Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The eerie tones of the musical apparatus continued throughout the evening. At least Jonathon supposed it was evening. There were no windows in this vast enclosure. That did not surprise him. He was a valuable specimen. His captors would not allow him to come to any harm. Not yet anyway. Who knew what would happen when their 'study' ended? He might be rendered down and distilled into some sort of elixir. One of the Louis' in France did that to his court vampire. Dabbed it behind their ears, I think they did. No benefit, except for the gentleman who sold it. Parisian noblewomen paid dearly for the tiniest flacons of the pale, ruby fluid.  Called it Eau de la Font, water of the fountain, the fountain of youth. But they still crossed over into death at their regularly appointed times. So much for guarantees. A bit later, after a particularly appealing crescendo, the ghostly music stopped. And then it was quiet, very quiet. Jonathon would know such things. He had vampiric hearing after all. But no sound came to him. He searched. He tried. He struggled to pick up the slightest vibration. But nothing. And he laid there, lulled almost to the brink of sleep by the soft, rocking motion of his invisible spider web. Was it due to his own contortions, or simply a programmed function of the magnetic field? Who cared. It was comforting. Subsequently, from somewhere near the fringes of consciousness, he detected a tiny, electric whine. After a few heartbeats, it started to grow louder. He recognized it as Franklin's vehicle and was not startled in the least when the door to the great room opened  and the venerable scientist rolled in........ Jonathon? Are you awake, my boy? - said Doctor Franklin......He rolled right over to the outside edge of the 'field' and stopped. Jonathon sniffed. His throat was a bit hoarse. Yes, life-eaters can get hoarse. but he still managed to cough out a response...........Yes, sir. I am awake. To what do I owe this thoughtful visit? - said the vampire.......Why I could do no less. - whispered Franklin.......He rummaged in the pocket of his sweat suit and pulled out a little 'ivory' egg. Jonathon's vision enabled him to see such things. True, the general aura was still dim, but he could make out the basics. The doctor began to roll the egg around in his hands. After a few moments it began to glow , till the old man's face (how old, still a question open for discussion) was bathed in an undulating, milky light. .....Please forgive our rude behavior, about your nakedness, I mean. But certain great thinkers among us feel that extraneous objects might interfear  with the field. I'll see what I can do to remedy the situation in the morning. - said Benjamin Franklin.....Jonathon only managed a weak nod. It was still difficult for him to pull against his electronic restraints.........When did we last meet? - crooned the doctor..........How long ago was it? - he said.........No, no , no, you do not have to answer. I understand how hard that is for you. - smiled Franklin.........But quite a nifty trick, isn't it? I like that devise. It's one of my favorites..........But Jonathon  interrupted. He said - Where are we? Where is this place? I smell water. Are we near the river?.......Hush, hush, hush - said the old man. You will learn all things in good time. But first, perform a small favor for me.......Jonathon did not ask what iit was. He knew what humans, certain humans, especially the older ones, wanted. And he just surrendered, letting it happen. The old man giggled, as he played with a small, plastic, rectangular piece of eguipement. He tapped a few buttons. From somewhere in the darkness a few small, metal drones appeared. They looked different than the first one, the one that cut his skin. These flew into the field (there were three of them) and settled onto his person. One upon his shoulder. Another on his hip. The third on the thigh. Doctor Franklin clapped his hands and tiny needles sprang out from each of them, siphoning off a bit of blood, which they stored in small, stainless  vials. The doctor clapped again and it was over. The needles retracted and the drones flew off........The old man said - Clap on, clap off, the clapper. That was one of mine too. I believe I'll sip them in the privacy of my quarters. They know the way.........Then he switched on the chair and rolled out, leaving Jonathon in the darkness once again..........

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