The Tempest has done strange things...


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Sunday, October 28, 2012


The Anti-Enchantment Bureau is in utter pandemonium. The Delaware River is expected to reach unprecedented levels. The underground compound is seriously threatened. Huge, unmarked trucks pull up around camouflaged trapdoors, uploading massive shipping containers of equipment, records and supplies. Some containers bear live specimens which have been sedated or anesthetized for the journey. And the rain comes down in sheets. Agents communicate via private frequency throat mikes, similar to those used by fighter pilots. Certain vetted cadres of Philadelphia police guard exits leading out to various main thoroughfares. Once empty, the water-tight, vacuum sealed doors slam shut. Yet nothing is foolproof. Thus the massive exodus. 

Doctor Franklin, the vampires, plus certain others travel in two large, armored, black RV type conveyances. And that includes me, wilkravitz. But I do not know the destination. 

A small team of agents was dispatched to the townhouse. No one can remain behind. Even Edith knows too much. Granted, tiny segments of society have always known about the paranormal. But the largely, still medieval minded populace must be kept ignorant. That's why they don't tell them about aliens. You know that. It'd be religious warfare in the streets. 

Edith didn't want to leave. She cried. She wanted to go back to The Pines. But Mister Edith, also possessed of keen telepathic capabilities, knew the truth. They would be in danger anywhere else. Chinese agents knew of their existence. Russian agents knew too. You want me to go on? Look how long they kept Papa imprisoned in Rome. Vampires mean power and every government wants that. So the house was emptied. A specially trained and briefed team swept through the place, gathering up books, keepsakes, belongings and anything else pointing toward supernatural provenance.

But Blackie and Minnie stayed behind, keeping to themselves and escaping detection. Papa, still in a nebulous, spirit-like state, disappeared. A few other, shall we say unusual individuals (vampires aren't all that's out there) discreetly sought refuge in the basements of the PENN Museum. The ghoul, known as Johnny Jump Up was still out there. Damn, must be like Christmas Time to him.


It was quiet in the large RV. Just the engine, the wipers and the tire hum. Baylah felt bad for her boyfriend. He loved the Margate beach house so much. She did too. But an eight foot rise in mean sea level? Come on. That place won't survive. It's gonna be like the Sinking of Atlantis. Bye-bye shore towns. Hope y'all got flood insurance. Happened once before... more than once... Why do you think Longport (an extremely vulnerable town just south of Margate) begins at Eleventh Street? 

I'm typing this because Baylah thinks SO LOUD. She's  like pushing it into my mind. It's not that I'm so telepathic, but her brain is HOT.

The others are quiet. But I get trickles from them too. Tomas goes back to his childhood among the orange groves and olive trees of Old Al Andaluz. Sarah pictures her family. They all do. Annie hugs little Avi. She loves that scruffy Yorkie. Conrad and Leo play a telepathic game of 'movie stars initials.'

And we travel down Route 73, through dark, wooded, suburban towns. These are old suburbs... gray stone houses, huge trees, a scattering of destination type 'inn' restaurants, maybe a cute, little shopping district now and then. Nobody's around, not even some yuppie walking a designer dog. Everybody's inside, glued to their televisions, watching the talking-people tell them how long they got left. 

You know, even if you're snuggled up all warm in your bed, a thick, heavy oak tree can still smash through the roof and shatter your head.

More tomorrow.....hopefully. You're with us as it happens.


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Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: THE LITTLE MATCH BOY ~~~~ a re-telling of H.C. And...

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: THE LITTLE MATCH BOY ~~~~ a re-telling of H.C. And...: One of the workman came out a little later to take a piss. The alley was closer than the latrine. And nobody was out there, 'cept for the dr... Here's how our sad, little tale ends up. But if you're at all familiar with the original, you knew that. Still, perhaps it'll make you click on the 'older post' at the bottom and see what our little guy had to endure on the cold, hard streets of belle epoch Prague.


She could a gone with, only she didn't want to. Nothin' gone happen to that house. It brick. Got them double-glass windows... big, heavy doors and all. Ain't no wind gone blow that joint away. I think them vampires just needed a vacation. Tomas like a fiddle wit' all them gadgets they got over there. Annie got a thing for all them crazy animal bastids they got locked in that menagerie. Well, mostly animals, 'cause some look like they got little bit a human bean in 'em too. Jersey Devil boy resemble a nice, little gargoyle I seed on one a the staircases they got goin' in to City Hall. And I hear they got a couple merfolk swimmin' 'round in there now too. Think they like merfolk criminals. 'cause them people don't give up they own just like that. Annie like a sneak in and watch 'em do dirty. They doan care, 'cause she a different species and all. But Sarah don't like it. She try an pull her out. Not that she can do it, 'cause Annie fly like them elferinos and elferinas. And Sarah can't grab hold a her when she wedged up where the ceiling meet the wall. 

Rest of 'em sleep, or watch experiments or read stuff in the library. Baylah found these old, old books written in Tuareg (that her talk) and some in Arabic too. Tell all 'bout Timbuctu and Old Mali. She get real quiet when she look at them pages. That where she from. She was in the princess business back there, 'case you don't know. 

Yeah, Edith could a gone wit' 'em. but I 'spects sometime she just wanna get shet of 'em. Like to stretch out on that big sofa they got. Like to watch all them  big malf New York and California wimmen throw they heads back and speechify at each other. Like a curse at Barbra Walters (you know she like a hundred and eight years old?) and Whoopi Goldberg and that Sharon Osbourne one they got on after. Mister Edith come in to be wit' her. He brung Pin-Head Mel too. Guess it a lot safer than ridin' things out in the Pines. TV gal say we all gone get stripped nekkid by killer wind and fire-hose deluge. ....... Well, I do not know 'bout you, but Mister Never-You-Mind like to see that, actually. 

Little ghost boy what live in the cellar want Edith a teach him how you play Mah-Jong. He found a set down there and wanna make use of it. She say she not sure how you play that game, so they use it to build little cities and all. You know Mah-Jong got all these tiny bricks made out a carved, polished elephant teeth. I knowed a man once used a set to carve out some fancy teeth for his own self. Looked all right too, 'cept three a his upper incisors got Chinese pictures on 'em. But he say he doan care, 'cause he not fussy.

Mister Edith go walkin' 'round the city. He doan like no city, but he do like a see them once in a while. Try on all them toilet waters they got ev'rywhere you look. Even in butcher shops, I 'spects. Buy hisself a big, old cinnamon raisin bagel (toasted) with cream cheese. Take all the free toilet paper they got layin' out in all them 'everybody pee at once' baffrooms. Talk to all the ladies. He say - Are you a whore, or are you just studyin' a be one?....... He doan know. He jus' askin' questions. But one say she gone for graduate degree. That impress him a whole lot. 

Edith get out some a them old books Tomas got. She not like a look at them when he 'round. Mos' in some kind a Spanish, or Vahmpeerigo (like Vampire Spanish and Eye-talian got a baby). Some in all that Hebrew, Bible talk. She not like a look at that, 'cause she say it make her feel like God lookin' back at her. But them books all got pictures too... real old, skinny-line, black ink pictures. Old men mixin' all kind a crazy shit in little, round hobo pots. .... No! Not hobo pots... like what all them Santa Claus helper goomers use 'round Christmas time.... or what they used to use.... Things is so much different now. They got lots a mean faced, big-boned, bitchy wimmen grabbin' Santa Claus' money 'round here these days. Some of 'em use it a buy steak sandwiches, if you ask me. 

But I can see a silver, gray mist growin' 'round the moon. I can tell. I can 'smell' it pretty good for one who ain't got no nose. Big Mamma Zephyr gone come this way. Gonna mess ev'rything up. Edith say she gone let a couple bums sleep in a storage room. Only they gotta strip down out back and show her they ain't got no bugs 'fore she does. Mister Edith doan approve a that part, but she tell him to shut up, 'cause she believe in doin things scientific like.

Streets is mostly empty now. Them what got where to go is all locked up inside eatin' 'storm supplies' and drinkin' coffee and playin' wit' hand-held, video poker machines. That what you do when hurricane comin'.....

I think it like a law, or somethin'...


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Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: THE BIRTH OF BRITE EYES

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: THE BIRTH OF BRITE EYES: I do not enjoy relating these things to you, but I am a narrator and it is my duty to do so. This is not a choice Zebulon would make, but I ...This episode details the night when Annie 'assumed the burden.' It tells about the birth of a juvenile vampirina, too young to become an elferina and so she became something else...... No one has ever read this before....... Please click on it and scroll around...... And, as you know, we only pretend that it's fiction...

Friday, October 26, 2012


Tomas shares no ancient secrets with Sarah tonight. Nor do the vampires prepare for The Revels. A storm approaches. A tempest born amidst the soul crushing heat of the Sahel and nursed upon tropical seas. The hurricane bears down. Earths own version of Jupiter's Red Spot threatens to drown the dry land. 

Humans scurry about collecting necessities. They buy bread and eggs and milk and batteries. They buy big rigid bladders of certified 'clean' water. They buy mustard, nachos and ham. Then they hunker down in their homes and eat by the weak, yellow glow of a flashlight. If forced to evacuate, they refugee farther inland and squeeze in with blood relations.

Vampires, on the other hand, face a different set of problems. They can't be rescued, especially not during the day. No canoe rides from roof-top islands for them. Imagine orange-vested stalwarts chopping through debris to free a life-eater family. Here it comes. The wall crumbles. Daylight pours in and the 'family' sizzles. Whoa! Who's gonna get a commendation from the mayor for that?

No, vampires must flee before disaster strikes, burrowing deep down into the very bowels of the city. And the nocturnal band dwelling within the townhouse is doing just that. Doctor Franklin awaits. The sprawling subterranean laboratories, libraries, specimen collections (both living and non) and hideaways (some quite luxurious) comprising the all-knowing organization called The Anti-Enchantment Bureau has room enough for them. Vampires often shelter there. The old reprobate... the old patriot loves to study them. 

Regulars have met 'the man who created Philadelphia' before. Look, William Penn may have laid out the bones, but Ben Franklin gave them flesh. And America's Da Vinci still lives, not due to any vampire chicanery, but thanks to his own study of frequencies and harmonics. 

So they rendezvous at a special place, the large, bronze, compass rose embossed into the very center of 'the wedding cake' or 'the cake' for short, since the huge Second Empire edifice of City Hall  truly does resemble a nuptual confection.

The sprawling granite plaza is empty... like a ghostly 'close' in an old Norman castle. Tomas and the rest silently enter. The 'doctor' nods to greet them. They approach the compass rose, form a circle and grasp hands. Annie puts up a fight. She 'don't wanna hold nobody's God damned dirty hands.' But Tomas shuts her up real fast. And I think the hovering presence of 'Papa' had something to do with it too. Probably threatened to banish her to the Solar Corona again, 'cause, boy, did she hate that. Odd, how once in space, starlight (even sunlight) has little effect on vampires. It's only on Earth that daylight kills them. Who knows? Perhaps it's the same on other worlds too?

Then they stand there and wait. Doctor Franklin sports his usual green, Eagles sweat suit and the wispy tendrils hanging from his pate blow softly in the late night breeze. 

Finally, over five hundred feet above, the huge, old, illuminated clock begins to toll the hour. Two heartbeats later, the resonating echos reach them on the ground. And slowly, but surely, they begin to fade from this place, only to coalesce in safer surroundings. 

My, but the Grand Armonica can do strange things.....


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Thursday, October 25, 2012


All the other vampires prepared for The Revels, assembling specially ordered clothing and costly accessories. Tomas had his bootkins. Sarah her cashmere what-nots and Conrad bought three new packages of all cotton, Hanes briefs. Leo picked up some edgy tight pants on South Street, because he did have a naughty side, after all.

But Annie could not be bothered. She had her corduroy jeans from KID'S GAP  (Edith bought them on Walnut Street) and some sweaters and 'tops' from the girls' department at Macy's. A few were black, so she could affect a classic vampirina look too. Besides, Bahlay promised to take her shopping in Europe at L'Grand Maison du Nuit, THEE  emporium extradordinaire for discerning night-folk everywhere. They say the shop girls are real witches. And the harpist in the tea room is the Emperor Nero, or Harpo Marx, or some talented, though expired soul like that.

Exciting as that exceptional trip was, Annie had other things on her mind. October is Ghost Season. And in a New World city old as Philadelphia, they're positively everywhere. It's not that the month is anything special to them. But humans just expect to see them now. The vibrations are right. Passageways are open and encounters occur at a fast and furious clip.

So far, on just this night alone, the little vampirina saw six. The fire-eyes lady on a subway platform was first. She just sat there, wrapped in a great-coat, staring straight ahead  and mumbling to herself. Few living souls could see her. A roly-poly fourteen year old girl with intricate braiding and a mouth filled with bubble gum thought she could. And she carefully reached out a finger to see if that 'orange shit' shining from her eyeball sockets was, in fact, fire, or just a really bad case of conjunctivitis...... Annie walked over and said - Yo, fat girl (ever the gracious diplomat) you gonna burn youself. The 'fat girl' called her a stringy-haired, little white bitch. She didn't say it, but she thought it. So Annie let her do it. And five seconds later, accompanied by a high-volume litany of 'shits, damns, plus a liberal sprinkling of what Annie called 'the king a the words,' the fourteen year old dashed off the platform and bounced up to the street.

Then the train screeched to a halt. Some late night pre-Halloween celebrants shuffled in, a few bedraggled Marilyn Monroes, two Spidermen, one puny, the other more or less OK, and a Mario Lanza who may or may not have been the real thing. 

Annie was alone, save for the mumbling spirit-woman. So she snuggled in next to her (not that ghostly, spirit-women were especially comforting that way) and hummed a little song. A cop came over to investigate. You don't see too many stringy haired seven year olds humming to themselves on subway platforms this late at night.  He was a nice cop too. But Annie hissed like a cat  and bared her teeth..... That he could have dealt with. Crack babies are everywhere. It was the levitation part that got him. Almost  fell on the tracks. Annie laughed and cackled till the nice cop ran away and twisted his ankle real bad. But he just kept on going.

The fire-eyed ghost laughed too. Annie looked up, whispered something in her ear and walked off toward the exit, leaving the dead soul alone.

Then she boosted two or three Archie comics from an all-night CVS (for the ghost boy who lived in their cellar) and slowly strolled back toward home.

On the way she saw a man hanging from a tree, his head grotesquely cracked to the side. He whispered - How you doin'? as she passed. The little vampirina said - OK, and you?..... The hanged man said - Eh..... But eight heartbeats later she turned around. Maybe she wanted to say something? I don't know. Only the hanged man wasn't there.....

Though a big, black crow sat in the branches...

And if you should wake from your rest this night, sit up, raise the shade just a little and peer out into the blackness..... Perhaps you'll see a dark-time vision too?....... They ARE out there...... They really are...

Don't be afraid.... just look.


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Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: THE LITTLE MATCH BOY ~~~~ a re-telling of H.C. And...

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: THE LITTLE MATCH BOY ~~~~ a re-telling of H.C. And...: Far, far away, across the wide Atlantic Sea and north of the Alps, lies the great, imperial city of Prague, an illustrious assemblage of fi... Please click on this first episode of the much-loved, sad, though heartwarming tale. If you'd like to see more, scroll down to the 'NEWER POST' option and click on that too.... No vampires this time, but something very special ~~~~~ THE LITTLE MATCH BOY


The voyage down the Red Sea and around Arabia Felix, as The Yemen was known in those days was uneventful. I fed before we left. Twins, they were. Two sleek assassins, in service to a certain lesser member of the Persian royal house. The empire was exceedingly large in those days, stretching form the ramparts of Seljuk holdings in Anatolia (Turkey) to the River Oxus in present day Pakistan, I believe. Their agents were everywhere, slitting throats, or pouring copious streams of unbelievably searing molten lead into the ear canals of unknowing sleepers. Some were also skilled in the garrote. My two were 'free agents' you might say. More like twentieth century American 'hit men,' very cruel and mercenary in every way. The first laughed when I killed his cousin. He said - How fortuitous! Now the gold is all mine!........ Yet he changed his tune when he became dessert, offering me all manner of princely recompense. But I drained him just the same. And the treasure became mine anyway. 

So I boarded the dhow (sailing craft, like sleek caravels) with perhaps fourteen or fifteen co-religionists and settled in below deck. A young man from The Sinai, himself a refugee from Trinitarian blood lust, agreed to guard me during the passage. And when he was indisposed, his loyal retainer promised to do likewise. 

But I am confused. There were two ships...two, I am sure of it. For we disembarked at a Yemeni port, the captain preferring a hold full of kat (mild, Middle Eastern stimulant) to a bunch of Sephardim (Spanish & Mediterranean Jews). Though he proved to be partially honorable and in return for a hefty assortment of wedding rings and what-nots, arranged for us to continue our trip on board the second ship. In that way we rounded the Arabian 'toe' and continued up toward what political expediency called 'The Persian Gulf.' And I entered a world filled with poets and artists of every type. 

Sarah stirred on her lounge chair, for they spoke in the small, rear garden, as always. She stretched, looked up at the misty sky and said - I've read a lot about that place..... miniature paintings... fine, Chinese porcelains... blue tiled mosques... and courtly love, Omar Kaiyam and all that ' jug of wine, loaf of bread and thou' stuff. Must have been beautiful. 

It was- Tomas, also known as Jonathon said. Especially the heartland, up north beyond the deserts, where the major cities were. Tabriz became my home, a cool, well watered place, a storybook, jewel-box, a manicured cultured city, home to a continuous Jewish presence since Darius held the throne. Imagine, after fifteen hundred years one still heard Aramaic in the plazas.... the language of  Ezra and Nehemiah and the early Talmudical, Essene scholar, Joshua, known to Trinitarians as Jesus. It was there and it was miraculous, even to a life-eater such as I. 

So I settled into a small, but comfortable house, close by the Blue Mosque and there I passed my evenings. 

Did  you have company? - asked Sarah. Was there a concubine, or a wife, or a paramour of some sort?..... She feigned indifference, yet desperately wanted to know.

I was coming to that - said Jonathon......And so he told her of Judith.......


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Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: YOU MAY KNOW ZEBULON, ONE OF OUR DISEMBODIED SPIRI...

Some little known truths concerning ZEBULON and his mortal days in the 'White City.' known to creation as JERUSALEM..... Explore the 'cradle' of one of our favorite disembodied spirit guides~~~~~

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: YOU MAY KNOW ZEBULON, ONE OF OUR DISEMBODIED SPIRI...: I will have to transmit this information very quickly. there are those who do not want me to share these things. they do not believe you (m...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Sometimes I wake during the day and write in my journal. I back into one of the corners of our cellar crypt, snap on a little nine volt, L.E.D. flashlight and scribble away. Sarah still slumbers, curled among the rose petals. 

My words go into a simple black and white, cardboard covered 'composition' book. Edith gets them from the dollar store. My best words are transcribed onto the vellum pages of the leather bound volumes I get from an artisan in Valencia. He, or rather his family, has supplied me for centuries.

Can you imagine what that is like?.... 'Centuries.'....... Everything comes in waves. Few things truly change. We confront those who would destroy us. We triumph, or perish. Thanks be to God that I and the others are still here.

I have heard of life-eaters who volunteer their services to colleges and universities.... A 'living' collection of documents and records. Such individuals dictate countless hours of stories and recollections..... History made tangible. 

They want me to do that at PENN. You know of my familiars who oversee the vast museum there? They ask me. They tempt me. La Familia ben Macabi Collection...... That's what they would call it. Few scholars would ever see or hear the actual recordings. They'd have access to the written transcripts. And even those would be altered. No first person accounts by an unnatural survivor. Magic is not for the masses.

Well, I'm considering it. People should know what it was like. They must remember the brutality, as well as the beauty. Do you realize many who were beheaded actually had the offending noggin lopped off with clubs? Execution axes were purposely kept dull to heighten the horror. Took seven or eight strikes  to finish most of them. Arms would fly out. Legs would twitch and kick. Shit all over the place. What does 'nature' think? If I make them crap, they'll live?

Speaking of 'crap,' I do miss horses. I miss the smell, the leather, the strength, the heat. We had a fine stable in Granada, from the same bloodlines as those of the Caliph, himself. Like Pegasus, they were. Do you know what it's like to race down a dry wadi on a deep, orange, Spanish afternoon? Please, no wonder they call motor cycles 'hogs.' 

I contemplate purchasing a horse farm in New Jersey. Do not believe the facile jokes told by shrill, limited comedians. Except for the region immediately adjacent to the city of New York, New Jersey is a beautiful place. Edith knows. That's why she runs back there so often. At one time the English made the same jokes about Shorditch. People are so like cattle...... Now I was long out of Spain before the rise of classical bull fighting. True, lithe, young dare-devils practiced a kind of bull-jumping, but the animal never died. And since most arena del toro  open only in the day, attendance by my breed is difficult, to say the least. As an ever-so-slightly lapsed believer, I am bound to tell you it's wrong. Mankind has dominion over the beasts in order to protect them... But tell that to the chicken who gives you 'nuggets' as well as eggs.

I like the chill of this hard, stone wall against my back. It relaxes me. Soon I will snuggle back into the rose petals and embrace my beloved. For although I take 'pleasure' in foreign orchards, the peaches of my beloved are sweetest by far...

(he takes the tiny, battery powered torch from between his teeth, snaps it off and stretches out..... we hear his beloved purr as he wraps her in his arms...)


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Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: The Book of Sarah

A manic Tomas rambles on in English (but with the cadences of Medieval Spanish, or Old Vahmperigo) as the Philadelphia Night-Folk confront dangers one dark autumn evening two years ago.... You know, you can take 'The Tomas Walk' through Center City, Philadelphia. Every place we mention here is real. And we did not start 'The Tomas Walk.' Those familiar with the tale did that on their own......Please read. and when you reach the bottom, keep going and click on a newer, or older post and wander...Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: The Book of Sarah: It is me this time. It is Tomas, I am deeply depressed. Even those new pairs of spectacularly fitting jeans I purchased on Walnut Street fai...

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: The Book of Sarah

Please click on this passage providing insight to how things were done among the ancient vampirisi~~~~Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: The Book of Sarah: Things like this were common practice among the vampirisi in the old days ~~~ This is not fiction. I am not supposed to say it, but I have ...

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Annie has a new thing. She jumps around the house, 'singing' into the cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels. Says she wants to be in the Olympics. Don't know what event. Just wants to be in it. Oh, and the song she sings is the theme song from the Olympics ~~~~ dum DUM ta dum dum dum dum... Tum da da dum..da da DUM...ta da dum tum DUMMM. She says that 's the words. Edith says they ain't never gonna let no vampire child be in no Olympics. But Annie says they let worse monstrosities than her in it. She got pictures from an old National Geographic. Edith say they just big boned East German women what got experimented on. 'Sides, they extinct now. Don't make 'em no more...... Annie get angry. She grab Edith's fat arm and start biting it. But that Piney, witchy-woman know what to do. She make that skinny gals teeth fall out. Then she laugh and laugh and laugh. Know it gone take her two nights a grow 'em back. Annie cry. Start kickin'. Edith grab the new dog, that little Avi and say she gone throw him down the garbage disposal. But she won't never do that, 'cause she love him like she love coconut-custard pie.... Annie don't know, though, so she shut up. Take her copy a some tabloid 'bout lady in California who tell fortune by feelin'  strange folk's asses. Edith say that not possible. Annie tell her to go to hell. Annie say she gone be ass-feeler in a Olympics. Win a gold medal too.

Tomas and Sarah back home, so they shut up. They got bags full a puppy chow for little Yorkie and a couple 'cute' sweaters. Edith put it away. Annie go downstairs to watch Chealsea Handler or somethin'. She say she like them foul-mouthed, white girl shows, 'cause that what she is. That her other  new thing now. Ev'rybody on TV is white, or black, or Chinese. She ask Sarah if they taste different. Sarah say that not nice. She worry 'bout that girl...... Little ghost boy in a cellar not like Chelsea Handler. He keep makin' TV fritz out, so they compromise and watch doctah doin' tittie-fixin'  somewhere else...

Tomas take Sarah and go out back. That they quiet talkin' place. Set in them big lounge chairs, cover up wit' them Afghanistan blankets. Look up at the stars and communicate. She like when they communicate, which mostly mean she like when he tell whole lot a crap 'bout hisself..........

This what he tell tonight....

She'd cut me in my sleep, Lydia, I mean and try to lick up the blood. But you know how fast that stops. You know how rapidly it congeals. She'd get some. I don't know how much. I could have tried to read her mind, but truthfully, I didn't want to have that type of intimacy with her anymore. So I took to sleeping with the Circassian women. They were so much more obliging. Perhaps because I owned them. I don't think the vampire part entered into it........ Sarah just looks at him..... Well, I don't. - he says. 

Sarah quietly asks - So you didn't really love her. All those words.... her beauty.... the moonlight.... that first sight of her....were what, just words?..... He exhales - I just didn't want to be alone. It was still all so new to me, being a life-eater, I mean. And I thought she'd make it better.

Did you think that about the others? And, and those times with the 'mole girls,' down in the unused subway tunnels, what, was that the same thing? - she said. 

Tomas didn't answer. They watched the silent lights from a high flying plane, or perhaps a satellite progress across the sky, til it vanished behind an adjacent brick wall. Then he said - Panic filled the city. People scrambled into boats going up river toward Nubian lands, or even farther on to the Ethiopian Empire. True, the Empire was Orthodox Christian, yet not as xenophobic as most in those days..... Then he paused and considered....... 'Those days?' Are we really so much better now?....... He inhaled and went on - The Mamaluk Garrison (already a growing force in the east) set naphtha bombs all about the city, preparing to blow it up. Remember that movie we watched, 'Empire of The Sun,' when the British people were fleeing Shang Hai before the Japanese? Well that's what it was like. The Trinitarians took no prisoners. Every soul was butchered, even the little children. You know, it's odd they think of that as a religious war. Religion had nothing to do with it. The reverent people stayed at home, or were used as 'cannon fodder' if they came at all. The wealth of the east was the thing. And Europe was just too cold.

I waited til dark and raced toward Ben Ezra (the synagogue) eager to see what the elders would do. Most were going overland to the coast. You could find a ship there, sail down the Red Sea and go up to Persia. You know Persia was ... the most liberal country in those days.... They really were. So that's what I did......

Did you take Lydia? - asked Sarah....... No, - said Tomas. But I left her half the wealth and all the slaves.

What happened to her? - said Sarah...... Word reached me in Susa that she made it to Byzantium - he said.... And in that city she found someone to 'burden' her.

So she became a vampire after all - said Sarah.

Yes - he whispered. But then he said no more.


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Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: How Sarah Lost Her Family~~~

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: How Sarah Lost Her Family~~~: Some insights into Sarah's early life, first appearing two years ago, but never even read...  Please click on this. Do that tiny bit of magic and make the tale appear...

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Please excuse any minor inaccuracies. Time moves much differently for me. Centuries are as decades and years fly by like hours. But this is the truth, as far as I can recall.

The Egyptian Capital of Fustat was a splendid place, filled with wondrous ateliers producing all manner of coveted luxuries. Caravans funneled exotic commodities from all parts of the world. And though Trinitarian Crusaders held court in Jerusalem, the Egyptian citadel was safe... for a time. 

We wandered the souks at evening time, purchasing fine silks and lustrous satins from the Hindustani merchants. I even met a Han Chinese for the first time in my life. Wonderful fellow. Lydia was completely besotted with his porcelain. We bought service for twelve. And even I used it for certain spicy, hot toddies at times. Alcohol agrees with vampire stomachs. Don't ask me why. It just does. 

I made friends with a sexton at Ben Ezra, the venerable old synagogue even Trinatarian scholars know. And he helped us find a house. The Franks would have called it a petit palace. You see, vampires accrue wealth quite rapidly, especially when we prey on the wicked. Six moons after arriving I had two casks of precious stones and three hundred talents of gold. Needless to say, the capital was freed from many a ruthless soul. We bought servants too, Circassians, or remnants of the Radiant Alans when we could get them. So fine the features. So stately. So alluring. Our receptions grew famous. We hobb-nobbed with everyone, Muslims, Jews from the Iraqi congregation, even the Karaites. 

Life was good. Lydia asked me to set the burden upon her, but I refused, believing it to be not a capricious thing, but something brought on by calamity, or impending death. That's how it came to me, after all. But we made love on the roof. It was cool there, especially during the summer months. Few slept indoors, save the gnats and sharp-toothed rodents. Soft, fresh sheets draped thickly cushioned couches. And one or two discreet Berber slaves fanned us with large, intricately made, folding contraptions brought all the way from the cities of The Han.Like what Spanish ladies carry to this day, but much, much grander in scale. 

I made the acquaintance of the great Maimonidies, an Andalucian refugee, like myself. In his case, the great theologian fled from fundamentalist North African elements at court. Since Fustat had few like that, he soon rose to high estate advising The House of Saladin and treating their sundry ills. For he was also a learned physician and well versed in scientific arts.

The years ran passed. Lydia, though still well preserved by priceless unguents from realms quite far away, still managed to age. And she grew to hate me for allowing that to happen. Now most illustrious men of the city knew of my burden. Alchemy was a respected art in these parts. People were open minded. Needless to say, the occasional tiny blood gifts bestowed upon ailing nobles and poxed young sons made all things right. But the lower classes and certain members of the clergy (all strains being alike in this) did not. And Lydia planned to denounce  me. Did she say it? Well, not to me. But she made plans. Oh, I could have killed her. Few would have questioned her absence. That's how domestic problems were handled in those times. Kitchen fires you know. Gotta look out for them crazy braziers. But I promised her father, so I did not.

Though I drugged her wine (itself a form of semi-contraband) and she spent her time cloistered in the harem, attended by loyal servants and her three most trusted eunuchs.

But greater problems arose. For the Trinitarian armies in Judea-Palestina were on the march... and one city in Egypt had already been put to the sword. It's streets ran red with blood.

Some fled north to the Turks in Anatolia. Others made for Bedouin camps to the west. But we stayed. Who could leave such opulence? 

Ah, many a would-be refugee was slain for love of a rug...


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Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: The Book of Sarah

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: The Book of Sarah: I make myself known to her now. She does not fully understand just what I am. But she is open to new things. I suppose that comes from being...FROM A TIME WHEN SARAH WAS STILL MORTAL AND TOMAS HER DASHING SAVIOR.....


The next night they stayed home. Edith made hot toddies. Annie forced Conrad  to take her to Foot Locker, so she can get these shoes she wants for The Revels. But I don't think too many of the vampirisi there are gonna be worried about sneakers, though. She'll learn. 

Sarah grabbed two thick afghans and they went out back. The small yard was snug and private. High, brick walls blocked the neighbors. Most properties on the street were like boutique professional offices, or trendy shops, so there really weren't very many potential Gladys Kravitz'. Tomas liked the quiet. They stretched out on chaise lounges, covered up and relaxed. 

The male vampirino gazed up and said - The big, still, white one is Jupiter. Imagine, manta ray people fill the oceans of Europa, yet no one down here knows.... Save for 'us' of course. ....... Did you ever have a love affair with them? - asked Sarah...... Don't be funny - he said. Do you want to hear more?....... She just looked at him and he knew that she did.

Lydia had a pet, a small creature. They kept it hidden, but she showed it to me one night. Rather like a human it was, but somewhat like a tiny ape-man too. Her father thought it the product of a coupling between a human and some outlandish being from beyond the River Sambation. The body was covered with short, glossy hair. The feet were human-like. The man-parts human, as well. A rabbity tale decorated the fundament. But the face was almost completely human... a bridged nose... a fine jawline.... and neat, little, swept back ears. The hair looked like what people now would call a buzz-cut. She called him 'Nudo.' It was short for something or other. I don't remember the full name. Some have tried mixing human and chimpanzee. This one seemed smaller, though. And I don't know what he was. He could say a few words.... mostly 'berry' or 'drink' or 'scratch' or 'kiss'. And he voided his bowels in a little celadon cup. 

But one night he died. So sad. So small. So strange. The alchemist thought it a stroke. I was there when he opened the body..... This is what a man looks like - he said. Have you ever seen the like?....... I knew he was trying to feel me out. Wanted to know if I was 'noble' or 'noxious.' If I fed like a beast, or drank discretely...... For some of the noxious breed, you know, actually tear a body to shreds. And granted, even we do so on rare occasions. But only on rare occasions...... So I told him I had not..... He seemed relieved. For some form of necromancy predicted his demise and he knew the validity of it. Churchmen in the town sought his death. And even rabbis of the Jewish quarter agreed..... 'Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live' it says. And that Bible verse has been the bane of many unusual folk. He tried to keep it hidden. His work, I mean. By modern standards all quite simple. The man sought a compass, for God's sake, a simple device to aid mariners. Yet these benighted souls knew none of it. ..... I did, for the Moors of Spain had many such things... And some showed up in other lands as well. But people there thought them cursed. 

He knew I loved his daughter. She had naught but him. And he asked me to guard her after. I said that I would. She loved me too... And he knew it. So two nights hence he read the words. I told him of my Hebrew faith. He was Christian, though belonging to the remnants of an obscure sect known as Arians. Please don't think I refer to the satanic interpretation extent during the Last Great War. For this was not that, but a slight variation (to me anyway) of the Nicene Creed. So the words intertwined and we were wed. I wrote her ketubah (marriage license-like record kept by the wife) myself. 

Rabbi Tam was in town, grandson to the self-same Rashi I was to study with only  a few years ago. So I sublimated into his bed chamber one night and asked him to bless our union. He thought me but a dream.... and he did.

Two moons later, my alchemist father-in-law met death in the arms of an iron maiden. They sealed him in and locked it tight, piercing him through in a most grievous manner. I did try to save him. I did pass into his cell, offering to spirit him away whilst there was time. But he refused. For the prophesy required his end.... or that of his daughter. 

They burned his body and gave her the ashes. But we were able to save two old tomes before they came and carted the rest away. I believe the remainder of his collection rests in the Vatican Archives.... That's what I heard. 

Lydia cried. She missed him. So I purchased some vellum and drew his likeness. Vampires have a good eye for such things. She thought it quite miraculous. Not at all like the flat, dead, stern medieval representations one saw in old codices. I believe she still has it.

One month later we boarded a wide, low ship and left. It was new, so rats were still in short supply. Obviously, I spent my days below deck due to a 'strange illness'... a chronic indisposition. That sufficed. Few were brave enough to interfere.  Not in those primitive and superstitious times. And two weeks later we disembarked at Fostat (Old Cairo). Such a place it was back then. Much different from anything the Frankish (old Hebrew & Arabic term for European culture) world had to offer. Imagine running water, clean, tiled hospitals with sedatives and anti-microbials. And souks filled with treasures from 'round the globe. 

For a while we were happy. I know I said I'd tell you more about the love we shared. But the soul sees what the soul sees.....

Tomorrow I'll conjure more.


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Friday, October 19, 2012


These words are but a signpost to the tales that lie beneath. Scroll down to the next two entries. I wrote them in the early days, but no one bothered to examine them. Please read these exhalations, passed on from the mind of Tomas, a.k.a. Jonathon.

They tell of many things.....


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Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: vampire wonderland... the book of sarah

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: vampire wonderland... the book of sarah: Blessed art Thou, O Creator-King, Who enables me to share this truth~~~. This is how I help people. This is how I make up for taking lives,...

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: The Book of Sarah

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: The Book of Sarah: Here's a peek at the beginning ------ My, how Tomas/Jonathon has grown!------First of all, we must agree that what comes next is fiction. Y...


The cozy, little bistro closed for the night and so the vampires returned to the street. It was two in the morning. The city was quiet. Some blocks were completely empty, glazed in a damp, cold sheen. Tomas and Sarah silently made their way toward a small, boutique hotel a few streets away. He knew the place. Sometimes he took mortals there. But that was in the past.

The doorman smiled, as they approached and welcomed them inside. I do not know who was a familiar and who was not, but it's safe to say he had the place well peppered with them. Vampires like hotels. They confer a certain anonymity. You can hide there. Escape routes are plentiful.

The intimate lobby was especially inviting. He led her to a small pool of warm, incandescent light (no cold swirly florescent bulbs for this place) in a corner. Vampires prefer corners for the security they provide. She sat in a dark, green, raw silk club chair. He lowered himself into it's mate. A fine, old tall clock ticked off the hours. Their only company, a tired businessman nursed a scotch and water maybe fifteen cubits away. But he didn't care about them.

Tomas let his gaze rise up to a small reproduction...something by the nineteenth century Frenchman, known as David (dah-veed) and then he began......

I was in Taranto, or possibly Bari. Both cities faced the Mediterranean and after all these years seem very much the same to me. Papa was gone. Obviously, you know he created me during one of his 'worldly' interludes. Oh, he was quite involved with humanity back then. Well, up til then. For a turncoat vampire, or elferina, I think it was, fingered him to our enemies and they captured him..... The lead-lined box.... You know about lead and us... The deed was done... He was gone. That's how he wound up buried under the streets of Rome for more than ten hundred years. Did he have the power to get out on his own? Who knows? You've seen how crazy he is. But I was alone... completely and desperately alone. (He stares off, obviously reliving the experience). Sarah just sits and waits......

Some time later I found myself in a city. Oh, we called them 'cities' back then. Perhaps six thousand souls... a stone wall.... stout houses, also stone, for the self styled nobles of the place.... churches, churches and churches... a lane filled with open-front, market stalls and maybe a little corner for the Jews pressed 'gainst the wall. Not an actual ghetto. That came four hundred years later. But it might as well have been one. 

I made my nest among my brethren, lest I lapsed into Hebrew, or Aramaic while I slept. Now please know that these were not truly Inquisitional times. But blood besotted Crusaders were everywhere and they were even worse. No trial. No imprisonment. None of that. The Jew, whether old rabbi, young wife, or toddling child was hacked to death on the spot. They almost burnt me once, so I was careful. Most of the Jews there came from the north, refugees from thieving, cut-throat bands along The Rhine. They spoke various dialects of German. I did not. 'Tedesco' my kind called them. Northern peasants... little more. But they knew I was a Jew... exotic, but a Jew. So they took me in and kept me safe. Though their rabbi saw something. He asked questions. I made up answers.... An angel.... A 'Night Watch'..... sent to keep them safe in these uncertain times. Granted, this bunch paid protection to the count and bishop of the place, but an angel's help was a rich gift indeed. And after raising the sexton's daughter from some form of pestilence with a tiny bit of my blood (I called it holy wine) my position was guaranteed.

All went well til the night I first saw Lydia. She silently collected a spider's web from off a market stall, carefully wrapping it 'round a small, broken twig. Her father was an alchemist and valued such things. My enemies were his enemies and by extension hers as well. 

But I saw her eyes and she saw mine. A few moments later I kissed her deep within the darkest corner of the nearby stone arcade. Her skin smelled of bee's wax, spices and sandalwood... a true magician's daughter, for she covered me in gossamer spells and bathed my loins with gladness...... 

By now, even the businessman was listening... God knows what he thought.

So they left that place and headed back toward home......


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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: the book of sarah

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland:... OUR VAMPIRE ENJOYS THE MANIA OF A GOOD HOT FEED... . I have fed. I'm good for another month. I told you about my mortal boyhood in o...

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: First of all, we must agree that what comes next i...

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland:~~ First of all, we must agree that what comes next is fiction. The coming of Sarah. ... 'Sarah' the name means princess , as in Sarah, the wife of Abraham......  WHEN TOMAS MET SARAH ~~~ how it all began...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Sarah and Tomas walked hand in hand. The late night air was crisp and chilly. Everything had the sharp, fall look that comes when the bloated heat of summer dies. They stopped to examine the posh displays at Lord and Taylor. She focused on the female mannikin, an upper-middle-class polymer bitch with neo-Sassoon, straight 'walnut' hair. How secure and complacent she looked...How oblivious. Tomas stared at the shoes worn by the male figure.... 'desert boots'... Not his favorite, even though he liked the suede. 

But something about the tableau-morte touched Sarah and she said - Who were the other ones? And I don't mean the temporary indiscretions. I don't just mean the curbside 'doxies' you mush up with here, or even Luna. She's an idiot. I'm not worried about her. But there must have been others in London, or Constantinople, or Deli, or The Emerald City, or how many other 'fucking' places you've lived in.

He looked at her. She rarely spoke that way. But Tomas knew what she meant. At first he was silent. Then he exhaled. His shoulders slumped and he answered - And each was suited to her time. Are you worried they'll be there, at the Revels, I mean? I don't know about all of them, but some might show up. Yet know this. It's like that film we watched the other night. At least the title, I liked. 'That Was Then And This Is Now.'..... (He held her)...and for life-eaters, 'now' lasts a very long time, indeed.... (Sarah just stood there) .... He continued - Sarah, this is all so new to you. My God, you're still so young in human years. You'll change. You'll know. You'll grow accustomed to it. Are you so sure you'll still want me when (gestures to their surroundings) all this is no more?..... A tear decorates the lashes of her left eye. He softly brushes it away.

Sarah whispers - I want to know their names....... She chokes back a smile. He kisses her.They continue walking toward a favorite retreat, a little place, tiny really, with maybe six booths, four tables and a snug, warm, dim, well stocked bar. 

The host, an urbane man with salt and pepper hair, knows them. He sets them up in the corner. Approximately one hundred and forty heartbeats later, drinks appear.... plain, though rather generous Martinis.... cold and crisp. They both pluck out the olives.

She takes a sip. Tomas takes three. After all, he's the one in need of fortification.then he squares his shoulders and begins ----- At first I lived a quiet life, alone and on my own. But one night.... just barely night; there was still a hint of purple in the sky, I stepped out from the loggia flanking a little plaza and saw her.... Not a vampirina... a mortal girl, she was...yet different... alchemist's daughter... She knew.... She knew very many things. Dark, she was, as though plucked from the sultan's harem. And her name was Lydia.... Quite ordinary in it's day and not very exceptional even now. But that was her name.... and I loved her...

Sarah put down her drink, reached across the table and took his hand.

They sat there for a moment and then he told her more......


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WILD SHIT FROM THE EARLY DAYS~~> Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: The Book of Sarah

You think they don't have REAL VAMPIRE DOCUMENTATION ON YOU TUBE? ~~~~~Well, in 'The Wonderland' we do ~~~> (I'm telling you. Go back and look at this stuff)... Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: The Book of Sarah: S 'me again, the, hell, I don't know what I am. I'm just here. but, yeah, call me the disembodied spirit. At least we're all used to that. O...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Tomas sat in the living room reading the paper. To a casual observer that might look strange. Most, apparently. eighteen year old individuals are oblivious to such things. They don't even use P.C.'s. If it can't be done on a smart phone, it's not worth doing at all.

But Tomas is different. He's only eighteen on the outside. And our ongoing addiction to political confrontation amuses him. So he reads and he studies and he absorbs. 

Tomas says - I like what I hear about CLOUD ATLAS. Trips through time intrigue me. For am I not doing the very same thing? I've mentioned a sojourn in Restoration England. That was a fun time, full of friends, joyous assemblies (old word for dance or reception) and rich, ribald humor. Nell Gwynne was the Sarah Silverman of her day, I suppose, or perhaps the Chelsea Handler. The king enjoyed her 'company,' that's for sure. 

We all listened attentively when he got like this, mortals and vampires. None had years to match him. True, Papa could best him countless times over. Yet the human comedy held little charm for him these days and the ageless spirit preferred hovering above us all, like wintertime fog. 

Avi knew he was there. The little dog sensed it. Annie tried her best to make him sit still, but how many baby carrots and goodies can you stuff into a nine pound Yorkie? Edith would get angry. She'd say - Who do you think is gonna have  to clean up all them little turds, you God damn, little bastid!?.....
But Annie didn't care. She loved Avi. Sarah bought him some adorable, little outfits from a doggie boutique at The King of Prussia Mall. They all got lots a crap. Everybody getting ready for The Vampire Revels. Sometimes Tomas puts on recordings, old Baroque music from umpteen years ago. He shows us steps, so we'll be able to dance when we get there. You should see the clothes he got for himself..... fine, close-fitting bootkins.... creamy, white shirts.... trim, well-cut jeans. Sarah did likewise, but she's nowhere near as vain as him. Conrad and Leo made do with The Gap. Leo has a good 'look,' actually. But he's just not into that stuff. Wants to buy little pewter knights and soldiers when we get there. Europe, I mean. Baylah already has lots a nice stuff. They know her real well around Rittenhouse Square. I don't know if Edith is gonna go. One night she says yes. The next night she says no

I'm anxious to meet Tomas' friends from his Byzantine days. Constantinople before 'the fall' and all that. You know all those old 'golem' legends from Central Europe sprang from him? He'd do that. He'd save poor Jews locked in ghettos from annihilation and certain martyrdom. 'Quickened by The Word of God,'...... that's what they said he was. Old Rabbi Lowe in Prague knew different. He recognized a vampire when he saw one. But what could he do? There were children at risk. Fortunately Tomas was a 'good' life-eater.

And there were seasons spent with Indians too. That happened when he first got here. The 'windago' they called him. The all knowing, sometimes good and sometimes bad spirit of the woods.

He tells these tales on chill fall nights. We sit by the fire. Edith serves cider.... hard cider, so the vampires can drink it. 

I've never been to Europe, let alone with a group of enchanted immortals. Who am I? 

My name is wilkravitz and I approve this message.


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