Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Tomas sat in the living room reading the paper. To a casual observer that might look strange. Most, apparently. eighteen year old individuals are oblivious to such things. They don't even use P.C.'s. If it can't be done on a smart phone, it's not worth doing at all.

But Tomas is different. He's only eighteen on the outside. And our ongoing addiction to political confrontation amuses him. So he reads and he studies and he absorbs. 

Tomas says - I like what I hear about CLOUD ATLAS. Trips through time intrigue me. For am I not doing the very same thing? I've mentioned a sojourn in Restoration England. That was a fun time, full of friends, joyous assemblies (old word for dance or reception) and rich, ribald humor. Nell Gwynne was the Sarah Silverman of her day, I suppose, or perhaps the Chelsea Handler. The king enjoyed her 'company,' that's for sure. 

We all listened attentively when he got like this, mortals and vampires. None had years to match him. True, Papa could best him countless times over. Yet the human comedy held little charm for him these days and the ageless spirit preferred hovering above us all, like wintertime fog. 

Avi knew he was there. The little dog sensed it. Annie tried her best to make him sit still, but how many baby carrots and goodies can you stuff into a nine pound Yorkie? Edith would get angry. She'd say - Who do you think is gonna have  to clean up all them little turds, you God damn, little bastid!?.....
But Annie didn't care. She loved Avi. Sarah bought him some adorable, little outfits from a doggie boutique at The King of Prussia Mall. They all got lots a crap. Everybody getting ready for The Vampire Revels. Sometimes Tomas puts on recordings, old Baroque music from umpteen years ago. He shows us steps, so we'll be able to dance when we get there. You should see the clothes he got for himself..... fine, close-fitting bootkins.... creamy, white shirts.... trim, well-cut jeans. Sarah did likewise, but she's nowhere near as vain as him. Conrad and Leo made do with The Gap. Leo has a good 'look,' actually. But he's just not into that stuff. Wants to buy little pewter knights and soldiers when we get there. Europe, I mean. Baylah already has lots a nice stuff. They know her real well around Rittenhouse Square. I don't know if Edith is gonna go. One night she says yes. The next night she says no

I'm anxious to meet Tomas' friends from his Byzantine days. Constantinople before 'the fall' and all that. You know all those old 'golem' legends from Central Europe sprang from him? He'd do that. He'd save poor Jews locked in ghettos from annihilation and certain martyrdom. 'Quickened by The Word of God,'...... that's what they said he was. Old Rabbi Lowe in Prague knew different. He recognized a vampire when he saw one. But what could he do? There were children at risk. Fortunately Tomas was a 'good' life-eater.

And there were seasons spent with Indians too. That happened when he first got here. The 'windago' they called him. The all knowing, sometimes good and sometimes bad spirit of the woods.

He tells these tales on chill fall nights. We sit by the fire. Edith serves cider.... hard cider, so the vampires can drink it. 

I've never been to Europe, let alone with a group of enchanted immortals. Who am I? 

My name is wilkravitz and I approve this message.


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