Sunday, February 27, 2011


This is the rest of what I tried to tell you earlier. This is the rest of what was 'taken away' from you. The first post told you of the two orderds of life-eaters, the noble, angelic form and the noxious, murderous variety. But there is more to the enchanted universe than that. Let us begin with the ELVES. They are older children, no more than twelve to fourteen years of age. I am speaking of their age when transformed. The magic rests differently on them than it does on adults. Due to their elevated hormonal levels, ceretain cells continue to grow for a short while, thus their pointy ears and long, artistic fingers. They also have the ability to communicate telepathically. Best of all, they can fly. Younger children, specifically babies and toddlers who suffer the life-eater fate are termed CHERUBS. They are a tragic breed brought over almost entirely by noxious vampires. Although lacking teeth, they are able to break the skin and draw blood by other means. The tip of their tongues lengthens and tapers to a point. This point grows a hard, sharp keratin-like probe used to pierce the body and promote bleeding. Cherubs also communicate telepathically and possess the power of flight. The child varieties rarely drain victims to the point of death.............Another unusual specimen is THE PINEY, a totally human breed found in the pine woodlands of New Jersey. They seem to be able to predict future events and can sometimes share thoughts. Certain members of the group have the ability to 'throw spells.'.........It is believed that these talents result from interbreeding with a group called THE RED PAINT PEOPLE. This 'tribe' has a culture going back at least fifteen thousannd years. Intermarriage is common, but no genetic diseases have been reported. Males favor Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprize. Females favor Olympic Skier, Peekaboo Street. High levels of telepathy run throughout the group. They are belived to possess other, as yet undisclosed powers as well.........There is another completely human population inhabiting long forgotten, unused subway tunnels beneath Center City (think of a 1/3rd scale Manhattan, a still respectable area) in Philadelphia. They stem from formerly homeless individuals and have been breeding for at least eighty years. Most call them THE MOLE PEOPLE. Little is known concerning their talents or abilities. VAMPIRES (adult nobles) often take shelter with them......Now comes the touchy part, for I must tell you about  the ANTI-ENCHANTMENT-BUREAU, a government agency that doesn't really work  to stamp out magic, but seeks to control it. They operate from a vast, underground complex below the old naval shipyards and are believed to possess powerful technology and unexplained abilities. A 304 year old BENJAMIN FRANKLIN appears to guide them. He lives in palacial quarters within the complex......Other forms, called ANCILLARIES also exist, such as the nightmareish JOHNNY JUMP UP, a near seven foot tall emaciated male in a tight, black, nineteenth century suit able to leap up to third and forth floor windows and gain entry to otherwise secure domiciles. Those sleeping inside are killed in an assortment of hellish ways..........PLEASE NOTE - cells similar to the forms outlined here exist in other locales too. Avoid them at all costs....including the agents of the Anti-Enchantment-Bureau......Open your eyes...Believe your senses....But be careful and stay safe.....More information will be forthcoming.....thank you for your support.......Your observations and comments are greatly appreciated.

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